An Iron Realms Credit Card from the Delos Credit Union?

fake credit card
While in Game Stop last weekend I overheard two store employees discussing the Gears of War 3 Retro Lancer. Despite being completely hooked on and spending most of my time in the addicting games produced by Iron Realms, even I recognized the name of this rather epic piece of weaponry. What caught my attention was this -- the point of their discussion wasn’t how much damage it could do in real life or how it might benefit soldiers in times of real war, but how much it would cost in ... Pokemon dollars.


I know, right? I thought the same thing! If it could be purchased in Pokemon dollars, why couldn’t it be purchased in online currency such as Iron Realms credits? On the drive home, everything I saw had me considering a credit to dollar exchange rate. How much would fast food cost in credits? Or my favorite pizza? Or even some big-ticket items like a new computer...or a new car! Once home, I immediately pulled my laptop from hibernation mode and visited the page detailing credit purchases for Iron Realms games, then worked out the exchange. The mean price for one credit, using all available packages on the website, is about thirty-five cents.


Iron Realms Credit Card

Given the exchange, a glass of sweet tea from the McDonald’s dollar menu would run about three credits. Know what that means? My typical lunch of a McChicken sandwich, iced tea, and a dollar fries would cost roughly nine credits. I could bash up the gold to buy lunch every day with no problem! And if I wanted to splurge and get a large Pepperoni Lover’s pie from Pizza Hut, it would cost around 29cr. Not too shabby, especially if splitting the cost with friends.


I admit to being hooked on these addicting games, but polling players from all five of the ones produced by Iron Realms showed that I’m not alone. Each one of them agreed that if the option existed, playing an online game for the purpose of buying things in real life would only make them want to play more! Here is the exchange rate breakdown of some other items, based on what other players said they’d purchase if credits were a legitimate commodity for real life. (You’ll find prices rounded up to the nearest whole monetary unit.)

Create a Character


As you can see from the list, some of the items are practical, while others would take ages to save up for, regardless of the commodity used to buy them. In a perfect world, people who play the addicting games from Iron Realms would be able to use in-game gold and credits to play for whatever they desired in real life. I certainly wouldn’t mind it! Until my dream of a wifi connection that spreads to the furthest reaches of a private island comes true, you’ll find me bashing up a stockpile of credits in my favorite addicting game from Iron Realms. Hope to see you there!


Penelope Swain is a text game enthusiast who enjoys text games from Iron Realms!


posting so I can be first.


Funny concept, good read

and lol at the die set and dnd handbook. THough where are you finding dnd books for 23 dollars?

someone stalks this website more than I do O.O

its those damn addicting games

they're so..addicting



so so so so so addicting.


true story :)

Which edition, and new/used?


heck, even used it would have to be older then 3.5, unless you get lucky with ebay

You'd think the 2nd ed main rulebooks would begin going up in value as collectors' items soon :)

except the supply still waaaay outmatches the demand. People switched editions for a reason

I got a DnD 4.0 Players guide/DM Guide/ Monster Manual off of Ebay. 

oh, I'm so sorry. You poor, deprived, non-3.5 playing person. There is still hope. Come back to the light before it is too late

There is never hope.

Fourth edition makes me sad. So, so very sad.

Yea 4th edition, though I haven't played in a few years.  I do have all the books for 3.5. 


For the love of god not 4.0, 4.0 almost ruined Dnd.....

Clearly you're looking at it all wrong. 4.0 didn't RUIN D&D, it's just not the same game at all. 3.5 was the last version of what anyone would recognize as D&D. 4.0 isn't a bad game, it's just not the spiritual successor to D&D that we all wanted.






interesting read to say the least

Some odd comparisons but an interesting way to look at it all. Heh.

I concur.

For sure!

I concur.

Really puts into prespective how truly inexpensive the IRE credits are.




(Market): Iora says, "Selling my Mexican island for 5 million credits, send tells."

Eep costly!

Looks like Prasset Isle finally has a price tag! (Kidding?)

nice :P



  Haha, point there :D


Haha, well played.

Cute article and the table is interesting. Thank you!

