Achaea Promises Deepest PvP Mechanics of any MMO

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 In the MMORPG Achaea, the best part of PvP is the ease to get into it, as well as the exceedingly high skill-cap which leads to an addictive test of skill and strategy. There are a few concepts you need to understand before you really get started in text game PvP; but after that, most of it is self-explanatory and you can let your strategic mind figure out all kinds of new strategies, even to this day -- or just go with the tried-and-true methods many text game PvPers use today.


Healing and Curing in PvP

 Achaea has a wonderfully simple system of 'afflictions' -- statuses that prevent your text game character from doing things, or in the case of the 'stupidity' affliction, make you do things you didn't intend to! In contrast to other text games where everything is all about damage, and even 'curses' are merely damage-over-time effects or stuns, Achaea's afflictions can keep you from sipping your health elixir, moving, applying salves, eating herbs, or even flying!


 There are many afflictions, and their cures are almost as numerous. The whole list can be rather overwhelming at first, so there are two options: either develop or purchase a curing 'system' (a set of triggers that help you cure), or learn to manual! While older players may scold those who purchase systems, keep in mind that even the best fighters in the text game use purchased systems. There is nothing wrong with it, so feel free to spend your time enjoying the text game rather than learning to code, if that is your decision!


No Turn-Based Combat

 Balances can seem confusing and complex to new text game players, but it's one of the core mechanics of Achaea. Similar to 'cooldowns' in other rpg games, balances control the speed of offense, as well as defense. Simply put, they are timers before you can do something else -- you can't attack without it, and you can't heal without it either. You'll notice at character creation that some races are faster than others (Rajamalans vs. Trolls for example). Most things that you can do in Achaea require some kind of balance -- for example, KICKing someone requires balance and equilibrium, and uses balance. To see a total list of afflictions you currently suffer, you DIAGNOSE, which requires equilibrium.


To tame a huge complex beast, here is a rule of thumb: balance and eqiulibrium are for offense, and mostly everything else is for defense. 

 Here is a short list:

Elixir balance - Time between sipping health or mana.

Herb balance - Time between eating curative herbs such as 'bloodroot' to cure paralysis.

Salve balance - Time between applying topical salves, such as 'mending' to heal a broken limb.


Mature PvP Rules

 Now that you have a grasp of the basics, lets slow down a bit. In Achaea, you can't simply go around killing everyone for whatever reason you want -- that's just not the way the world works. There's a whole legal system about what you can and can't do, which can seem rather complex at times. Simply put, you'll be fine if you use common sense and follow this simple rule: don't attack anyone who doesn't attack you first. Until you get a better grasp for the way the world works, this rule will keep you from getting in trouble.


Hardcore PvP Death Isn't Permanent

 In Achaea, death is part of the game. Not going to lie to you, you're going to die a lot, but you'll get used to it. Many characters die at least a thousand or more times by the time they're 100, which is perfectly normal! However, if you want to learn PvP, you're going to need to start dissecting your deaths (ha!). 


Here's a simple process I used as I was learning text game combat:


  • Question yourself. Why did I die? Was I unable to sip health elixir? Did someone roar in triumph and chop my head off? Did my health reach 0? 
  • Figure out how to avoid that in the future. A troll monk hit me for 1700 damage? Run! Am I unable to sip health? Diagnose and cure! Did he chop my head off? Run!


You're probably going to die to damage often until you're around level 70 (don't worry! That doesn't take long.) and you're probably going to die to afflictions until you learn proper curing.


Item Mall Not Strictly Cash

 You're going to need to transcend at least one of your text game skills, preferably two. You'll need about 1,700 lessons to transcend a skill, but have no fear! Starting out in Achaea is easier than ever, here are a few ways:


a. The fastest way to acquire credits is to buy them. This supports the text game and helps keep it here -- it's best (for you) to buy during credit sales, especially if you're buying 200+. 


b. The most cost-effective way to acquire credits is to use the wonderful Iron Elite subscription, which is just $25 for 100+ credits, an experience bonus, and daily lessons. It is an absolutely fantastic bargain, and a great way to support Achaea (while supporting yourself, as well).


c. Feeling creative? Enter the Bardic and Artisanal competitions! This is the world of poets, artists, story-tellers and more. 


d. Tell your friends! Invite your friends using the Iron Realms Facebook app, and you can get up to ten credits a day for every friend you invite. Not only is Achaea one of those text games that is more fun with more players, it's one of those text games where you just may end up playing for years on end -- and what can be better than sharing that with your friends?


