Optional Subscriptions in Item Mall MMOs

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One of the most frequently asked questions about the games produced by Iron Realms is this: How much does it cost to play? These sandbox MMOs are actually free to play. Absolutely FREE! Forever and ever, no strings attached. Every player in each of the totally addicting games by Iron Realms has equal opportunity for their character to gain the highest level of experience, skill learning, etcetera as the next one.


While some are content to earn everything from within the game, never using outside resources to benefit from extra bonus features, other players desire to significantly improve the characters they play at an accelerated rate. Players of such addicting games are most likely to benefit from an Iron Elite membership, a subscription program that provides special services including daily lessons, monthly credits, a permanent credit bonus, and increased XP gain! Even if you aren’t an addict, besides the obvious perks the subscription program has several other appealing factors.


Addicting Games With No Reward Overload

Other companies make the mistake of bogging their patrons down with rewards overload! Or worse, they require recurring or minimum purchases for a lame prize at the end of the promotion. Some companies are able to find a happy medium between offering a discount and awarding recurring purchases with prizes. For instance, my local convenience store introduced a frozen Arctic Rush Mountain Dew over the summer. Every time I filled my car up with gas I was buying one. So when they began a promotion that not only offered a discount on the drink, but gave me each eleventh one perfectly free, of course I signed up. It’s a win-win.

Create a Character in the most addicting games now!


The cool thing is, an Iron Elite subscription isn’t that much different. It delivers instant gratification every month with a constant stream of bonuses for both the players and their characters. Each RPG player who subscribes to the addicting games enjoys the same basic package of benefits, adding up to a near forty percent discount on the value of credits alone. Long-term Iron Elite members also enjoy cumulative bonuses that reward with an automatic increase in monthly benefits.


No Hidden Fees Equals Cool Games

The cost to participate in the Iron Elite program is a flat rate of $24.99 per month. But wait, there has to be a charge for transferring credits between characters, or for cancelling early, right? Wrong! Do the RPG games make up for it by nerfing realm-wide credit or other promotional sales? No way! The boon is that these rewards stack with realm-wide promotions like credit sales and experience-gaining events like PvP combat tournaments and realm-wide hunting adventures. And it’s just one charge per month. That’s it!  


The only thing Iron Realms asks in return is this -- play fair. Don’t be a cheater and abuse their policies.  Don’t abuse the Elite membership and ruin it for other Iron Elite members. Few can argue with that kind of logic.


No secrets in the fine print

All information about Iron Elite subscriptions is spelled out both on the website and as a help scroll in each of the addicting games. Advantages to help develop your character as well as additional benefits from any promotions Iron Realms Entertainment offers are fully detailed! Lesson, credit, and experience bonuses are each clearly explained in their own subsection within the informational articles. And if players still have questions, Jeremy Saunders, president of Iron Realms Entertainment, invites them to email him personally! And best of all, unlike some other gaming companies, downloading any kind of extra system to play is completely optional. For those who wish to go this route, Iron Realms even goes above and beyond, providing support  for using them!


You may be thinking, so what’s the catch? There are no catches or obligations! Players asked for a way to expedite ways to enjoy skills and addicting game content afforded at the higher levels, but without spending a real life fortune on in-game currency. Iron Realms showed they were listening and delivered this rather lucrative opportunity that respects the sagging economy at an affordable monthly fee.


The next time you make a few bucks from an eBay purchase or you find yourself with birthday loot, why not treat yourself to a month’s membership in the Iron Elite program? Regardless of which game you play, after signing up for the first month of membership payment is recurring until the player cancels the Iron Elite subscription. Whether you're new to the many MMORPGs produced by Iron Realms, why not try it for a month? For less than the cost of a tank of fuel you play with exclusive perks and still afford lunch off your favorite dollar menu!


Penelope Swain is a text game enthusiast who enjoys the most addicting games from Iron Realms!


Is SO worth it :D



I agree!

