Skyrim: A Text Gamer's Point of View


Skyrim, the fifth installment in The Elder Scrolls series published by Bethesda, became available across the United States on Friday. Coincidentally, Friday was also Veterans’ Day, giving many American gamers a cozy three-day weekend to slip into the virtual realm. As I played it occurred to me that Skyrim, despite being the most recent, was more like the smarter, more good looking big brother of all of The Elder Scrolls. The more I played, as with almost any game I try out that isn’t produced by Iron Realms, the more I found myself comparing it to Achaea.


Classes and Races

When choosing a race in Skyrim you’ll find ten to choose from, as opposed to the eight that Achaea offers. And while it’s possible to be without a specific class in Achaea, it certainly helps to choose one if your character expects to progress at any decent rate of speed. Some of the skills between the two games are similar, like cooking, alchemy, wizards/magi, and warriors/knights. I could not find where Skyrim offered anything similar to bards or forest-classes, but they do offer the skills to pickpocket, which is its own unique brand of fun. Also, Skyrim and Achaea both allow characters to sell wares between towns.


Character Marriage

One similar feature between Skyrim and Achaea is the opportunity for personal improvement. The ability to marry another adventurer in Achaea is nearly as old as the game itself, but in Skyrim it’s not so easy to say, “I do.” First, it’s necessary to visit the Goddess of Love then wear a special amulet that changes how NPCs interact with your character, including a whole new set of dialogue! Skyrim, like Achaea, also offers housing -- and it’s pretty expensive there, too.


Getting Your Character Drunk

A night out with friends is fun in either game, and results in altering how your character interacts with the rest of the world. In Achaea, the effects are limited to slurred speech, vomiting, and if you drink enough perhaps death by alcohol poisoning. Skyrim takes drinking up a notch. Your character can drink until it completely blacks out, and to find out what potentially embarrassing things your character did during that time you must complete quests to find out. Oh, what devious fun that could be!


Other things about the two games are similar, as well. Where Skyrim offers visually pleasing graphics, Achaea’s designers strive to create vivid scenery inside your brain when both creating new areas and updating existing ones. And both games offer plenty of different areas to explore, In fact, it’s also possible to get lost in both games, although with the help of landmark and map commands, it’s far easier to find one’s way back to civilization in Achaea.


So which game is better? Neither! Each has its own unique qualities, and truly comparing the two would be like trying to compare a book to a completely unrelated movie. Skyrim is a nice break from the drama and politics of social interaction in Achaea, but it’s a single-player game, which I find boring. No matter how often I break to play video games, I always end up logging back into my first text game love, Achaea. Whether mindlessly bashing or sitting around The Crossroads in Hashan and eavesdropping on the latest gossip, there is always something to do and other players around to share in the adventures.


Author: Mitch O'Hara
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Are You Playing Skyrim?


Is Skyrim a multiplayer game as well? Or is it single only?


single player
I really don't see the comparison though. Skyrim>Achaea

try skyrim=/ Achaea. They are far to different for a linear comparison of "better"

A comparison in this industry is solely based on fun.  People prefer what they find to be the most fun.  One person stating that they 'believe' Skyrim to be greater than Achaea is merely their perception.  Their perception usually being based on what they find to be more fun.  There are no apples and oranges in the gaming industry.  Fun factor (FF) is #1.

A lot of people find the single-player RPGs more appealing because the world revolves around their character(s). This is especially true with open world games like these. They're then disappointed to find that this is not the case when they play something like Achaea or similar games driven by the actions and decisions of other people.

That is very true. But vying for that attention is one of the allures of Iron Realms Games.

Yeah, that's like comparing any graphical PC game to a text one, or an FPS to a RPG. They aren't the same, no comparisons available.

That's not true. Many mechanics in MMORPGs are comparable. EG. roles in groups, statistics, resistances, stats...

comparisons are fun, but everyone picks what works for them anyways

This is correct.


Solo vs group play.

That's a bit too simplistic.

Skyrim< Achaea... the complexity doesnt compare for me

Skyrim is great, but I have to agree.