In closing, keep in mind that the PvP in Achaea has a tremendously high skill cap, and it is a text game where literally anything is possible. You just may be the next person to develop the incredible strategy everybody in your class starts using, and everybody else changes class just to use it. Or maybe you will be the next person everybody in your city (and most other cities) look to when they need somebody dead. The great part of Achaea is the simple unrivaled potential -- never be afraid to take the first step.


Rean Moliuvia is an online PvPer who enjoys dominating the competition on Iron Realms!


I have been playing Achaea for around 10 years and I'm nowhere as good at PvP as I'd like to be. Call it laziness or a lack of coding knowledge, I tend to just hit buttons and mysteriously, people somehow die. Perhaps it has something to do with me being a dragon? 


Achaea isn't the only IRE game with a complex combat system though. Vote for your favourite IRE game and see which one wins in this bloodthirsty battle for text game supremacy!

Vote on MPOGR Vote on MPOGR Vote on MPOGR Vote on MPOGR Vote on MPOGRTears of Polaris coming soon!


I'd also like to add that new and old players alike might want to check out, it's a great resource for uploading/downloading 'scripts' to help you out.

Boy I can't wait for ToP.

MPORG resets every Saturday! We can EASILY take #1 spot for your favourite IRE game!

ToP's gonna take like forever to come out

It's gonna be like Duke Nukem Forever.

I hope not.  DNF was about ten+ years in the making and still ended up feeling rushed.  ToP is being polished to gleaming I'm sure...

Haven't got all that high hopes, but hey, miracles do happen.

It's a cool didea. The first MUD I ever played was sci fi


it is a very cool idea. :)

wakes memories...

Forever is right but for what they have in mind it sounds alot of fun and one hell of a jump for IRE to go to space. I am excited for it myself. But a system for it?? That will take some serious coders with alot of time.

We can still dream though.

it's gonna be a lot longer now.


Me neither..

ToP will be awesome!

I'm jonesing for a good sci-fi mmo

Very nice link to the scripts, time to look through some!

Looks cool.


A lot of what people are saying just... isn't true. You do NOT need arties to compete at a higher level in combat or tri-trans+(Just look at people like Zyvix/Vaehl, I know they're the same people, yes!), and you definitely don't need them to be skilled. You can use another system, and still have a great understanding of how combat works and how best to use your system. 

Svo and paving are completely customisable and they allow the user to look through the system and see how it functions. 

Svo definitely helps people get started in combat sure, but unless they have a half decent understanding of combat they're going to get destroyed by anyone moderately skilled who may be on a system that isn't Svo. The problem with something as mainstream is Svo is that if you find something that breaks one person, you've found something that will break 90% of people. 

I find a good way to look at combat is to think about your end goal, how you want to kill someone and then work back from there. Then you can think up different scenarios for depending on your opponents reaction... and work back to the start. Honestly the best way to learn, is to get your curatives, get a system or start writing your own one, and then find a sparring partner that will go at a speed that's okay for you. If anyone's in Achaea and wants to practise sometime, shoot me a message and I can try and help!

-- Vaerilin

Finally a good topic and overall nice article. But come on, 1/3rd of it about credits?

I would want more on the topic, preferably from a very experienced PvPer willing to share some of his/her knowledge and thoughts about it. What makes a very good PvPer? How to get there?

But I guess these articles, and diggs, have very different purposes here. Helping out newbies surely ain't one of them. We are already playing.

Unfortunately space is rather limited, but now that there is a basics section to refer to, there might be something a little more in-depth in the future! :)


Learning in-game is always great fun as well. If you aren't in a House yet, try joining one and joining their combat program. If they don't have one or it isn't up to par, there's actually an entire Order dedicated to Combat (HELP MATSUHAMA) -- maybe one of them can help guide you in the right direction. :)

Honestly, what makes you the best PvPer is the amount of time you spend coding your system, how good you are at coding (as in how much can you do before you reach your intellectual cap of capabilities), and how creative you are in how you handle things. All the little small improvements you make add up. 5% here, 2% there...