Heck yes.

Definitely worth it


I agree. It's a great deal.

Best thing ever.

Def worth it!

Yeah, price wise it's totally worth it...still debating it though.

If you play regularly, I'd say go for it.


I can't afford to put in eventhat much every month. Perhaps in the near future though...

Honestly what won me over was the lessons. I always seem to come up short there, and they can always be used for something. Miniskills or tradeskills or something nice like that.

Really, it is.

Haha, I don't think anybody here would disagree.

I agree. A great value!

The savings alone make ELITE membership worth it. Did I mention potentially 25% more xp as well? The xp alone sells me on this and I don't even bash a ton heh

Have to completely agree.

agree I love it!


the 25% xp bonus alone is worth it if you're a serious basher

Especially if you have novice level alts, BIG help

Heh, I see you so much on Ashed, how many alts do you have time for?


he's brilliant

I see.


Seems like that would make it a good deal!


I love waffles



Once you cap your level though what does the extra exp help? Just in case you die I guess? Been wondering what to do with myself now that I can't level more.


Yeah, the cushion is extra nice...but I honestly think they'll be something bigger than dragon in the future so why not keep bashing for it?

Is there a level cap?

Not in Achaea there isn't. it just keeps getting slower and slower, and you hit a cap in critical hits at 100, Health starts adding up, though.

I heard certian things were going to cost experience to get/use but then never saw anything with that.


Health/Crits stop at 100, but the actual level keeps going up forever and ever as far as I can tell.

Empty promises. :(

In aetolia the extra XP gives you points to build on your haven.

It'd be awesome to have the constant credits, I can see Areth getting proceedingly more awesome if it happend. :) 

Yea I've gotten it!

me too!

Best deal ever.


That said, why do so many articles lately handle IRE being not expensive? Are we being pushed to doing something mysterious? :P


Buy credits instead of replying to get one for free?

To be honest, I think it may have something to do with that while IRE is free to play, you need to spend either an inordinate amount of time to get credits (market prices are rather... obscene if you ask me) or to buy it instead. And sometimes you just can't wait or have the diligence to bash brainlessly for a few days just to get the gold to buy credits.


For patient (or poor) people like us, the freebies make us stick around and give us hope.



Even though players who spend credits will always be able to advance faster, those players who play for free are able to get credits/lessons relatively consistently.

I agree, I calculated that if I saved gold from bashing, I could probably buy 2 or 3 credits a day, and that's not counting city credits or house credits.

Ah, so true...

It's really dificult to play this game on a budget... it's a little bit depressing.

Heh, not really! I started playing Achaea in the first place because I was flat broke. It wasn't until after a year or so of consistent playing that I ever put money into the game.

To me, the articles handling IRE not being expensive are a reminder that in today's terrible economy, there's no real need to go out and spend a ton of money on other games when IRE has five to choose from, and they're all free to play. Yeah, you can choose to pay for perks, but there are so many ways to get credits for free (this comment, for example) that even if you did choose to sign up for Iron Elite, or buy credits, etc. it would still be cheaper.

Not sure about the other IRE games, but in Achaea all artefacts are available for credits. You can buy them in the game, with gold. Playing to get gold is free. Now, compare that to @#$%ing Farmville by Zynga. All the best ponies are available only with credits, which can only be purchased with real money. Sure, I bought their credits a few times, but once the pony is in the fence reserved for all the best ponies... nothing. I just get to look at it. It might spit out a few gold coins once every so many hours. Big, fat, hairy deal. Meanwhile I'm sitting on millions of gold coins that are useless since they it's credit-only to upgrade the size of the stupid farms.

I'll choose IRE credits any day, over Zynga's. They're not only affordable, but also versatile. You can use them to either buy cool stuff (like a pink pony that not only IS A PINK PONY but can actually interact with my character since it's also a mount) or trade them up for other commodities like lessons, gold, or crowns. IRE has the better deal, IMHO.

