IRE Asks: How Long Do You Spend Bashing?

The Grind

For some, bashing is a means to an end: achieving the highest level and whatever reward it comes with, then retiring into a life of uh, whatever it is people do when they aren't bashing. For others, however, the grind doesn't simply stop when they reach the top. They might work in a home office, bashing for hours as they take client calls. Or maybe going home on a Friday night and grinding out a couple levels sounds way more appealing than getting smashed with co-workers at the bar after work.


It's easy to ignore the real world and become lost in the epic fantasy adventures of a MUD, and we're definitely not here to judge you! As long as nobody starts a Hikikomori clan, there shouldn't be any needs for "divine intervention"! 


Whatever your reason, we simply want to know how many hours you estimate you put into your daily grind. What's the longest you've gone bashing without sleeping? Have you reached your goal yet, or do you grind for some other reason? Do you prefer grinding alone, or do you keep company?




I don't think I've ever found bashing to be boring.  I find it quite entertaining, actually, but then again, -Somerled smash-.  It's kind of who I am.

I tend tend to ebb and flow, switching from bashing for days to hardly giving it a thought.


I don't usually hunt, these days.


And the way things are going...


people talk about rageQQ.


I'm going to sadQQ.

Erry day ahm levellin'

Double post.

I try to break it up into sets of 30min. I get bored easily

I do so only out of neccesity, otherwise I tend to prefer socializing more.

I usually just hunt a couple of hours when I can.

As soon as I feel I'm "Grinding" I try and change it up a bit. There are plenty of other things you can not enjoy. Bashing shouldn't feel like a chore.

Man, I do a lot of grinding, when I'm motivated and not distracted at all. I can either be on the casual side who'll quit-out to watch a movie, or I can go so hardcore that I freak out if I have to go to the bathroom or you know, eat a meal so I don't get too hungry. I do prefer the bashing to at least have some risk involved or I'll be bored to tears.


Seems excessive.

Okay, changed my mind. I sort of entered into this zen state whenever I bash, it's pretty neat. (Plus, magician bashing is the best!) Mostly it's because I like having 100% communion.

I grind to open up further options in interactions due to increased health, wealth, raw damage, exclusive benefits (level 100); these enhance overall experience while playing. Time spent hunting is mainly dependent on mood. I stop when I tire of the mind-numbing repetition, unless there is a free experience or crit bonus, or some sort of hunting competition with rewards ongoing.



Not much, but I plan to change that.

Being a tank is fun. Critical hits are fun. Auto-targeting scripts make life 100 times easier.

Yes they are. It's the equivalent of "press button, receive bacon".

You can get them to work.

And if you can't that you can survive ALL THE THINGS. 

A couple hours worth normally.

same here.

I bash as often as I can.. which isn't enough since I'm not likely to get Dragon. Ever.

Not enough.. I quite dislike IRE style bashing. It isn't very interesting.

It's a shame that it pales so badly across the richness of PK.

PK = bashing in one way ^^

Unfortunately, however, some people are crap experience. 

Same here.

Here, too.

The less possible, there just isn't much of interest you can use on the denizens.

greathunts remind me how much time some folk put into this.

All of them

Not much these days, and I missed the last great hunt too.

I bash when the mood strikes and time opens, and stop when I feel it's time.

I only really bash for quests now. Quite happy just not having to sleep or eat.

Not tekal yet. Therefore, not long enough.

^ This. Though I am in no great hurry.

Had a chalice for the recent great hunt, so finally got 80.. was nice. I generally dislike bashing, though.

Getting 80 is a great feeling. I finally hit it not that long ago.



I quit bashing after I got dragon! Except for shrines. And gold.

1 hour per day? something like that now.. used to hunt like 5 per day heh


long enough

Anymore, anyway.

Myself, I find it's easier/more fun in Lusternia than Achaea. Lots more bashing areas, quests, and more interesting baddies. Though I haven't really logged onto Achaea for a really long time - maybe I've got it wrong.

It'd sure be cool if we could afflict mobs. Maybe even just a little bit?

Nowadays, only a few hours a week.

I do not spend enough time bashing. Probably only a half hour at a time, I just don't have the attention span for it.

An hour or two at most.

Enough to get credits.



If I have bugger all else to do and set my mind to it I can put in a long 8+ hour bashathon across all the things.