Hmm the inviting thing I didn't know about.

Just wait until all your friends get sick of you! I had to make new ones.

The facebook invites are not overly known about. There should be a help file made mentioning it.

I think all their games share the same major gaming system just diferent themes.

Achaean combat is really fun to get into. However, I do realize that it's not for everyone. Wish it were a bit cheaper to get into though. You have to be at least one (more than likely two) to be truly effective at it outside of group situations.

I'm two hundred and something in achaea and haven't even died 200 times (probably around 150 deaths now). haha


Regarding combat - I feel I am terrible, but it can become quite addictive and fun. I know i've tried playing other games, and found the combat incredibly pathetic in comparison!


Good article, thank you.

the best part is when the affliction system is called simple...

Pretty much. Calling combat in Achaea, or any other IRE game for "simple" is a flat out lie. There's a ton of afflictions, a ton of different cures for those afflictions, and a lot going on at once. Overly complicated is a bit closer to the truth. It can be enjoyable, but it requires a very large investment of time, money, and either more money or more time and coding knowledge in order to be a passable fighter.

I've always been too slow in combat. I get distracted by trying to manage affflictions and damage and often get overwhelmed before I can do any real harm, provided my opponents know their stuff.

I  like the challenge of trying to code my own system, but I'm nowhere near advanced enough nor do I have the time for it to be a major part of my gameplay.


Yeah, I agree. It is a little bit crazy that you can live or die based on a 0.2s lag "blip". Everything is so fast paced you miss something for an instant and you are behind.

This is why Midkemia is the only IRE game I really play. No silly potions and salves for curing. :D

MKO is probably the easiest IRE game to get into combat, IMO. Then you can move on from there once you grasp Text-based combat with afflictions to the other more complicated games.


Yeah, I'll just stick to MKO. The rest of the worlds are too big, for me. >>;;


Small = good

note that it doesn't mention the whole "needing to buy artis" part

Got to agree with Salindera here. On the other hand, it does say to buy Credits, so maybe that was included in the thought?

Credits for transing skills and credits for artifacts, sigh. Just gotta keep on keeping on, if you're not keen on spending money. Like me.

I don't think artifacts are absolutely necessary to get into pvp, unless you want to be one of the top tier


A better combatant will beat someone with more artifacts than them, definitely.

No, not defintely.

Someone that doesn't know what they're doing can't just buy artifacts and win, but enough of them will make mediocre into good.

Most of the time

I use arties mostly for hunting benefits, and notsomuch combat. I can definitely see the difference in PvP though

don't need arties


Bards are OP as is

Don't need artefacts to win.

Good summary of combat!

I for one have yet to fully understand combat. Peace...

The word has nearly become taboo!  But we'll keep mentioning them until folks realize they can obtain them without breaking their banks.  Consider it a public service to the adoring fans of Iron Realms, from adoring fans of Iron Realms. Great article, Rean, looking forward to more from you in the future. 

is the cheapest and easiest to get into. You don't need artis at all, really. Top tier or no.

Agreed. Least amount of skills to trans by a long way.


agreed with that.  Pretty much just need your main pvp skill set transed and a bit under halfway in fighting for the defenses and your set to slay pretty much anyone.  I have always wondered about the other games combat system though.  Not sure i understand what  the writer is refering to with balances for defense and offense as I was inder the impression MKO is the only one where you actually avoid damage all together with your defenses.  Are the defensive balances just for curing or do you actually dodge attacks and negate the damage and effects of said skill?

I believe he is referring to defenses as in DEFS. MKO is unique in the avoidance aspect but the others use equilibrium for mental based abilities and many defenses, including defensive abilities that either boost your damage resistance or make you immune to an affliction for a small window or any number of things like that.

With the fb app and some patience (and access to a fb account with a huge numbers of friends) you really wont have any problems with credits.

yeah, I keep saying I should get into that!

You have no idea how many you need just to trans things.