Good read.

So worth it. Too bad I'm teh poor.

When your ship comes in... :)

In a literal sense for me. Going to the Navy.

The tokens of the creator and bound credits are great.

Oo what's a token of the creator?

It's an Imperian thing. They get 2 a month for elite membership, can buy "token only" artifacts with them. Usually small things, like vanity pets and market stalls.

Yay good customer service!




Really is good value.

The Iron Elite membership is the perfect deal, also for people like me who has huge RL commitments. It keeps your character safe, the monthy lessons are super. And you are not foced to buy extra credits. Very good for both the players and the company.

The elite membership is a true treasure to the game. But I wouldn't compare it to a tank of fuel (Try Swedish stations! That's like 120 bucks!) Anyway, instead of that, skip that candy, don't buy yourself some beers and voila! 
Awesome awesome deal!

I resisted IRE for a long time, but it's the best way to get up to decent might if you have the bit of money and are willing to wait.

I love my Elite. It's worth way more than 24.99 so it's more than worth it.

Don't give them any ideas!

It's $24.99, yep!

Worth spending money on.


Elite rules!

I really need to re activate my iron elite.

what it is about... 25 dollars is a lot though.

It is awesome

I love being an iron elite! Great rewards for not much money!

Me: I love Iron Relams, they are awesome.
My Wife: Yeah, and the best thing about them is that they are free.
Me: Yeah I love that it is free.
My Wife: So how much have we spent playing Iron Relams this last 18 months again.
Me: Around £4000
My Wife: LOL

Free as a bird in a cage.

This is awsome! My wife is not in RPG anyhow. Sill it's fun to hear someone who has that luck!


... that you two had that conversation IG too...

Hilarious, haha.  It is great that you have IRE in common. :)  I've tried to convince my wife to create a character.  I may get her to, yet, hehe.

It's definitely worth more than $25

It's the best deal in IRE

Agreed wholeheartedly

I jumped on this offer the day it came out. Haven't looked back.

OK How does one cheat by having an elite membership. I didn't get that part of the article?

It was more a matter of somehow exploiting the system.  I think that is more a coverall term in case someone does find out how to exploit it rather than there being known ways to do so.

You're not entirely wrong, but it's a business model that does seem to work.

As soon as my finiacial situration is resolved I am so there.

The elite membership is definitely worth it.  Been a member for a while now.

It certainly sounds like it, I plan on giving it a shot. Eventually..

The Elite Membership is probably the best promo that IRE has ever offered. While I agree with most of the article, there are a lot of hidden costs if you look at it for five minutes. The buy in to suck at PVP is pretty high. The buy in to do relatively well at PVE is relatively low, but still requires a large investment of time or the investment of 3 months of Elite. I don't really think this is a bad thing, because it pays the bills.



If you enjoy playing the game for x amount of time, twenty-five bucks is a pittance and provides more enjoyment than any $60 dollar console game.


Very worth it.


Sounds like its good if you have the money to pay for it.

If I could afford to  get it... I so would D:

As mentioned before, the Iron Elite experience boost is fantastic for people who want to level up quickly. The credits can help you trans skills or buy artefacts and the straight xp boost makes the levels go by faster. Totally worth the price for the hours of enjoyment I get from IRE games.

I used to have one, let it lapse for a while. Hoping to pick it back up again soon.


I tried to Digg this yesterday and it wouldn't let me. I got my comment credit yesterday though. I suppose with the Dig stuff, it takes a while to kick in or be set for the new days article or some thing. Good to know. :)


the article is the current 'digg' article. To be on the safe side, only use www.ironrealms.com/digg

Sounds like a deal.

I count 11 uses of the word "addicting" in there. Aren't addictions usually a bad thing?

It does seem like an odd term to use. Probably true though, but it won't kill you like whiskey and crack.

Perhaps that is desired impression, that addiction be viewed as a good thing in this context. Which I suppose it is comparatively.

