Getting Attention from the Divine without the Use of Fire

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You don’t have to down drink after drink in a Temple bar to get the attention of a Divine, although if you’re gunning for an audience with Lord Phaestus the Smith that certainly doesn’t hurt. For all the butt kissing and brown nosing that you might see others do in your favorite Iron Realms MUDs, it’s actually the players that follow the rules that get the attention of the admins.

Communicating with the Divine

It’s important to remember that with any large group of people, whether working for the same CEO or playing the same RPG, you are one small fish in a really big pond. Can you imagine if all of the couple of hundred players who are in the realm at any time sent the Divine tells every time they had an idea or complaint? If I were Divine then I would stay hidden!

Some people think that because they are a small fish in a big pond then it is not worth it to share their ideas. They think that their voice will never be heard and that their efforts will be for naught. However if only more people would go through the proper channels, they would see that they have just as much of a chance as the next adventurer as being noticed by the Divine.

Other Ways to Get Noticed

Of course proper communication, such as appropriate use of the IDEA, BUG, and TYPO commands is only one way to get noticed by the Divine. Another is to avoid frivolous use of the ISSUE command. An ISSUE, according to the in-game help scroll, is either a problem in which you can find no in-character solution, or a personal request for Divine assistance. Here are more productive ways you can gain the attention of the Divine.

  • Walk the Walk – A lot of people do a lot of talking in Iron Realms games. It’s always easier to talk about what you’re going to do than to actually do it. If you belong to a city, house, or follow a Divine in the game, you should absolutely find ways to be helpful. But most importantly, follow through and see things through until the end. That will earn you the respect not only of the Divine but also of your fellow adventurers.

  • Attend Gatherings – The whole purpose of a RPG is to interact. If you are constantly sitting off alone, ignoring other people, and avoiding roleplay events, then your reasons for doing so might be misinterpreted. Pay attention to what is going on in the realm around you. The Divine put a lot of effort into their roles, and the best way you can show them that you appreciate their hard work is to participate without being rude or discourteous.

  • Pay Homage – It’s natural that you might be a little awestruck by the Divine, but don’t let your awe turn into what could be mistaken for ignoring them completely. Make them the topic of your Bardic and Artisanal entries. Offer your corpses at their shrines. Any time you compliment a Divine with sincerity they will notice and appreciate it, even if you do not see results immediately.

  • Stop Kissing Up – Paying homage is one thing, but going overboard until your nose is brown from kissing up is something else. You will only risk the judgment of your peers and possibly the wrath of the Divine – quite the adverse effect of what you were hoping for with all your do-gooding!

Forget the Cliques

Everyone has to be political and friendly at some point to people who they would rather ignore completely. And there are times when you might want to spend time with popular people who ignore you completely. However, cliques are for newbies who don’t know any better. While there might be some that you can join that won’t hurt your reputation, it’s best to just avoid them altogether.

MUDs are not much different than real life in that you will be judged by who you spend time with, as well as the people who you consider mutual friends and allies. That’s not only true for the adventurers you see on QUICKWHO but also the Divine who you don’t see listed there, but who might be lurking about watching from behind the scenes. Believe it or not, they really are more interested in knowing who is sincere than knowing who is just popular.

About the Author

When university student Emily Saunders isn’t working on her studies, you can find her leeching WiFi from local cafes. The cozy setting is the perfect place for her to get lost in her favorite MUD games between classes, and besides that it offers free coffee refills! When she isn’t playing text games she enjoys photography and singing karaoke with her friends.


hrm I havent had contact with gods yet.. I should..

You will at some point. Live long and all that jazz.

Live long and prosper!







Five Point Palm Exploding Heart Technique!


My Heart!

My ears!



Next in line please.

My pleasure!




I kind of think that is a good thing in some points too. ie. no shrubbery.

*comment blush* too many people commenting, tilt..



Bring me a shubbery!

There aren't many these days..

But you could try hard and make one more!

The ones I've met are awesome.

some have been

getting shrubbed works!


Ahh I had my first encounter with a "talking denizen" in Lothos the other day! Thank you so much for the experience, adds so much! 

PS: I just need to figure out how to get the keys and I'll be set

good for you!

It is often overrated and often when they bug me I just wish they'd leave.

god interaction is a unique and fun part of the ir games Ithink. love lusternia's god interactions with us.

neither have i

I've never spoken directly with a Divine, though I've been in the presence of a few and have received a few favours, though I never knew why. I'm not one to complain, though! Thank you for the new article!