Combat in Achaea was a ton of fun, but does take a bit to get into.

Well, atleast if you payed Vadi.

Ugh Lusternia's combat is taking me a huge amount of time to get into...yuck.

The thing you forgot to mention about Achaea combat is you have to abide by a leather bound tome full of PK rules.  And half the time you kill someone they have some loop hole to get you in trouble for it.


Achaea combat is just Svo vs. Svo

There are plenty of people with their own system, and do quite well.

They'll still probably lose to Svo

Svo Curing is a great system, I agree. It doesn't make you invincible vs. those who use their own system. No offense to Vadimuses, of course.

I played Achaea for awhile, I was fairly good at the PvP but I much prefer Midkemia's.

I don't understand cambat yet, so i doubt i'd be able to get too into this one. 

The best way to understand it is to have a go. Log your fight so you can see what happened later, as the first few times everything will go past in a blur and you may not even realise you're dead for a while.

Ergh, I'm never sure about this. Do I really want to get involved in that world? The only way it's gonna happen is if I mentor a boatload of big spenders, that's for sure. My measly 1 bound credit for a daily post sure isn't getting me anywhere in a hurry.

or just get off your butt and do stuff?

That's one way to express it, though it's true!


You can make credits numerous ways, yes bound daily, you obviously posting here, also buy working in game for gold. IRE gives several ways to do it. Now is it a quick process and will it win you all those auction things thats every IRE game seems to put up now and then. probably not unless you are Lendren or Ialie (I use these names because they both knew/know how to run a buisness in their respective IRE games and could make money money money)

With all the money I've spent on random games I never play anymore, the credits I've spent on Kabaal are one of the most efficient uses of game money I've had.


And I'm almost omnitrans.

I'd like to see an article on that IRE game with skill-based curing. I can't really see how that would  work.


When it works out, let me know and I'll play!

everything feels like a waste of your time, since there is always someone willing to buy more credits then you.


Focusing your character on PvP is fine but I think the article forgot to touch upon balancing of skills. In certain instances, you might not be able to beat a certain class because of their skillset. And buying a combat system in my opinion makes you weak. You took a short cut instead of taking the time and putting something together. When you do put a system together, you learn the ins and outs of your skills and when something breaks you can fix it. Of course, most people will disagree with me because the majority of them have already bought one. That's fine as long as they don't go out talking nonsense that they got skillz.

I disagree with this, but not because I use someone elses system ,I don't - I use my own. I disagree because many people cannot do complex coding that is required for even mid-tier combat. I have never, nor will I ever, purchase or use someone elses system because they may do things or have things that I feel are pointless or I might not understand.

What you might consider simple, someone else might consider beyond them all together. Buying a system is a way around that and you don't need to code it all yourself to learn the ins and outs of combat. It's not even being lazy, some people just cannot grasp how to code, it's not something they are capable of.

It is the best way to go.


That's quite efficient and cost effective, yes.

Aye, one of the better ideas they put into place if you ask me. Credit-wise, anyway.

I like to use manual curing to learn the basics and then consider a system if I really like the character. I'm nowhere near fast enough with figuring out manual cures to successfully participate in PvP doing it and I don't know any programming beyond basic trigger-making so I'll likely consider a system.

Manualling with alias and recognizing cures is a good thing to pick up, even if you buy a system - you can keep your alias to pause and use them in retardation, for example. I understand it's not as applicable compared to buying a system, etc, but helped me build my own system / use it now.

Combat is like learning a new language there are so many different combinations of each 'verb' it's unbelievable and exciting. Yes you die a lot but so long as you take one thing away from the death that you could do better you haven't truly lost

Still attempting to learn combat in Imperian. 


I'm learning now, and it's a lot of fun.

Combat in Imperian is quite complex, doubt I will ever learn ALL of it. Quite early in, still complexity is a beast but would have it no other way!

I can't code, so there's pretty much no chance of me ever learning combat. xD

I don't think i'm ever going to fully learn combat. Theres just so many ways to kill a person.

There really is, but the skills just mesh together and seem to have a general, and normal flow to things.


pvp can be complex... and achaean complex heh

Great summary of the pvp system!