Depends on the substance!

good deal.



very soon, i'll be able to afford the membership...i deffently plan to get it once i get a better job....

I've got it - It seems pretty logical if you want to seriously get into Achaea and realize you'll need credits. Between that and the credit sale this month though I've got to cool it on purchases for awhile.

hard to compete with free so i won't be subscribing any time soon


one day down the road it might

It would be on Iron Elite.

<3 it

I think it's worth it, and I would go for it if I wasn't so poor...Shame there aren't several different tiers of it.

worth it for sure

love it.

It'd be nice to be able to get an additional Iron Elite subscription to another game for a discount of some sort. Or maybe paying more monthly for multiple game accounts. Not another $25 of course. $50 is too much for two games

The Iron Elite membership is hugely valuable, and definitely something I'd recommend.

I've used it for one month, and it certainly helped. I wish it didn't auto-renew, although cancelling it was easy enough.

I intend to get this shortly, unfortunately even that little bit of cash I dont have to spare at the moment

You and me both. Woe is us!

The elite membership is 100% worth it. 

I want to be an elite but my parents are so paranoid about online games :(

I'm new to Lusternia but I really like what I am playing so far. I'm building a system and everything! I bought some credits recently and the Elite might be good to go with. Thanks for reminding me, Digg article. :)

Iron Elite is the best value for money you can get...all around awesome!

Sorry, can't afford it. Maybe if there was a 'mini elite' subscription that was $10 a month.

I think it is a perfectly good trade-off for older players that really don't have the time to spend 12 hours a day like the young bucks. Playing for a couple hours a week with a bit of a benefit is reasonable to keep up with the die-hard players.


I have been thinking about getting this.

No recurring fees for a lame prize at the end? Good sir or madam, clearly you were not around for the very beginning of Imperian's token system :P


My comment here is gone? :/

Then how am I replying to it?

Censorship? :P

I want it. I want it SO BADLY IT HURTS

It was always going to happen eventually, it is an excellent way of makeing money very jelaous of the exp bonus though.

...after college and I get a good job I'm sooo getting this :)




Good read.


The perks do sound appealing when put like that.

The Elite thingy is totally worth it


I think so too.


Iron realms is really good at what they do, they get us all coming back for more and continuing to pay for their highly addictive games even when there is no need to and you can get everything with a bit of work.

I think this is an awesome idea and want to know why it didn't come out sooner!


It gives those with the means the ability to get what they want quicker without taking away from the others that don't mind grinding for what they get.

If I had the money to spend I would definately take part in this. I could get a few goodies here and there that would help out.

But not with my budget.

I have no money so the bonus credit purchase doesn't help me too much right now.

I keep pondering the membership, the xp bonus appeals to me mostly.. seeing as I foolishly appear to be aiming for dragon

mini membership would be beneficial.  Not sure how many regular members you'd lose though.

Really good until you stop needing the experience bost along with other things. Would have been great if I did it really early on, but I think it's too late for that... :C Them creds would be wonderful, though. ._. And learning... D:

Best bargain in Iron Realms Period

best bargain indeed

If my job paid me more...haha.

Sacrifice one night of drinking and bam there's your membership.

$25 is a lot...well not some of us including me. but for other people ;D


$ 25 is about the same as one night of drinking, one night at the movies not including a dinner out, a half a tank of gas, five packs of cigarettes where I live, ( Hey, my college professor once said he realized if he quit smoking he could afford to buy a new Harley. One of the best investments he ever made.) and quite a few other things. Granted, its for a game and some have already cut out their entertainment budget as far as they can. All I'm saying is it is surprising to really just how much money we spend on things without realizing it.


It was worth it <3

i suppose in the long run, paying might be worth it. i'm still hesitant to make any purchases though...

makes sense


this is the greatest thing ever, credits, iron coins, EXP BOOST!!! I am a happy being.