Very humorous

The table is the best part.

But, now EVERYBODY is gunna want a Mexican island. >.>


I know right!!



if only that could happen lol

I want money!

It would be nice if I could just bash away to get everything I wanted, even if it involved saving up for a long time...

For my personal abilities I have calculated even if I could sell the credits I earned bashing for real money I would be earning less than minimum wage.


I had it explained to me, but basically you can't bash fast enough. Credits are so cheap and it takes so long to get the gold it'll never happen. A 30c credit is super low % of $8/hr. 3.75%


So, you'd have to get 27 credits an hour to beat minimum wage.

In Imperian gold, thats a little over 400k gold an hour!

400k gold an hour would be possible say... Aspect Malignists with the available relevant artifacts should be able to pump out that much gold (In theory hitting Iaat/Gongen/DP/etc  Level 3 crit pendant not stopping for healing etc)

This. Bashing kinda sucks, but if I could make an IRL fortune off of it... yeah.

Apparently I could have bought a louis vitton bag.. I think I'll stick to the credits

i think that was the movie i watched... this article made me think of that...their exchange currency was time

"In Time" with Justin Timberlake and Amanda Seyfried!

This would be rather scary though if people bashed to eat real food. We'd have no newbies since the areas would be all bashed out and they'd just all die of hunger whilst the big bashers live the good life!


But it'd be nice to be able to turn game time into my next meal... though at the same time I worry that it would take the fun out of it.

yes, Absolon it was... sorry no Justin Timberlake in  it... well not that I noticed



enjoyment vs cost.  Not just video games, but a steak vs taco bell.

Now I want some Taco Bell. And now that I have the IRE app for my Android phone, I can log in while waiting for them to microwave my order. LOL Me? Addicted? Nahhhh.


nice chart!


Agreed, was cool to see :P

It's 'addictive,' not 'addicting.'

Anyway!  We're all just living Ron Paul's dream of competing currencies.

Amen on the 'addictive'. Maybe it's just my non-American status, but I've always been taught that 'addicting' was terribly, terribly incorrect. 


Eh, anyway. Kind of distracting on a clever article. :) 

Shouldn't that be distractive? :P


Fun article, and the idea of being able to get some IRL perk out of playing a game is cool but I think the IRE games would then soon turn into gold farming communities, which would seriously take the fun out of them.

This and "I could care less" really irk me.

Didn't Trey do this once? "I'll send some (I don't remember how many) credits to you if you have a pizza delivered to my home?"

Yeah, and I think he offered a forging contract for so long for food once too.

Yea I heard about Trey getting chinese food ordered for him with credits before. Kind of funny.

I feel like if I could find someone to pay money for my credits, I would be doing A LOT more bashing than what I currently do.

Interesting chart!

And so are we going to set up an e-bay for it? Haha

I have lots of posting to do to save up for that nice tv!

TV Credit for me!

...and another!

Possibly next time there could be a 'credit' card where we tap them to pay for stuff.

Very cool indeed!

Yes, I'd like to purchase an artifact Big Mac.

I'm not sure I want to consider the consequences of that.

i would bet that there is at least one person who has had enough credits to have bought that studio apartment in NYC.

Cain def. comes to mind on this.

Oh my god, what a nerdy and awesome article! Hahah, I love it. Great job.

Maybe you could look into a cheaper apartment in Jersey or Philly, commute and spend the difference in credits.

That sounds along the same lines as justifying credit purchases by comparing it to smoking...

With all the credits I've bought with RL cash, I could buy... 20 gallons of gas. Though with all the credits I've earned in game, then I'd be getting up to iPad 2 territory. But I suppose most of those are bound...



someone is addicted

fascinating way to put some things in perspective for sure, interesting read

Maybe I should found the first international bank of Achaea.Turning Credits into RL good since... some time :P

Yeah, pretty sure that's against the IRE terms of service. Not to mention US law. Sorry.