Depends on the day. Sometimes for an hour, sometimes for several hours at at time.

An area at a time to start, might put more time into hunting later.

I love what it says on the picture haha

Less as the grind gets slower, just enough to get coins now.

bash for hours.

Not much anymore. Has been a while actually. I hunt almost daily on Achaea, though.

about an hour is as much as I can handle, unless I'm tagging along with someone.

I like to bash in short waves, clearing out an area or two before. I usually like doing this alone, though, because bashing in a group is kind of the most awkward roleplay ever. D: Assuming it's even roleplay at all. D:

Longer and longer as I get closer to dragon

I bash for about an hour or two each day. At least in a normal day. Sometimes I can go for 4 to 5 hours but those are times that I am feeling especially dedicated.

48 hours non stop without sleep and honestly? I don't remember getting anything for it! I was  simply just the tank who kept pulling off aggressives for another party :S truely do not regret getting an IRL job the pays to prevent such reoccurances :D



Far more then I'll ever admit. But that's what happens when you go from 80-85 in less then a week.

bashing through titan has gotten ridiculous.  But I just hate aetherhunts (the EZXP button).

No, seriously. Never. It's so boring and stupid as a priest.

rarely bash, but when I do... I clear my will and stop unless it's a great hunt

I really need to get Logosian; insomnia is way hard to play when you keep passing out. Char is a bit neglected being an alt :D but I'm getting back into it. So logosian, bashing for gold mostly. There's just so much else I do and if I do it right, bashing is going to be a lot more difficult. <_<

Hate bashing. I almost never do it.


Way too long. I'll probably spend 3 ~ 5 ~ 8 hours bashing trying to get past the 80's.


I think I've spent about 10 hrs off and on bashing, that usually during xp events. Otherwise a couple hours here and there. I usually hunt alone but Wisty's new fiancee makes a pretty good hunting partner ;) .

I got forced to exile on an island and bash a straight level, I will not be bashing for a long time.

I can't stand to bash for longer than that. After 30 minutes my eyes start to strain from blurring.



An hour maybe?


Whatever my record was, it will be increased, as soon as I get my diadem and use this xp bonus promotion!

At the littler levels, all the damn time. But now that I'm hitting the peak-ish to 80, I get lazy as hell.

Just can't bring myself to make the commitment when it takes so much longer per level.

If I'm well rested, have time, and don't feel like just walking around sketching runes then I hunt like there's no tomorrow. When i die I don't like it, but I generally can get it back pretty quickly.


Working on getting dragon, but first goal is Logo, currently seventy four circles!

At most 3 ~ 4 hours. Though I can never find the time when the 100% exp bonus is on -_- I only ever get time right after, when I get the 10% bonus. Urk

does level 80 in imperian also loses the need for food and sleep?

I can hunt for at the least 4 - 10 hours a day, only on days where we have continuous random power outages do I surrender, but I am chasing the dragon what can I say haha!

Bashing with random outages is very frustrating.

Depends on many things.

I thoroughly enjoy bashing in gold heavy areas for credits. Makes me happy.


Buuut I probably don't spend a whole lot per day doing it

If I'm actually bashing, I tend to go for a couple of hours.  Did it for four yesterday, but, I had as many deaths.  I actually LOST experience from that.  So, no more bashing for a couple of weeks!

Way too much. xD

Six more lessons...makes today's level that much sweeter!

Well dragons always been the goal - which I've gotten close to (90 right now) through a mixture of bashing (under 80, over 85) and PK/raiding (majority of 81-84). Kinda furious I managed to come back active like a week before the exp bonus thing so now I'm competing with the -whole of Achaea- plus all the dormants that always come back just for them :(

Hours a day, if I can. This number will go down soon though D:

I bash for an hour to an hour and a half.  Usually dependant upon what the kids are getting into.

If it is for gold, an hour or so a day. If for level push I have done 8 hours straight

an hour or two are enough. after that the hunting areas are empty and need time to find a new spot

About an hour or two as well, nowadays.

an hour at most before I get bored! Or run out of willpower

Probably not long enough.

i'd love to try outrider bashing now!

I think the longest I've ever gone is two to theree hours I think straight bashing, but even that's exagerated in my memory. And was due to the world going through an event

... when I do bash. I have a little routine where I harvest a bit, bash a bit, quest a bit, go back and get my willpower back.

i bash?

the top will be like an hour or two.