I fear being even more addicted if I pay for the Elite membership ...

This is actually a pretty good deal. Elite xp bonus + godfavour + ironrealms truefavour thursdays = fasttrack to dragon. And it just gets better. I don't know about the credits, though. I never used them! They just kind of stacked up.

If I could afford it, I'd probably do it. O do think it helps my character development to gain lessons/credits too fast, but other than that, it's a good idea.

The membership is indeed worth it, especially if you're a returning player.

I had to stop my membership for a bit, but I recommend it to others.


the Elite Subscription is awesome, and I love it, but I think the "reset" duration should be longer. Right now, you have 30 days past your expiration date before your accumulated benefits reset to their original levels.


But let's face it, life happens and money is tight, especially with the current economical climate. Sometimes you have to hold off on life's extras (Like Gamefly, Netflix, or your Elite subscription) for more than 30 days.


Maybe eliminate the loss of benefits, or extend them by a certain amount for every month subscribed (culminating, eventually, in no loss)... I think the people who are forced to cancel their subscription or who just need to rope in their spending for a few lean months will be more likely to resubscribe when they are able if they don't have to start back at the beginning.

Yes that would be brilliant. I had to vanish for a few months and lost my 25% bonus...kinda sucks

Good idea


Good deal just a question of when to stop

I'm using them.

What are these words you speak of?

good read and good deal


The xp bonus makes the membership well worth it.

Elite digg membership?

I think I have one of those as well..

I love Elite. For the experience at least, but I definitely like those credits

credits make the world go round

...wait till i can afford Elite!

next month maybe

You would need it?

becoming more and more tempted.

25 though? I only spent 15 on WoW and eventually gave it up because I couldn't keep paying. I mean, I know I wouldn't have to quit if I can't Elite forever, but still...

it's 25$ versus 17.57$ and for 8 extra bucks there's a whole new world of fun :D

I think Iron Realms is a good company. They are honest and their goal isn't to rip you off. I think they can afford that because their products are quiet expensive, but I guess you get what you pay for!

about some sort of multiple game subscription


Yeah, let's have something like 15$, for the same thing, without the two tokens ;)

Nice commercial. Making credits more easily accessible just causes inflation, doesn't it? I guess the amount needed to trans skills doesn't really change, though.

Sounds like it would be worth it.  Thinking about it.

It's for me. Worried about inflation???


Best buy and use credits quickly...

I always thought it was pretty brave of IRE to charge more for a text game than most graphical MMOs do. The "benefits" of the Elite membership are nice, but honestly they're not anything already provided by the rotating promotions that are so commonplace, now.

Agreed here, I honestly think the thing that keeps me from purchasing in this instance it the fact it's more than a graphic MMO.  Is Achaea more fun? In some aspects of course, but when it comes down to it $10 more than a graphic one? Meh, I'll pass.  However...I am quite grateful for the ability to get free credits in any regard, better than sitting around at fabled wondering how to while my time away

Pay for perks and create a competitive game environment. Profit!


Very worth it!

its decent

New coolness!

I have used iron elite a few times. Definitely the best deal out there

of course, being a good deal is predicated upon it being worth it to spend money on ext-items anyways...

So far it seems fun!

But my problem is that I have a yearly limit to the amount of dollars I can use. So, while 25$ aren't that much, annually it would represent a sizable share of my limit.

I envy all my friends with Elite membership :(

If you have the money, it is worth it.  Cheaper than getting the credits unbound, and I have trans'd many skills with it.  Plus selling the other little gift they give dependent on game is good gold.


Generally unless you have a -lot- of spare time and ability to grind away ICly, you're going to be shelling out cash.


That said I've spent waaaay too much money and don't really mind, so. >.>

Very much enjoyed Iron Elite. I tested it out and it was very easy to start it and equally easy to cancel it, no hidden fees, no hassle. The only thing you have to keep is the original receipt from when you ordered it, you'll need that to cancel it.