Terms of service? Maybe, Im too lazy to check (or to do this) But Legaly US wise? Its legal.
examples include Second Life, or perhaps ANY IG currency reseller. The key is you are marketing a good, not a currency. (and if marketing a "currency" good was illegal, say goodbye to stocks/bonds or perhaps the precious metal trades. Not all legal financial transactions are done in legal tender. ) 

Yeah, totally would pay 5M Credits IG for my own little island near Bondero.

I wonder how much Celest would sell the Isle of Light for?

Ironically, someone (Xenthos?) now owns an island in the inner sea, and it cost them much less than 5million credits.

I know other games you can exchange in game currency for cash. I can say to my dad, I'm not goofing off, I'm making money on the side to pay for my house. :P

Over 5,000,000 credits....just  when you thought 200 was a lot.-_-


Yeah, less than minimum wage sounds about right. A lot less.

I suppose that you would make more money by selling systems, no ?

(btw thanks Raelyr, hehe)

those system sellers could really make a decent amount of money with their sale credits!

I've seen a website where you could pay for a system with paypal ...

Well, I know I will be saving for an island..

I just want one for commenting. :P




I like free credits.


No, really.


Should I be surprised that nobody else comments to this thread?


I'll just take the island and retire. 

Taking a peek at the credit market, a 'cheap' credit is 10k on a good day. So for that nine credit lunch, you're looking at bashing up 90k each day. Uhm, yeah, seems like there's better ways to spend your time.

I guess this would lead to greathunt scenarios, where everyone is bashing for gold, everything is hunted out, and more agressions related to hunting areas. And ranting: Can't buy lunch because a dragon cleared my area."

Getting my 35 cents for a comment. Four more days and I can buy a loaf of bread.

So basically, a Veil of the Sphinx is pricier than an iPod2 :)) Yeah, I can see that.

well, hardly just "basically." If you own a veil, you either have spent the time to work for an ipod or spent the cost of one

I'd rather have the Veil IRL than an iPod 2 :)

...the article is from someone totally addicted! However, considering the financial crisis, "real" money are virtually enought to me!

think about all the items that have been auctioned off, for even more price fun

Hmm... I can't see it happening. It would be as bad as getting people hooked on crack. If playing a video game contributed something to society as a whole, sure. Playing a video game nonstop to obtain a currency which you'll use to keep your physical body going would just contribute to the increase of obesity and a quick 'game over' which I guarantee is permanent...

That's a tad morbid, I don't think it would be that bad. There is the example of WoW gold farmers for the less negative extreme though. I would love if there were enough people that some transaction like that was viable.



A very cool concept.

I read Game Informer, too!

LOL I thought of that article, too! When I went back, this one was totally different. The Game Informer article compared in-game item prices to real-life item prices. (For instance, if using Achaea it might've compared a cup of kawhe in Achaea versus a Starbucks' vanilla latte. Which, is a whole other addiction, but I digress.) Either way, both were fun reads, IMHO. :)

I stand corrected.

IRE, pay me money for my FB credits please, I need a job :(

Sometimes I feel bad when I buy credits, because I think of all the other things I could have bought with that money... But I think out of most of those things listed, I'd rather have the credits!

Probs should get help for that.

when I think of the money I have spent on credits... No wonder we are addicted. We can't let all that investment go to waste.

same here!

Love this article

lol everyone would be playing IRE. hmmmmm advertising idea?

lol everyone would be playing IRE. hmmmmm advertising idea?

Isn't that what FB credits are for?

Definately an interesting way to look at the situation. I would have to wait to get a happy meal though until I get the band for my blade though.

I've been converting currency into credits and vice versa for years.  Interesting to know that a brand new car costs about 70k credits...I bet some people are kicking themselves.

I'd still rather pay in US dollars since I'm so credit poor and it takes me so long to earn credits in game :P

It would all still be converted to US dollars, no worries!

So does that mean i'll be asked cash credit credit or debit now?

Being from (and living in) another country, I used to do this a lot to justify to myself buying credits (credits->dollars->local coin). What I didn't knew were prices for some common items, like McDonald's lunch. I find rather interesting how some things could end up being quite cheaper if I could buy them with IRE gold rather than using my credit card.


weird article, but ok

What are pokemon dollars? Also, if we can use them to buy a reteo-lancer, can you use them to buy IRE credits?