Such as to raise shrines or for good. The xp gain is secondary.

I think since I returned about two IRL months ago I bashed from level 75 to 92 so thats how long I spend bashing!

I wonder if I've spent a whole years time worth of bashing yet..


When am around and not writing or reading or learning scripting i go clear out a few areas

I spend equal amounts of time hunting and harvesting. Longest go I think was something like 20 hours, but usually is more like a few hours.

Massive harvesting. Not sure why I hate hunting and love harvesting. I kill two things and I'm all glassy eyed and drooling but I can harvest for hours and hours. 

I can usually bash my face off leading up to about 60, but once I hit there and it tapers off (IE: I leave Manara Burrow) it becomes tedious.

If it's on an alt or something.


Not long, surprisingly, even though I have reached level 100. I obtained it mostly through taking maximum advantage of (double) exp events, and alternative means to earn experience though.

I don't spend anytime bashing...but I spend 95% of my time hunting.

Bashing/hunting is something that I partake in pretty consistently to level and make coin, but I get bored easily so there's quite alot of time spent rambling in between.

Could be an hour, could be several, it all depends on my mood.  Quite often I will do influencing rather than bashing though.

I'm still low in level but I just do it in little bits as I feel like it.

I don't really get bored of bashing, because I'm typically more focused on the TV.

As little time as I possibly can, which is already way too much.

Bashing is frustrating, oftimes futile, and the achievements really only helped those who had yet to be made. I suppose a few exceptions probably exist But it's taking forever, a tonne of resources and I'm probably still never getting to Aspect for another four years or so, meanwhile little twenty year old characters are zipping past, riding the ridiculous wave of bonuses and then? Well, then they just get egotistical.


The whole subject makes me cranky. Imma go do something fun.


Also, you don't make nearly enough gold to do crap. Not enough to replenish what you use, far less actually move forward.

barely any time now



i do miss bashing.

A few hours a day.

I spend maybe an hour or two a day bashing, if i'm not bored i can spend around 5 or so before i start getting annoyed.

Not as long as I'd like to. used to be I could stay up all night bashing after work, but now I'm old and decrepit and spend only a few hours a day, and my days off.

way to long.

0-1 hours.

first I drain my willpower, then I drain my endurance...then willpower again, then rest and restart

I only bash when I have a partner or a gorup. It's all boring by myself.

I'm finally starting to bash longer. It's actually pretty rewarding

I haven't bashed in a loooooooong time

I'm only bashing in 2x events at this point

right now am rocking a truefavour and extra criticals, so it's time to mow them down!

which I need for city and house credits.  Probably about 8 hours per 2 weeks.

during great hunts if I think I can place.

maybe 5-6 hours


I did the math, might be 8-10 hours if I can manage it.

I mostly bash for gold, for experience, and ultimately for Lessons that I don't need to pay for via Credits. Easier said than done, I think - and it's such a tedious experience, but it's so necessary for characters to advance forward that if I don't follow through with grinding then my character wouldn't get as far ahead as he has. :(

4 hours straight is my max.


Baaaaash baaaaash baaaaash the night away.

I'm level 100 and my total mobs kills are: 3033 many of which are from group bashing.


Then again, I play Lusternia where you don't have to bash.

if I'm hunting, I'm usually bashing until I either get bored and don't want to bother exploring a new area that is supposedly too high a level for my character (almost never happens), or I die (the most common occurence nowadays), and usually only after 2 deaths do I really just give up for the 24 hour period of a day. I'm usually bashing at least 3-4 hours of the 6-7 hours I'm logged in each day though.

yep, and replying for the credit btw

Too much, considering how linear it is.

I have to say, I bash more now that I can get Ikons from doing the right areas.


They show just how crazy some people are when it comes to this.


Not very long. I have a short attention span.

I find bashing kind of soothing in a meditative sort of way. Just watching the screen scroll, the numbers change, and things become easier to chew up. I don't bash as much as I used to but I've recently been getting back into the swing of things, filling up free time between RP with it.

after hitting 80, I've slowed waaaaay down. Hour or so a day.

of course, right after I post, I realize there is a great hunt on...

I bash whenever my internet connection is stable enough. I'll be happy once I get to level so I won't need to bother any more!

yay greathunt

Whenever I start a new character, I can bash for a while. It gets boring quickly.