I really prefer the compelxities in Achaea, it's kinda ruined me for 'immersive gameplay' becuase graphical games just cant keep the details text based can. At least in  my opinion.

Skyrim is fun, but aside from graphics and superficial attributes, is not far superior to other Bethseda games.

Heh well that is the for audience.

Graphics are a big deal for me, though. At least in uh...these types of games!

Yes, most of their games are identical with the same audience.


But I do love the mods you can use for the PC version at least

Never played it myself, but it does seem to have the same addictive qualities on my friends that the iron realms games have. Personnaly i haven't really enjoyed single player games since i started playing mmo games.

what.. is that? :o

i laughed :D



Never played any of them.

I haven't played it, but it seems really interesting and I'd like to play it... Now if only I had enough cash to buy one of them fancy next-gen consoles or anything that can support its specs on the PC. /sadface

actually sounds pretty fun..going to try it out.


It appears it costs money..hahaha

huh, for the $59.99 price tag of skyrim which I will likely never play past the newbie stages, I could buy 150 credits. I know which I would find more fun.


too bad I don't have munnies.



I probably never would have drawn a comparison between them.

Neither, I'm not too sure where the author is coming from really (apart from posting a superficial article to cash in on searches for Skyrim?  I'm not sure I'm quite that cynical though).

I totally am.

I agree. I really don't understand how a comparison can be made.



That is the point of these articles, to get search engine traffic.


I'm not too excited about Skyrim, my unofficial protege has gone missing on me because of its launch :(

Now in the same aspect I have enjoyed a lot of the previous Elder Scrolls games and wouldn't mind checking it out for those times that I just have to "rage quit" achaea for a few hours every now and then.

I had a computer strong enough to run Skyrim. It's slow enough when playing Achaea, and Achaea doesn't even have graphics to choke my computer up.

Same. Even upgraded and got excited when they re-released Earth Eternal, only to realise that they had upgraded their minimum requirements AGAIN, so now my newer comp won't even run it!


Want Skyrim very badly.




everyone has been talking about this! step-brother even bought it >.>

Well, this comparison is silly. The article even admits it. Rather pointless read, especially when the comparison hinges around rather secondary concerns like drinking, which are not at all central to gameplay.


Nonetheless, it's less of a blatant advertisement than most articles on this site, so it could be worse.


Also, Achaea? Really? What makes Achaea interesting at all, relative to other IRE games that don't utterly fail at RP?

you can compare gameplay ffetures and merits of different aspects. I have already had to because of friends who wouldn't stop talking about Skyrim.


and Achaea is picked because the author plays it, so far as I can tell.

the articles are player-submitted, so folks from IRE games besides Achaea IRE should do like the article says and Contact the Editor

I might consider writing an article, if IRE wouldn't force me to put keywords in it every paragraph to get search results, lick their boots, and otherwise advertise all over the place.


And the secondary fact that there are many writers that submit, and only a few being published by the same authors constantly. Favortism at its best, I suppose. 

I love responses. It helps me pretend that I do this for more then the daily credit


Suuuure is.

Playing a text game, you can still get a bit of work done, not so with skryim!

Want it so baaaad.


I've always wanted to like those games, but just can't do it.

Much better to have interaction with other people.

I tend to find the elder scroll series fun in very short installments. The series has a reputation for buggy PC optimization, and the single-player aspect makes it very boring for me.

I'd say one of the most important similarities is that they both let your character do what they want rather than railroading through a single storyline.

I have little intrest do to it's single player nature. If they let a few friends play in the same game instance, I would buy it immediatly. However, they don't so I wont


I'll stick to here first

Achaea Rocks

I played this and it sucks.  Nice visual candy to be sure, but in the end games that have less of a multiplayer element are less fun for me.  If others get alot of fun value out of this then kudos for them.  Once I've had a taste of a game with loads of human interaction I want nothing less.  Unless of course I keep getting trapped in a raid with lots of people wiping the raid due to engaging in gross measures of imbecility! :(


never played


Was not expecting this comparision.

sounds like fun


Was I the only one who tried to recreate my Achaea character in Skyrim?