If they are currency in Pokemon games like I think they are it would be just as possible as switching credits between iron realms games (which happens occasionally, MKO has several forum topics about it).

Yes please. I imagine it to work like this;

You swipe your iron realms credit card

If you have the credits available on your character then the credit card transaction is completed

If you don't have the credits available then you go into a negative balance at which point you owe IRE. You can either bash up the credits and pay back within a time frame or you can purchase credits off the site.

Bankng on total world economy collapse before this happens, sadly.

Powels Books, D&D handbook, 10.50 used.




Fun Read

Good Article!

10 seconds to digg an article and write a comment: 2 credits

An interesting read. Also, I like the name 'Penelope'.

I'm intrigued by that IRE credit card. Not that I'd use one.

whow.. i just realized that an Ipad 2 is cheapper than a Veil! ._.

Credits are really hard to get IG, especially when the Economy is low. If I had monies, I'd rather pay in dollars.

months promo is only a day away!

Nice, can I trade in all my credits for an ipad then :P


want one of those cards

me too!

it's hard to contribute to this article via comment

i never thought it would be allowed to sell other people credits for real money. is it? And if it isn't, is it all right to trade things for credits--like a die set?

Would IRE consider doing this? It would cause the economies of the games to go into a severe recession, would it not? There would be less currency circulating in the game worlds, therefore a recession. You'd get the value of gold climbing, steeply, in relation to the value of credits, I imagine, as people tried to buy credits with gold to fund their Netflix subscription or whatever. And you'd get the WoW phenomenon, with people farming gold to use to get real goods. Seems like a recipe for unhappy customers.


Also, addicting with italics sounds affected. How about "addictive", no italics. Have you been told to use this catchphrase for search engine optimization? Bleh.

Addicting sounds a bit sinister to me! Addictive does sound more positive, maybe because it's used more often.

scary :o

I am almost surprised that there isn't a credit/gold exchange for IRE games already. Though I might just be out of the loop. I could certainly imagine a time where major game companies provided credit card services, and would probably give discounts for people to max their credit limit on in-game purchases. Wal-Mart and every other chain does, why not Blizzard.

While this idea is funny I'm creeped out that some of us are taking this seriously :/

1001 and uses, all this does is drive the market up :)

This was rather funny, I laughed quite a bit XD Thank you for the article!


I used to trade my cheap duplicate Pokemon cards to this kid if he would buy me a lunch. Thing was he would. He was so obsessed with Pokemon he was taking like energies and digglets. This was like... fifteen years ago?

Now if only I could apply such a system to my current gaming trends. 

Which game market do you think would be most efficient for earning the credits?

That's...tragic. I kinda wish I had known somebody like that.

I found huge stack of old cards the other day, you see.

Haha, I highly doubt he is the only one though

Commenting to get free credit, so I can go out and buy lunch.

I love that comparison table

It's too bad there's not some kind of inter-game currency exchange because I had the most Zorkmids in the recently defunct (and crap) Legends of Zork "game..."

I don't see this happening.

Could I get 30% off on that 82' TV please?

If only I could purchase everything with gold and credits from IRE. That would be awesome. I'll be a bashquester4lyfe. Except this is something that will never happen. D:




I laughed. What does that means?

This would be a real offshore account for certain


The problem with this is that if you can convert credits for cash and have them be fully convertible, would it just be a secondary market and have players or brokers buy and sell them or would they be a fully convertible currency. Problem with having it be a fully convertible currency would be that IRE could go, we now have a million more credits, dollars please. Also, nom, nom, nom free credit.

addictions like this are beneficial


I would throw myself off a cliff if ANYONE could get 5mil credits and then sold them for an island.




(Free bound, yay!)

I would pay 40 credits for a snuggy...

You make me sad

If IRE credits were usable as currency, IRE games would become more of a second job than it already can be.

So true.

It'd never happen, so I dunno this was even written, really.

So one tri-trans character is worth a netbook? A tradeskill is worth 10 gallons of gas?