PVP is a crazy affair.

In my opinion MKO has the best PVP. I found it difficult to get into in Achaea, personally.

Well written - I don't play Achaea, but I'd like to sit down and pick through this in depth, to see how I can use it to improve my own abilities in MKO.

Ya I'm not good at pvp I'll just be honest

Buying systems will mean you are never a good combatant. The one thing all great PvPers have in common is they've learnt the game through their coding, they know X equals Y and how to avoid it through hours of painstaking bug tracking and modding.

There are so many players now who die to simple things because they put all their faith in other people's systems without ever learning the inner workings of the game.

Depends on your PvP interests and needs.  Most of the other system are good enough for group combat.

I think your words would be a little bit more accurate if you said 'entirely relying on systems'. I personally used a bought system, and I also understand the workings of the game. There's a difference between understanding how the game works and understanding how 36,000 lines of code work.

Yah actually, the better fighters don't buy systems. They make their own. I'm a terrible combatant, especially because I relied on Vadi's system, and what with people breaking it all the time, makes it unreliable.

(Not to mention I could have used my CREDITS on skills on my game -.- )

So actually, people who can spend time on coding and patience to debug and work every flaw from their system, ARE better. Part of coding IS knowing the game.

Couldn't have said it better myself. I don't care how good the system is - experienced fighters will always come out on top, not to mention that most people heavily modify their systems to their own personal tastes as well.

The majority of people in MKO use Matawa-system, for mudlet. Available for free, it is quite a handy tool. Many people have to modify it slightly to have it act a different way, but it seems pretty tight when it comes to defending and curing.

I like how MKO has fishing, it is time consuming but it does offer bound credits per rank. Do other IRE games like Lusternia, Achaea or the rest offer anything like that or is that something only MKO has done so far? If so, maybe it should be something IRE considered in all its games.

Sure it is time consuming, but you can sell the fish, get honor lines for transcending it (which some people crave so much they would do it for the honor line), and get bound credits each rank. I think it might be neat to increase the credit amount each rank since it is so time consuming. But hey. Credits are credits and they help me learn my skills or buy artifacts (someday)

As far as I know, MKO is the only one that gives credit prizes.


Imperian gives a HONOURS line for Fishing as well as a small bit of experience everytime you catch a fish. Similar to MKO it has a skill rank and you slowly level it up, making it easier to catch fish or possible to catch larger fish.

There's a rankings for each IG year / overall, for people who caught the biggest type of a certain fish. No reward as far as I know. Can sell fish for gold, deep sea being the most lucrative, from what I have seen.

I want to get in to eventually. :) But the game does seem to be highly in favor of those who have arties.

I'd have to disagree with that first statement: unless you invest a lot of credits (meaning RL money) into your character, you'll generally be outclassed by current fighters.

I have seen many dedicated players who bash for credits who get to trans all their skillsets, and in doing so they are normally well away into the 100+ range by the time they do so.


Not into PvP as a general rule. I like the iron realms rules for it as I've played in games where people gain up on a person and kill them until they quit the game.

Now talk about advanced methods of command prioritization and illusion detection.

Give me midkemian combat any day. All the same afflictions (including stupidity!), but no herbs/pipes/salves/potions. Also, no XP loss on PvP death.

This was almost an advertisement for buying credits.

A tad cynical, but credits are one of things I like about IRE games, the instant boost they give.


I'm also not sold on Achaea. Simplicity really helps and understanding of potential combinations needs to come eventually to do well, even with good paid for system.

different from Midkemia

Combat in IRE is anything but simple. It's so complicated, everyone I've tried to get involved in the games have given up on the game because combat is too complicated. Saying that "Achaea has a wonderfully simple system of "afflictions"." Is just outright a lie. Achaea and the other IRE games have complex combat systems, and the games pride themselves on that.


we just had a CTF event and i was whooped so bad. i really need some lessons in what i did wrong.

way of putting complicated combat.


An interesting article!

A shame we can't "Sticky" this article somewhere.

Bookmark it! Put it in your signature! Paint posters! ... or pester the admins hehe.

Right: The best part of Achaea is the pure potential.  And I'm not just talking about combat there.