...Yes? Okay...

Nope, I always recreate my achaean characters when I try new games :p 

I think I prefer the multiplayer aspect of IRE games more. That and the open-ended aspect. Skyrim might have tons of side quests and such, but there's still a linear storyline. I like being able to make my own.

I kinda want it I guess, but I am in no hurry.

More classes to choose from please

I agree

achaea already takes up all my gaming time, can't expand to another game without tossing the one i have

This is exactly my problem. What with other real life commitments (work, family, etc), there's only so much gaming time in each day. And getting involved in the life and times of an IRE game character (or several, as the case may be) is no light matter. Were I to find another game, I'd probably end up tossing the one I have as well.

Sometimes it's good to change it up, imo.

Tempted to try out Skyrim, though not been much for multiplayer since MMOs :~}

But I wish I was.


yes yes yes

Been having a lot of fun with Skyrim, heh.

Skyrim rocks.




And when will there be an article that compares stuff to Lusternia??!!


When Lusternia becomes as good as Achaea?


Achaea has the most complex PvP system in any game I've played.  WoW pales in comparison in terms of complexity and creativity.  I've always wanted Achaea to become a video game, but I imagine it would be extremely difficult implementing all of the skills into a 3D environment.  

With that said Skyrim and Achaea are two different games.  One being a multiplayer online experience while the other is a single player adventure.  

Never heard of it


No comment

Dragonborn class on Aetolia plz.



Skyrim is genuinely amazing. I'm more impressed by it than I thought I'd be, and I expected to be blown away. The little things are just done so well.

Though I'd love to have a go at Skyrim, I'm worried between that and Achaea I'd not get anything done!

I love these games, but only for so long as they are "fresh". The good thing about IRE games is that they last for so many years and you can't say you "finished" it.

With the mod community, Bethesda games are playable for ages. I have hundreds of hours in New Vegas, and still have stuff I could do.

So which game is better? Achaea, clearly.


Achaea is..

I agree! ^_^


As far as as being replayable, they are both actually pretty close in my mind, and both are very interesting.   I would put them very close at least.

angry birds

Angry birds is an awesome way to pass the time while meditating...

Skyrim is surely impressive. It must have wonderful graphics, amazing sounds and so. However, the gaming experience is much deper in Achaea, in my opinion. The details in Achaea are spectacular, and the online element gives the player unprecedented freedom to intereact in and with the virtual world.

Skyrim, most probably, is a game like "hey! We give you this world, it is wonderfully will not be able to ever change it in any way we had not predicted already". It is like a beautiful toy but it must have more boundaries that Achea in the end.

For example, in Acahea the player is able to perform an enormous amount of attacks and actions that in Skyrim are not possible, or even evaluated as possible. In fact, with the emote command you can make your character perform any action you want (not mentioning illusions and such).

In other words Achaea is a deeper, more complex and interactive experience. Morevoer, personally I find the comparison on the wedding in the article clearly misplaced. For everybody old enough, probably the first marriage in a videogame happened in Defender of the Crown. Fot those who remember does that game compare to Achaea? I do not think so. Therefore, marriage is not a point in favour of one game versus another, it is immaterial. Bloodlines, on the contrary may be.

On the other hand, playing in graphical enviroment is a very immersive experience as well, and I am not against it at all, but at this juncture pulling a trigger back and forth just to deliver a hack at a skeleton it is not my sport, now (I would rather program the client to do so in a text game is more fun).

This is just my opinion. I am very new to Achea and to MUD in general. I just got addicted to Dragon Age Origin before I discovered IRE and I never used my Xbox from then. Of course I am retrogamer, but who isn't here?

There are real limits to what you can do in Achaea, too - it's just much easier for IRE to react to player demands and allow more/newer things than it is for Bethesda.