Quite interesting

As some already mentioned you don't HAVE to buy anything. You can as well just win events / bash / quest / whatever. Fairly simple to get at least tri-trans and whatnot with just that. Granted, those who want it -now- has a way :)

Are they paying the writers of these articles to over use this?  We get the point.  When you use it too much, it starts to sound scripted, and therefore loses all effect.

2018 is far, I'd be damned if I'm still playing. :o

Already planning your exit strategy?

I, for one, welcome our new IRE overlords.

This reminds me of what some games are doing today: allowing you to convert virtual stuff (stuff being in-game money, items, objects), to actual cash. This model may work for some, but in games like an RPG or MMORPG in this case, I think it would require some extra attention.

Mostly, I can see players setting up scripts to hunt for them. Now, I don't claim to know how much this is already done, but just imagine how it would be if you could make some cash with it!


There is also the inability for people to separate the real world from these games. I can only hope I wouldn't hear people bragging about the money they've made from the game.

Here's food for thought. Get 1 billion gold in Lusternia, and that equals roughly 30k USD, so you get that Honda Civic and you have 4k extra.

Come with aircon?


I do enjoy doing this far more than make it so

but with Chinese farmers as well.  This may lead to the way the World of Warcraft economy operates.  If there were dedicated farmers that bought credits with gold, they could potentially open a website and sell gold/credits for real money for cheaper than what Iron Realms offers.  

To circumvent the sale of credits via these farmers, when a purchase of credits of made through "CFS", the credit becomes bound so the farmers cannot sell the credits.  BUT, that doesn't stop them from selling gold, which in turn can purchase credits.  

It would definitely be interesting to see how that would all pan out.



I'd probably never leave my computer if I could make money playing Achaea. ._.

Maybe I should sell my island then, so I can do better in Achaea.

Meese = money! I knew it.

The described concept is interesting, but could backfire on the users. If credits were used to buy RL objects, then you probably could also SELL these objects in order to get credits... Now that could be dangerous for some of the most addicted players.

Sure, they can sell their stuff and buy credits for the money already but it's not that easy, as it would be if credits were the used currency;)

As bad as it is, I can totally imagine people selling all their possessions so they could get a veil and soulpiercers or something, all the lv 3 arties for their ps3 xbox360 and just left with a shell of a room but living it up on achaea.

Interesting chart.

Good one

The bestest

That's... a pretty amazing line of thought you've worked up there! Kudos for taking the time to work on the charts, and it would be interesting to see. What with people willing to dish out actual money for virtual goods--I personally bought credits just the other day--it'd be lovely to see it work the other way around, with...out getting into illegal gold farming or some such thing. It's a lovely dream, at the very least!

Will it ever happen?

There's already trading reflex bundles for credits. it's still in-game (ish), but not done by IRE.


Sadly, a lot of players don't live in USA or UK and suchlike and have to pay a lot more to buy credits. It would cost me an arm and a leg now to purchase the argument can only be directed to those types of countries. I suggest IRE cater for developing countries, in the name of social responsibility.  


In many ways this articly talks about an IRE credit card that you would load your credits onto first, It's a great idea and the IRE could very well make money off it, but i wouldn't see it being possible as it not easy for a company to make money off a few hundred people having these sort of things. I still agree with it in some way since i figure most currencies with converge into digital money which you could very well refer to as credits as this a good reference. With all the recessions taking place countries will eventually be enforced tto uphold one currency to sustain the economy, but unfortunatley not for a very long time because countries and companies make money because of the variations in currency.

I'd definitely try the idea of course if it were to happen.

Living off playing a game would be the ultimate!

I thought I liked ir games but, this proved there are worse adicts than myself.

Definitely would be very interesting to play a game and live life because you do play this game!!

I don't make enough in credits for this to help me.  Damn you all and your insatiable credit making abilities.

This is a really interesting idea. If it were a real-life thing, it wouldn't work for everything, but there could be deals struck with some companies to allow it.

I want to buy an island with IRE credits. that would be just sweet, and it would further my goal of becoming the firs white president of Mexico

An... interesting concept.

Will it give me bonus credits on purchases?

Don't remind me how much I spend on Achaea.