Walking through Mog, about to bash some stuff, see Skarash standing around by himself.


Nope, not by himself. Pandora's there and her name's the same color as the holiday decorations. 






me too

Heh heh.

By the way, since Pandora is still alive, I kinda wish Pandora Thursdays return in monthly promotions! I was a newbie last time this happened and couldnt kill many denizens to have a chance on the droping temporary artefacts..

I wasn't here for that.

Skarash is so old that I'd be surprised if you never saw him talking to himself.

holy whoops!

Basically the consistent good RPers eventually come to the notice of the gods and get interaction.

I don't think consistently good is even necessary, at least in Lusternia. I was still pretty much a newbie who didn't have the slightest idea what was going on with anything and hadn't been around long enough to be consistent when the gods first took an interest in me.


Here's hoping that those who lost gods in Achaea during the recent event can see the way clear for their chars to join new orders and RP with existing gods.

They find a way to use their old order and believes to interact with the surviving ones.

you still have some Gods -to- RP with. They wiped out every single God in Imperian, two at a time, every single night, for a week. It was probably the worst week 90% of the players had to go through while the other 10% thought totally gutting out the game's entire history and a real life decade of player's RP was a spectacular idea. They replaced them with glowing balls called avatars played by the same volunteers that they were whining about not being active enough as Gods. Lost a lot of longtime players with that move.

The simplest way is to offer to the divine, they will then (possibly) favour your character. Continue to do so, researching into the divine's order, and you may well be inducted. Once in an order, the interaction is usually much greater.

That many of the more inactive gods in Achaea are gone.

True but some of them were very active.

They were, but with less roles to fill, they'd need less volunteers to fill them all. That is to say, in the future, rather than maybe 10-20% of the god roles being filled at any given time, they could go for 50-100%! :D

It's nice to get favours for offering.

Instead of dusting a shrine for PKlulz.

Finding and speaking to someone in the Order should be the easiest way to get inducted. Most gods in my experience tend to require a lot of offerings to favour someone.


heh, sounds like what I shifted from doing with Xeran originally, to what I do now, heh. he still has a habit of sitting alone, but usually it's only AFK time that I pass off as "time spent musing over the newest painting or poem" heh

I always thought something along the line of: "Let the Divine's bussines be Divine's bussines", but now I see that is not entirely correct. Nicely written.

well, hmm


Or just shout being a Demigod the bolts stream across the sky

I've not had any interaction with Gods so far but that's to be expected as Eilona is a nobody outside of her house. When she finishes her requirements, I'm going to look into some different orders and see what fits for her. Nice article. :)

too bad some of the best orders are gone now

Well done!

In a smaller game like Lusternia, god interaction is actually not as hard to find.

In the interactions I've had the quality of their rp and the speed they must type puts me to shame. Awesome though.

It is fun when you catch them in a mistake, though rude to point it out.





Finally new articles! Good job

Godly interaction really makes my playing experience alot better.  I am grateful to the gods who take the time for it, especially when THEY initialize it.  And most often I've merited that just by being funny

yet to interact with a god in game (not including bugs/typos). Maybe I should follow some of this advice!

I think it's getting to that time to start looking into which order I want to join.

great article on MUD games

Phaestus is a pretty cool guy who doesn't afraid of anything. ;D Just sayin'.


Never actually met him, though from listening to his shouts, and reading random things on pastebin, I'm inclined to agree.

He is pretty cool. Espically if he hears you have free ale.


have only met but a few divine... I haven't met Phaestus but he favours me for offering so my corpses will remain on his shrines (cause Hermes got killed and Lupus got asleep or whatever)

I want to go down on record as saying that this article has the best title of any on the site.




this is a pretty good title, but I don't know about the best. Some are pretty good....

newp, bet title, I've looked through the entire site so far, this one is the best I've seen, list me at least two better, or else I won't believe you.

This one made me cackle. I'd like to be shown others that provoke the same response.

you, my friend, have the right idea, and are repeating what I have said already, hehehe.


Does Imperian not have gods any longer? Or what's up over there?

No, they don't have any. They wiped them all out and replaced them with glowing balls who gravitate towards player-formed cults they like. If they join a cult, they become avatars. If your cult isn't worthy it just sits there. No more priests, Orders, congregations, just cults. You get a bit more power if an avatar joins, but other than that it's just a cult.

Nice Tips


Nice what? Oh you said, nice tips, nevermind.

Always can pull a Munsia ;)

Good article, well done.