...basically it is more about going back and forth before delivering a slash. There are serious bugs and the graphic is not so detalied as it should be, and the companions are utterly stupid (bad AI). That's why Skyrim got 9.0 on gamespot instead of 9.5. In Achaea, I think that the emote command is awsome because it allows you to perfrom any action you desire. Even if emoted actions do not trigger an automated response by the game, still you can "perform" such action, literally, and anyone in the room sees the action. Also you can attach an emoted action to any action that has impact on the world, making your character's action truly unique. I find this pretty impressive. Besides, every game has boundaries, as reality does.

Ahcaea and Skyrim go in to two opposite direction of gaming. Truly speaking, I do not think that a comparison between the two is super fair. Also note that the first first person fantasy RPG in a so called "open" world was Ultima Underground, for the records. At that time the game was pretty awsome and it was the FIRST game of that kind. However, all the other game of the same genre did not evolved much from then, quite sadly. It is always the same thing just with better graphics.

Nowadays, I think that Dark Souls is more of a hardcore fantasy RPG in the way of rogue, angband, nethack etc...and in the end, it is more similar to Achaea as to the combat spirit. It catches the same unforgiving attitude. It got 9.5 on gamespot, which is extremely rare.

Sorry about my long post, but I enjoy this stuff too much (even if I do not have time to play).

good point!

I am pretty sure I will be getting that game, no worries though as it will never replace achaea for me.

If I had an xbox still, I would take a three month break just to play Skyrim


Achaea has death via Alcohol poisoning? I have campaigned for that to be added to MKO at suicidally intoxicated, but it still hasn't happened despite the help scroll's wording.

Hrm, I have already seen a death by alcohol poisoning. Ask Christoff, I think it was him.

I have no desire to play a single-player MMO.


I like both. I've been playing both text games and RPG games for 25 years. I also play FPS.


They're not in competition.

It's good to dive into all sorts else one type will get boring

Skyrim is probably an amazing game but in the end it is still limited by the game engine and the designers imagination where Achaea is only limited by yours.


Skyrim's currently my "At Home" game, whilst I just do my MUD'ing while I'm at work.  GENIUS!

I only play those when I'm feeling totally antisocial

I'm toying with the idea of buying Skyrim, but I think it'd just eat into my Achaea time more :( Maybe during the summer! But i can't see how anyone could draw thoughtful comparisons between the two.

free credit.

It can be as simple as a +1, but free credit really tells no one anything.


Yeah, I worry that if too many people start making non-comments to get the credit, they'll take the free credit away...

I have not had a chance to check out Skyrim. I will admit it does look interesting, and once I can afford it, I probably will try it.

It sounds like Skyrim is similar to Fable. I haven't played Skyrim yet so I don't know for sure. But it sounds like fun.

Not playing - all work and no beer make Bakstabba a dull goblin

I enjoy achaea much more then single player games, myself

I think it's boring

I agree




looks like an interesting game but never really was interested in console games

There's also a full PC release, and it kicks ass.  Admittedly, Bethesda's QA team is a raging peice of shit, but what are ya gonna do?  Release a broken game and a dozen patches a week, that's what!

It really is a good game. You should try it out.


I'd love to play it. I never played Oblivion, but I played Morrowind a little bit once upon a time. My xBox 360 bit the dust, however, and has the Red Ring of Death, so no Skyrim, no Battlefield 3, and no Modern Warfare 3. Also, my computer sucks pretty bad, hence I play text based games. Saves me a pretty penny from having to buy a computer for gaming though! More money for credits!

The other two were good games, never finished either though :(


Might try this new one out, but I'm back on a semi Achaea game mode right now, heh.

Just got started with Skyrim. Enjoying so far, but ffs I need a new graphics card






is boring

I'm still playing it. Mods are awesome.


I own Oblivion, I intend to get Skyrim when it's no longer new therefore expensive.


Me too when I feel the urge, I still find Morrowind the best of the games though (Just really need mounts and the upgraded graphic engine :P). Both in terms of what you can do, story and area. Oblivion felt too short, luckily Skyrim improved on that!

God bless the addon sites for both of those games.

I played Morrowind, Oblivion and Skyrim and the latter definitely has the shortest main quest of the three, although Oblivion used the utterly annoying Oblivion gates as padding, turning the relatively short main quest into a long, dull slog through uninspired hellish regions.