Sign me up! Free credits lol

If this goes in, I will be the first to sign up. Yes please!

I would love to see a card from Iron Realm that offered credits as a reward program!





sadly, the Ipad 2 costs less than some artifacts.

Yep, and this is what bothers me. It feels wrong to spend so much on a game. I'm used to games costing you only a set amount per month and everyone gets the same benefits though.

Yep, and this is what bothers me. It feels wrong to spend so much on a game. I'm used to games costing you only a set amount per month and everyone gets the same benefits though.

Interesting thought!

It is an interesting thought, and I might actually sign up with that company! -laughing-

Putting IRE behind the world's economy sounds like a great idea.


The chart is pretty nice indeed, but... would they customise the HDTV or the other stuff for me if I threw in a silver token, too?

Would we be able to bash for gold to in turn purchase such credits so I can buy my own island? If so, looks like I got a long ways to save....

for all the logosmas shopping

Interesting idea, but no.

I lost mine yesterday, actually!

I lost mine yesterday, actually!


I wonder how many orcs I would have to kill in order to buy a new car?

I would love to see an Iron Realms CC where instead of cash back you earned ingame Credits.



That's all I have to say.

This would be amazing but I can see people abusing it with credit promotions, paying for 300 credits for instance and getting 420 with a 40% bonus

very funny!

it'd be fun to see stuff that are in the IRE games, in real life!! perferable like custum mounts and mage pets!! lol

Well considering the likes of Second Life and people farming for gold in WoW in China...this can be oddly plausible...difficult, but plausible.

Haha. I wish it worked like that.

Those comparisons are scaaary...but I guess if you spend a few years working on anything at all you come out pretty far ahead.



Very unusual concept and to be honest, unappealing since it would be FAR below what would be considered minimum wage where I live, particularly in Lusternia (12.5k gold per credit at present ><)


Fun idea, but i shudder at the thought of the farming hordes


I thought maybe this was going to be about an IRE credit card with a rewards program that earned credits.

While it would definitely be a niche market, it would be viable, even if it was done through prepay credit cards (Fill your card with $100 and get 20 credits or something along those lines)


I don't know what sort of cut third party companies get, so I don't how how effective it would be in the long run.


haha, would be funny to see happen


I wish that it could really be possible, but logically thinking if you break it down, that would never work. Save for maybe the prepaid idea, and that wouldn't be worth it because of third party's cut. IRE would have to pay out money for all the credits you used to buy real life merchandise. and since most of the credits on the market come from player purchases, each credit would be closer to 5cents then the original suggestion of 35cents if they did want to make it possible without prepay. Because if they did, they would have to make a profit since the credit market is a large part of the IRE's funding if I'm not mistaken. On top of that, the remaining credits on the market come from rewards for things like, the bardic and artisinal awards each month, or the runner up prizes in the seal challenges every year in lusternia for example. Plus some of the credits paid for by players are actually alot cheaper then the package's original price since they often have various credit sale's ranging from 10% to 40% (based on my personal clear memories. could be higher but I can't say i remember seeing it higher.) so the IRE's profit is reduced even more, so for them to maintain a profit large enough to maintain the game's and further expanding of the company, the value of a credit would be really low. 5cents would be a pretty low, but even that seems like it would likely be hard to sell.


My conslusion is that, the idea is only possible with prepaid, and prepaid would be too pricey. you'd pay $10 per load and get maybe 5 credits. making the idea very unworthy of the cost. none of us would really use it. and every company you could pitch the idea to, would quickly reject the thought, knowing that their profit margins would be too low to put in the effort and cost of getting started.


But thats just my thought! hehe XD







If only! I would soon, however, alienate all my family and friends!

Not quite the customer base needed for it.

Funny article!

How about a benefits card that you hand in when buying things and lets you save up credits, with being able to cash them in at certain intervals? Or maybe the ability to use points for certain stores to buy credits with. Ofc this would mean IRE entering in some exchange program with those stores.

See, this just gives me the right to buy 23 credits a month instead of watching netflix, and not have to feel bad.

You know you're addicted when...

Where do you bash?

yeah, this'll work.