Wrong: You forgot one very good (if slow) way to get credits: Buy them on the credit market.  And as pointed out in an earlier article, this does not make you a parasite or the like; IRE does make money when you do that.

Exactly right, especially if you pick the right class for that.

I still depends though!



Its all fun and games, specially when you get jumped by a group of people because they know they can't beat you one on one :(

pk can be fun, but when you get teamed by a hoard of people... not so much


You can always learn to pvp through using someone else's systems. A lot of the 'elitist' crowd will tell you that you have to farm up your own messages, master coding and then apply it in such a way to run an infallible system. That's just not the case. Sure, that's some people's cup of tea and some people do get off flaunting their 'system' to others. You can enjoy the game with stock whytes and perform well. You can run a slightly modded whytes and perform extremely well.


I think some of the IRE franchises are finally coming around to the fact that the games don't need to be pointlessly complex, a concept they were founded on. With the advent of generic affliction messages and skills like aetolia's ''first aid" the games will reach more people and make pvp more interesting for those people. Sure, there's going to be a higher standard for people who can apply their skills in more effective ways, but the games are always more fun when more people are involved. Unfortunately, your 'elitists' will never ever support this, it'd make it less of an E-Olypmic sport.

It matters which system you buy. Ask around before buying.

'Sif buy a system. Where's the fun in that?

Never done any PvP in any of the games, really. Too hard.

"Iron Realms flagship text game Achaea brought combat mechanics unseen or unheard of in any other game, 3d or text. "

Wait, what? Combat system copypasted from Avalon mud is  unseen or unheard of in any other game? Oh, really?

we, they only would need to bring in two new mechanics for the comment to be true. I'm sure they do that at least

Reading speed is required for combat.


how does one learn to read faster?

Practice practice practice! Did I mention practice? :D

Achaea PVP is how I learned to program stuff in a computer hehe.

Well, that didn't work out. Tried to reply to a comment above...overall a good writup though! Great job.

PvP is about as complex as you can get in any game.  In a good way

Great read!

MKO combat is the best of any IRE game. Not annoyinglly complex. More realistic. Easy to get into. Don't need tons of credits or artifacts.


MKO combat is the best of any IRE game. Not annoyingly complex. More realistic. Easy to get into. Don't need tons of credits or artifacts.


Arties tend to make it easier, but I've seen some decent combatants unartied!


Need to try this game some time >.>

Friggin' PvP. It's discouragingly inscrutable.


It's a mantra that I try to repeat everyday.

the fact that there are combat systems sold probably doesn't say good things for combat on a number of lebels

Consider that automation is an essential part of everyday life. People just don't like having to repeat things. And in a fast-paced world of dual afflictions, passive afflicting, managing multiple balances, all the while planning your offense at the same time, systems have become a necessary tool for players who don't want to be reduced to a gibbering mound of despair after ten minutes of sparring affliction classes.

wow! A reply. People actually read comments I guess.


anyhow, I have two opinions on this. The first is that you defiantly make a good point. Manual all the time would be the worst thing ever.


However, that assumes that a form of combat that requires autocuring to be good is, unto itself, a good idea

I generally read more the comments than the articles, to see if people I know write something :)



most people pretend they can beat anyone after they buy a system from someone else, then complain when they can't do anything right


hehe nice comment


Combat in achaea is really fun and addicting!

I really really really want ToP, it sounds fun. I love the sound of those religion-nutter mech guys. I'd be those.

I totally agree! Tears of Polaris looks fun and really different from all the other IREs. It would be very nice to see the game/project completed. I'm sure it will end up having a nice, varied playerbase if done well.


We can play with swords, swords, swords, or swords. It'd be neat to be a badass privateer with a gun instead of ...a sword.

we also have daggers, and cleavers, and axes, and hammers, and maces, and... bows of a few types! It's not just swords!

The thrill of building a system and constantly changing it based on some of the interesting things other people come up with to get kills is probably one of the biggest draws that keeps me logging into Achaea.

All the comments are quite like MKO vs the other IRE games, or is it just me ?


That's because the other games have very similar combat systems. MKO really is very different.