How long I spend bashing depends on how much fun I'm having with the game as a whole. If I have great RP interactions of something, I can bash for a while afterwards riding the positive feelings. Otherwise, not too long.

Via comments

to an hour..

I so miss those.

I usually can only do it at an hour at a time.

not as much as I used to, nowadays.

This really varies depending upon what else I am doing - and whether I can multi-task "kill," "enter a number," "kill," "take a phone call."

greathunts :D

I haven't bashed in irl years

need to get back to bashing

often enough, recently

hate you great hbunts

I don't think I've ever bashed for more than 2 hours in a row.

Credit comment.

loved the great hunt this past weekend

0 hours a day on average.

I'm level 2 still, so, umm, none?

Hardly anytime. Cooking however takes huge amounts of time.

bashing makes the game

I can go on four-hour trips now, ever since I became a Pyromancer. Mmm fire-based attacks and forcefield.

barbaric. Influence.

much more now that Bakstabba is part of a cult

Lots and lots

I'm not a huge basher, but I've spent tons of time influencing.

hours, at least in greathunts, bu that is most of what i have done

Not enough! :X

I find that I can't do it for too long at a time

I dont bash anymore. I do need to start doing it again, though

when I'm into it I try to put in a decent period each day

I bash as long as it's fun, when it gets tiresome I quit and do other things. Steady slow growth.





I don't bash these days.



Perhas a good question might be, "What's the longest you've just followed and watched someone bash?"

Not much these days. I'm so busy havesting to make orders, I don't have much time for hunting.

is all I can really afford.

Usually less than an hour.

not as much as I used to. 95 is hard!!

I'm losing it nowadays!

long long

not being able to take advantage of the daily blessing is making me cry...

~2hrs per day





yeah is boring :<

too much time

No such thing as too much of a good thing.

Credit comment.

I try to do some every day, but some days it doesn't happen

I love the mindless grind. I find it both mesmerising and wholesome to my character.

I make sure I hunt every single day and it is usually minimum 5% at level 97 now, but I aim for 10% a day.

hour a day?

Usually hunt for an hour or two at most.

one to two hours, sometimes three. Not every day though, two-three days per week.

I've set my sights on getting Demigod, so more often than not, I'm bashing whenever I'm logged in. Searching for the Solstice gnomes gives me a much needed break this time of year, then its back to the grind again.



used to be a lot

if I get the time.

I have hours of wasted life bashing. I've spent entire mornings and following afternoons grinding away. On my down time from work, I could easily spend a good 8 hours on a bashing loop.

What drains me though is grinding non-stop, then dying 3-4 times within a half hour due to lag or reflex issues. WTF! All that time I just spent down the drain!

Its all to easy for me to get lost in the simplness of it. Its harder for me not to bash than to do other stuff.

do it in spurts

which reminds... coffee!

I think most of the time I spend in-game is spent bashing.

I chat more than I bash.

until bored

Most of my time is spent bashing so far. I have spent a bit of time buying goodies to fill guild requirements but other than that it has been all bashing.

I spend much more time trying to find more places to explore and it tends to take longer and longer with every spot in the rankings..

Well, now, anyway.

A lot now that I started bashing.

too long

too long

waaaaaaaayyyy tooooo much


I've bashed up to 14 hours in a row. I enjoy bashing, it's more fun with a friend for company but I mostly do it by myself. I'm but a few levels removed from Logosian. And after that is the ridiculous road to Dragon.

been wanting to get the red for a long time now.. but I can't even bash that much anymore.

Nowadays, anyway.

1h is more than enough.

Depends on how i feel. Sometimes 30 minutes to 4 hours

what I really hate is when some jerk decides to go kill the denizen you need because they're mad you got to an area before them. Yay credit!

I hate it a lot when they kill the denizen(s) you need to trade in the corpses of that area. I always leave those alive, there might be other people around trying to earn some gold there.

Too little and too long. Contests can be like a switch, and then suddenly I'm grinding for 12 or more hours every day until it is over. Otherwise I only do a little every day to every other day to sometimes very little. It all depends on my mood!


Somebody might need to take away my computer this month. 

Not long

after 99 i got lazy...

a day is all i can stomach

if i can get the gold quests




Not enough