The biggest problem with both Oblivion and Skyrim is that the game draws you into the main quest immediately and that in both games the main quest carries an annoying sense of urgency, a kind of "act now or the world will be destroyed" feeling. The great thing about Morrowind was that the person who guided you through the first part of the main quest actually told you to take it easy, explore the world and gain some experience at several junctures throughout the game. Simply put, Oblivion's and Skyrim's stories rushed you through the main quest while Morrowind's main quest actually allowed the player to explore the world.

Caius Cosades, easily one of the coolest quest givers in all of The Elder Scrolls games. I really hated the false sense of urgency in both Oblivion and Skyrim, even Resident Evil 4 had a better sense of urgency. Even if that sense of urgency kept screaming out "LEEEOOOON!"


Boo. Videos are for sad peoples. yay achaea <3

I haven't played yet, mostly because my boyfriend has been glued to it since it came out. I loved Oblivion though, and can't wait to play this one.

Thank god I pirated Achaea last week.  I didn't have the money to pay for it otherwise.  


...wait a second.  I've been had.



If we were to combine the best features of IRE games, and then slap Skyrim graphics and its best features on top of it, and make that into a single-shard multiplayer universe, existance as we know it would end because there would be just too much awesome.

If, If, If a frog could fly it wouldn't bump its butt when it hopped. Right now achaea is the best there is.

Hmph. Lusternia has twenty different races.

What do you call it when you give Lord Vastar a rim job?

I really wish they'd do a multiplayer elder scrolls/fallout. Even if its only multiplayer on the consol. i.e. Me and my friends can play a campaign and save along the way or something.

The images look great, but my playing time is elsewhere.

I remember when I used to play vidio games.  since I found multi player games Ithink  I much prefer them.  always something to do. never an end game.  like in vidio games.  though granted it's been over 18 years since I was abble to play a vidio game they might have changed sincethen though I don't think so.

Yes and no. I still remember Elite fondly because it had no end game...

This looks good, and I have a few friends who are loving it, but I rarely buy games brand new anymore. I can wait.

Skyrim doesn't have Atabahi or Praenomen!

So, the Rajamalan in me had to play a Khajiit in Skyrim and it paid off. Night-Eye made the game so much easier to play for me.

Heh I always think of them as slaves from ES3

The advertisements look interesting, but I have no time for another game

It is amazing how many of my friends on steam are playing it.

Ew. Does it give you problems likeso many complain about?

You now have me excited to get Skyrim.  I'll be getting it for Christmas!

Man, do I wish I had that game. And a computer. I wish I had a computer. No reflexes, no aliases, OUCH.

To connect to the MUDs and control your character do you have to hum down the phone line?

i have a friend that plays it

Skyrim is the business.

Looking back at this article makes me want to play skyrim. Think I might wait until the price drops though.

oooh wish i could play this. must fix xbox!

I never understood the elder scrolls games. The combat and gameplay are both soooo incredibly boring. It might be 300 hours of gameplay, but its also 300 hours of incredibly boring gameplay.

Too many graphics, ruins my imagining :D


But it's still a fun game...


i do find i read muds like i read the matrix.


i would think it'd be a bitch reading that way.


Character growth and customisation is great.

sounds great.

Companion questline ftw

Haven't played it.

It's good for a platform base, but IRE always wins.

indeed it does.

Why would I read here about Skyrim?

(except for free credit comment)



... but I don't have a gaming system that will run it at the moment.  Text games for me!

easier on the aging pc, heh.

I saw Skyrim gameplays and it seems that the best way to handle things is hit and run tactics. Visually impressive but I guess that's all. I have an Xbox but I am not tempted. Skyrim is simply a game, Achaea is something more!

I've never played any of the elderscrolls games, but I'm curious to maybe try Skyrim out sometime, although I'm sure I'll find Achaea to be more enjoyable.