MKO is the one with skill-based curing, right? And If I may, why is Midikemia I think called MKO, when it doesn't have an O in it?

because its :)

Good article

This did not properly convey the experience of Achaean combat.


Simple... feh, no it isn't.

seriously I'm not good.

It's always fun getting credit!

Good read, Rean. Also, pretty sure these articles are not  meant to be a how-to-game novice style. 

Is the way to go if you have no prior interest in scripting, in my opinion.

There are a ton of good enough systems out there for free, use them. Quite alot of people from Imperian who knew little to nothing about coding took one of the free systems chopped it to pieces and voila. You'll be able to understand how it works and then start work on your own or just continue to use it but be able to tweak it.


Lots of people also play just for this, because it's fun building!

That's 95% of how I learned. I went, I have X from some guy, I want to do Y and X is sorta like Y so let's see if I can make it work. The other 5% is from bugging Sani on skype. Though as time goes on, I see the numbers reversing. :P

Coding sucks! I hate coding!

I remember Achaea of old. It was such a blast (I'm sure it still is). System use was shaky at best, everyone was building and learning. Tranquility was the guy to beat. A monk with those artifacts that few people really gave much attention to. Gambling was different, various skills were buggy in odd ways, the lands were smaller, the classes fewer. Serpents with good illusions, or really illusions at all, would kill 95% of the people in the game. I had tons and tons of great memories from Achaea. I moved on, drifted away and back various times, and now love playing Midkemia.


(Tears of Polaris, plox)

Imperian is better, and we have spatium now.

Having a system is only half of it - while you can mostly automate a defense, a good offense will also keep you alive. You can't really spam attacks and expect to kill anyone halfway decent.


Sounds complicated with several types of balances. I can bearly handle balance in MKO, I would just get overwhelmed in Achaea.

heh yeah. Combat is rediculous complicated to be good at but soo addicting. Just gotta keep in  mind that no matter who you are there is still someone better than you. unless you're bonko or ovid then you're just win.

I never did grasp it.


I'm just taking my baby-steps in combat at the moment, and these articles are all rather helpful. Thank you! :) 

I can't see being involved in combat but if I were, this information would be really useful

I find it sad when newbies or midbies of combat whine about publicly-available systems directly. They should take a book from the pros of their combat - who don't have such complaints. Why? Because there is skill involved. I'm in favour of Bonko's signature here:

"The system does its best to provide a level playing field, but it cannot alter the fact that some players are faster, or stronger, or more experienced than others."

... and so the fact that you have a public system available to you is a great thing - it means you have a stepping stone available to become great.

And no, dissecting your system isn't necessary to become a pro - but knowing what's going in combat, and what your system should be doing, is. Then you can fiddle with the system and adjust it to your needs, once you know what's going on.

Out of curiosity, do you see your systems as impacting one class more than another?  I notice a drastic difference in fighting people with systems compared to without as a Serpent, simply because affliction curing is so hard.

Is a page on each of the IRE games listing all afflict lines and related cures. So people can make their own curing scripts...


Crack dream, but hey :P


I have only been in the arena one time so my knowledge is really limited but with what I saw from the one class doesn't leave me much hope that I will get very good at it unless I can find a good system to help me cure.

The plethora of cures makes things rather confusing

Used to use Vodun, obssessed with rubbing dolls against people all creepy then killing them. Or was it Puppetry? I was a Jester, not sure.

Both do it.

You don't have to rub puppets against anything, just make a creepy likeness.  Not sure about vodun though.

Achaea's affliction and curing systems are one of the things that really got me addicted to its combat.

Are so much more real compared to other games, I like the feel of it and that true sense of helplessness when you're truelocked or just locked (When you don't have fitness).


Curing makes my head spin. It makes combat seem a little less stilted, and I think the system works.

Many have tried from other IRE games and failed. A few have succeeded.

Pretty nice Article, but I bet this is true for most IRE games.

Most ir games I've tried (3) have fairly complex combat from offensive moves/defensive moves to curing.  You almost need a curing systum to even keep up.  If thre are any who do everything manualy and are good I applaud you as awsome.

The ir games I've tried all have complex combat.  If anyone manualy still combats without a systum aand is good I applaud you.