Maybe! Maybe I like being invisible to the divine, hm? Hm? Ever think of that? :P


Even so, good article. I like it.



I do not know what I am doing, but I can't get the Divine to leave me alone.

My sympathies.


I've never thought about interacting with the divine much. First, other than possibly interesting RP (provided it works for your character) and maybe getting more favors, why would I want to? My character very much likes the people she hangs out with, and that seems much more rewarding than trying to get the favor of a god.

Thanks for the great article. I agree with the points made, and the tips are insightful. Divine interaction can be an enriching roleplaying experience, be it direct or indirect (through denizens).

pretty much

I know tha for me, the Divine I spent the most time with and the Divine who was always so open with me are the ones that I've always favoured, no mater what character I've played. Lady Epiphany and Lady Shallah were my absolute favourites, largely because of their consistency in dealing with people in general.

Sad, though, that the Divine in Aetherius are gone. Entities are intriguing, though.

MUDs are great for roleplay

Good article, thanks

Always think seeing them takes away thae awestruckness

Be careful what you wish for!

Be careful what you wish for!





A useful article, for a new person such as myself.

I should try this stuff

love all the new articles



I need to get better at my rp, really

good article!

The Divinities will notice you much faster! :>

Good advice

one thing at a time

I've yet to meet any, aside from the latest event that left us all Demigods.


being in a order finally.


<3 Moonie

Credit comment.

My best suggestion is to play as if Someone is always watching. Don't suck up because They really do not like that and just... be your character? Get involved, get out there and just have some fun. You'll find attention will happen.

Whether you get it the right way or not is always up to you! Just don't stand next to me if the fire is about to fly!


If you do interact the right way, it's always worth it.


Teachers only remember the students that are really really good or really bad. to get the attention of a divine I would thing the same rule would apply. But why would one want to get the attention of a divine? If you have a great idea just submit it via message or something and move on.

I personally really like the ideas of Orders, and becoming a legit follower of a specific divine, which involves earning their attention and favor and stuff like that, so that's one IC reason. As far as OOC reasons, Divine players are the GMs of the game - it's generally a good idea to be on good terms with your GM!

Wish I had more chances to RP with gods, but I did get to meet Lady Maylea's Whatever it is. That was cool.

Yet another article..

use Water.

Sometimes its intimidating meeting a God in game...I feel like a tard everytime one pops up that I'm not familiar with or haven't had that much interaction with. But I atleast try and remain polite... Its really not hard to gain a Divine's attention, positively or otherwise, just gotta know the right way to do it! Lovely guide IRE

Happy new year to all! :)

some new credits

they will notice

happy new year

they have their favorites already.

No reason to give up.

In Lusternia at least (and possibly other IRE games), you may possibly get the attention of a divine by saying to NPCs.  We recently found out that alerts can go out if staffers are listening to a particular channel.

Gimme somes. I love that stuff. Sometimes, it's half of the reason I do anything -- that one from above might notice and come down for a while. It's not happened, yet, but it will.




could really use some divine contact around now :(

Credit comment.

Never enough credits for the stuff I want... >_>

but, I prefer fire.

Interesting article

Plenty of that if you seek it.

Some gods notice more than others if you offer essence. Lord Lupus is very good with that. Others.. I won't name names, never give out favours, no matter how much essence you offer.

The great thing about Midkemia is that you can beseech favors manually from shrines at a cost of personal essence accumalated through offering. It's pretty easy to bash up 100% for a new 24 hour divine truefavor, level 70 plus can do it in an hour or two.

free credit

Lusty gods keep it fun and are alright

is there divine interaction in achaea?


There is.

I'll give this stuff a try.

There totally is divine interaction in Achaea. How you work for it though, totally up to the extent to which you go to. Trying to join a Divine Order in itself will net you divine interaction, working up to leadership positions in an org will also net you divine interaction, I believe!

Why hasn't anybody mentioned that dusting shrines is a great way to get a God's attention?



You always try to just... RP, you know. Interactions with other people should just be as fun as with Divine! :p


Licked me on my nose the other day! Best Day Ever


What in the world.

Woot!! very informative!!

Try talking to denizens. As in 'SAY TO sally', not just speaking in their presence. That alerts Us, if We've config'd it to.

Cue ridiculous amounts of denizen-talk spam...

I HAVE had some luck with this in the past.

The downside? Even though I know there's an admin on the other side, I still feel a little bit crazy talking to a constable, random denizen, etc.

I was told mental insanity was manditory in Midkemia!