I have played and beat 3 and 4. I really loved them, but to be honest, since finding Achaea last year, I have no desire to play Skyrim nor any other game there is.  I have played and beat many games, but Achaea is one game that I can keep coming back to. It is truely unique. I have also had my fair share of UO, WoW, Runescape, Star Wars, Zentia, DragonRealms, and a few others out there, but none compare to what Achaea has to offer. IRE really did a superb job! Achaea is truely one game that I just cannot put down

I love them both - they're both amazing games in separate niches of their genre.

Skryim: a text gamer's point of view:

I need to upgrade my graphics card.

Skyrim has been elected as the game of the year by Gamespot. Still, I watched many gameplays and I confirm my comments. I might check the game, I have an xbox almost untouched as I discovered Achaea.  



just looked..."too big".  To much stuff youcan do

If only I could play Skyrim on my lunchbreal at work....

I can't really compare the two since they're completely different, aside from the fantasy storyline but I love both and shall play both! Skyrim was worth every penny (and Steam often gives discounts every month or so) and I'm still playing it after a few months. The game is great but I think my most favorite feature is the weather change.


Seems like a good game to me so far.

All this discussion of Skyrim and nobody's made an "arrow to the knee" joke yet?

Since I took an arrow to the knee, I became a serious gamer and I do not make stupid joke about being hit by a projectile of some sort to my leg. That's the reason why!

More seriously, I really despise Skyrim combat graphic representation. I enjoy Red Dead Redemption more, for a graphical immersive experience. Fighting there is much more consistent.

However, there is something about playing a text game that is extremely difficult to grasp and explain: retrogaming, immagination, creativity, reading and writing, telnet, coding, interaction with other AI (ehm... players), improving language and typing skills, shaping the virtual world and leave  a permanent mark there. All of these elements, combined together, are much more attractive to adults like me.

As to now, Achaea is the only entertaining I need. The possibilities in Achaea are immense! 

Since I took an arrow to the knee, I became a serious gamer and I do not make stupid joke about being hit by a projectile of some sort to my leg. That's the reason why!

More seriously, I really despise Skyrim combat graphic representation. I enjoy Red Dead Redemption more, for a graphical immersive experience. Fighting there is much more consistent.

However, there is something about playing a text game that is extremely difficult to grasp and explain: retrogaming, immagination, creativity, reading and writing, telnet, coding, interaction with other AI (ehm... players), improving language and typing skills, shaping the virtual world and leave  a permanent mark there. All of these elements, combined together, are much more attractive to adults like me.

As to now, Achaea is the only entertaining I need. The possibilities in Achaea are immense! 

Ooh another game to spend money on. I have way too many to occupy my tiime as it is. sounds fun though.


Interesting comparison.

It seems that Dark Souls (and not Skyrim) is getting an increased positive reception within the gaming community. It is an hack and slash game, but extremely hardcore.

Norse mythology is one of my favourites, so Skyrim made me squee!


I left Lusternia for a while because of Skyrim... but I can never stay away forever. >.>

I'm not usually interested in epic single player adventures, but I really want to play this one

It's pretty great

Stupid stupid dumb.

open.  I prefer more restrictions.

Yeah Skyrim I can sit and play for two weeks straight without distractions (Except sleep and food) without becoming bored. Achaea I have to have a movie in the background or my brain leaks out of my nose. On the other hand, after I played Skyrim two weeks straight with no distractions, I'm done with it, I win the end.  With achaea, I've played 10 years and I keep coming back!

Minus that I didn't play Skyrim more than a couple hours before I was bored and done with it (never really liked any of the Elder Scrolls games anyway), and that I haven't been on Achaea for 10 years. The point is, though, Achaea's got a sort of replay value that Skyrim just doesn't have.

I saw a skyrim game in the shops... whats the big deal was it a text based game before it became a graphic game?

I agree with first posters, it's pointless to compare the two completely different games. They both have advantages and disadvantages, and there are perspectives of both that are enjoyable more or less than the other. Good try though!

.. but it's single player and can't play it much because of this

Only enough time for one game but if I were to lose Achaea Skyrim is probably where I would go.