I'm still learning a lot myself and it does take a lot of patience. But trial and error and (as mentioned) finding what went wrong really does benefit the player in establishing a good grasp of what you need to work on to be a better combatant. If you're not the type to get frustrated easy, PvP is a blast.




is TOO much. Too convuluted... it is ridiculous. Too fast... too much spam. Systems just encourage automation, and it all detracts from role play. I hate it.

i think that is why people made it, as you say automatied . so they could quickly get the fight over and go on with more fun stuff?

PvP is the only reason I play!

I'm of the opinion that Lusternia's combat is actually more complex, primarily because of Power and feats.

Free credit.


achaea's combat

What she said


I have still not tried to PVP properly... I finally bought the SVO curing system... which is the most important part about PVP is being able to cure yourself, but otherwise I still have not set up attacks... but I find myself procrastinating on this.

Good for another free credit


admittalbly, i have never seen another mmo that bans out of charecter comments


I really suck at Achaea combat, moslty because I didn't take the time to actually learn enough to win. I will one day. I hope so.. I simply love its complexity.


my combat sucks, trying to get my system working and then I will try to do more...

I'm glad to see others expressing dismay over combat. I don't even bother trying these days, and that gets frustrating because I feel like the in-game culture is always pushing me to become a combatant. I just want to design pretty jewelry!

Too fast, too complicated.  It hurts my head to see pages scrolling past so fast.

but combat is fun

...has a built in curing system making it much more accessible for new players to learn the complexities of combat.

Lusternia has epic group vs group battles with enough individual pvp to keep the soloists interested. I don't know much about Achaean pvp except that the basic mechanics are similar to what we have. I can't imagine it's anywhere near as in depth as Lusty though, not having the same concept of different planes, or the very complex politics, or occasional aethership shootouts, that we do.

I really need to get a better grasp on combat sometime. Great article!

Achean combat is hard, and you have to take lumps in order to learn anything. God help you if you don't have a mentor of any kind.

Not sure what they mean by the affliction system being 'simple'. Hehe.

You can't have "deep" PvP combat and keep it "simple" at the same time. There's a reason combat systems are considered more valuable than any artifact.

The only major problem i have with achaean combat is that some classes offences can almost completely be negated by artefacts where as others can't.

Artefacts negate you!

But seriously, Achaean combat has so many twists and turns, it's hard to balance it when you know someone is just going to code a system around it. To some extent, I see enterprising coders trying to make the game simpler, like WoW, when it comes to combat. It's just that they have to do that themselves.


think Lusternia is better

agree with Stuart


Midkemia offer a very different take. Which is nice

Artefacts help, mostly for the non-savvy in that you will live a little longer. I have none, and love Achaean combat, I'm not good, I don't understand anything beyond a basic strategy, but it is so much fun.

At first (especially in raids/defence) everything goes by so fast that you don't even know what to do, what macro to hit or what killed you, but with repeated exposure, some time spent colouring important things, it gets easier, and suddenly you killed someone!

the item mall isn't totally rl cash dependant, just practically so

More complex is not always better.

However, reason to why many people enjoy IRE games is because of the complexity, because this would never work in a regular mmopg. 

How different is combat in the different IREs from each other? I know that Lusternia has a different way of using some of the classes, and Aetolian has a whole different set of curing items for the undead. But are the principles mostly the same? Could practicing in one benefit your talent at combat in all five over all?

good read


Shameless credit comment.

It's pretty awesome, I get a rush from getting into a good fight The curing is a pain without them fancy curing systems though, broken limbs keep takin me down. (DAMN MONKS!!!)  

There are lots of things that will "take you down." the trick is t be a prepared as you can and to be ready to cure the next thing thrown at you which is designed to "take you down", as fast as possible. I have only played achaea but I 'll bet all the mmos have this in common.

isn't achaean combat a bit broken? or so I heard...

Its certainly a lot different then it was when I staretd playing 9+ years ago. A lot of it is a bit unbalanced (or way too artefact and omni-trans skill dependant) but I wouldn't call it 'broken'.

I'm surprised the "Item Mall Not Strictly Cash" section didn't mention being able to buy credits with gold [from other players] earned in-game.