I'm not much a fan for Skyrim, or any of the Elder Scrolls games. Just can't get into them, really.

I love me some Skyrim

I have yet to pick up and finish Skyrim.

But I like Achaea way more!

Barely ventured out from the first city with theYarl when I grew tired of the emptiness and stop playing. 


Skyrim cost too much with the cost for the game and the cost of a new computer that can run it well. Also that game's graphics give me a headache. Text games never make me dizzy.

Skyrim, with the addition of mods and the creation kit, can be radically altered from what it originally was - which adds to the replay value. I've always kinda found the vanilla TES games a bit bland; they only get better as they age. brother sold the copy of Skyrim I was playing. And I'd only beaten the thief/dark brotherhood/mainquests! I think that's when I started playing Lusternia. Needed something to fill the void.

Skyrim is good but the iron realms always has new things plus skrim isn't an mmo.

can't even play the instruments there. it sucks

But there's really no comparison.   Skyrim is a play till you beat it a few times kind of game.  


I wasn't that impressed with it

got bored of skyrim after 1 playthrough, you could play almost every playstyle in one, so there was very little motivation to play a second time... maybe if there were mangos second time round.

yeah...would have to get a new comp to play it sooooo.....looks interesting, though

Skyrim is an amazing single player sandbox, but it wouldn't transfer well to a MUD because of the ridiculously OP min/max abilities that would ruin a multiplayer game.

It'd alleviate Bethesda's rather poor character animations, though. And the fact faces nearly always are ugly somehow :(


Never played it.

Skyrim... is so beautiful.


great game, would like some sort of multiplayer addition, then it'd be perfect.

Skyrim is good, but simply does offer the level of immersion and interaction that Achaea does.


Credit comment.

Love skyrim, hate people who do one word comments for credits

Whoo, Dawnguard out for PC. Totally rolling a vampire :D

Skyrim sounds like it would be alot of fun and some of my friends play it, but I don't have time for achaea and skyrim too. If the world of achaea ever blows up I shall head straight for skyrim though.

I haven't played Skyrim yet, however, i'm not a fan of those singleplayers games unless they are..well..amazing. I've heard nothing but good reviews on the game. Perhaps I will pick it up and try it someday.

multi player is more fun

multi player is more fun

I get bored of open, single player RPGs really quickly, so Skyrim would be a huge waste of money for me. D:

i bought it, played it three times. Now it sits on my shelf with only 3 main quests done to the story plot, and about 10 characters :S open game play thats single player is always  a bad idea for me

Is Aetolia Dawnguard?

I find myself wandering around checking too much out, and 3 hours later don't end up having any quests done :>

I really enjoy Skyrim. It was something I played for hours on end for like 2 months and haven't touched since, though. I can see myself picking it back up at some point and again playing for like 2 months on end. There's never ending stuff to do and the graphics are great.

Dragon shout.

it's the grind and lack of communication that ruined it for me.

never tried it

But it looks cool. I am too hooked on Achaea.

I love that game. Though I view it differently as a mud.

Skyrim sounds awesome..don't want to have to pay, though..

The Bound Credit!

I would love if Skyrim was multi-player. Always thought it should be...

I like how it's fairly easy to level in Skyrim and with the same character you can do and be so many different things at the same time. I quite quickly moved to head of the Companions (fighter's guild), Mage's guild, Thieves' guild and for a new twist for myself the Assassins or Dark Brotherhood. I like how easy it is to switch between different 'classes' at whim. I sometimes wish that were possible to do in Achaea without having to spend an exorbitant amount of credits or having to leave a house in order to do so.  I know one of the other games in the Iron Realms groups allows use of an orb where you can switch to other classes and get to keep the skills you already paid for. I would love that feature.

And i don't like skyrim!

and yet is awesome in skyrim, are the bows. sniping from a distance is fun.

I wanna play skyrim!

like them both. 

It's good, but too easily becomes repetitive.

skyrim's fun and all, and although I've only encountered one quest where the aforementioned hijinks happen, but I always end up finding myself returning to Achaea, even when I try to take a break.