This program certainly sounds interesting... I am all for supporting Iron Realms, the maker of so many MUDs that I have enjoyed so thoroughly. The perks are most likely more than worth the price... My time is limited, usually, so such a boost would be very helpful! It's not in the budget right now... But I think I may get it at a later date.

Rocks. If only MKO's token shop didn't suck.


If it keeps IRE in business, it is probably a good thing

Afford it, I would, simply because its a good way to accumulate credits and other bonuses for a decent price.

I am an Iron Elite! I love it! Always want more bang for the buck, but who doesnt! I love you IRE <3 Keep it coming!

I was about to subscribe, but the promotion on credits ended before I did, so I'll wait the next time !

the proof these are addicting is that I have quit smoking so that i can justify a membership. 3 more weeks and it will be a month and my new vice budget will be Imperian. Grats that





<3 my IRE subs :D make my life so much happier

I for one have been very happy with membership thus far, gets me a regular slew of credits to slowly but surely upgrade my stuff, and I work my butt off IG to get credits there (in fact my arti-upgrades are about 80% IG credits, 20% membership) so it -can- be done without losing all your money. The credit bonus stacking for sales is awesome too, and have to certainly agree with lessons being crazy helpful, just jumping on alts that I play only on occasion it builds up really fast. They just released a new mini-skill for the new global combat system, so my lessons will gladly be moving in towards that. :)


is a tad too expensive in my opinion :(

One mortal soul should do. Slightly used

It is a bit expensive, but I've found it's a pretty good value in general, since it gives benefits to multiple characters.

Yep, 24.99 is more than any other subscription based game I've played.

Now that you've pointed that out... I think I will cancel my membership. =/

Yeah, I get that there's tons of benefits from it...but I quit WoW, and my sub there was $15/month, $10 less than Iron Elite, and it's price went down if you purchased in advance...can't see the logic honestly

I have benefited so much from the Iron Elite Membership. The ability to have credits in a pool and use them between multiple character and for multiple purchases like lessons, housing, craft licenses, pets, you name it! And you can do it for any one or multiple characters you have. This is the best service I have ever seen for a game of such magnitude.


I have played Achaea on and off for 15 years and I am back full force thanks to the Elite Membership that offers the above benefits as well as offering experience boosts for your characters which leads to easier leveling and more lessons!

Thanks IRE!

Interesting perspective

Best decision  I made since I started playing. Awesome rewards!

I believe the Elite membership is a great thing.  I would like to see if setup to all IRE games so I could play more than just achaea without having to pay double, but that is a different story.  I haven't played the game in months but left my elite account running.  I just recently cancelled it though.  But with the credits I bought a Gem of Transmutation and a Mayan Ring.  I'm thinking about starting to play again so I will prolly re-activate my subscribtion.  Does anyone know if I send a email to jeremy before my elite membership ends at the end of the month, will he re-activate it for me without me losing my bonuses I already got from being a member for so long?

I'm not elite enough :(

It *is* great that the games are totally free for those who want to play that way.

Elite membership is worth every penny.

Everything is relative, again, I point to the global currency issue *halo*

like this one over here

Still considering the option of becoming a member, it may just happen quite soon and seems quite worth it, so until then!


I'd lie to have an Iron Elite, but I would get killed if I pay 25 dollars for an online game...



My elite just renewed today. I'm trans everything. I have a bunch of artes. What to do with my bound cr :(

Housing/ship improvements. Customized pets, customized artifacts. Non-decay, resetting attributes on your favorite goodies.


Trans everything on another character?


Ya, they are all bound, the only thing that would make them better is if you got normal credits, but I guess that is all a part of the price difference. hmm

I thought I had seen the most blatant, stupid, and obviously search-engine-optimization-focused articles in history already. I was wrong.

When will you stop using your so-called "articles" as blatant ads, claiming to be "free," while immediately grubbing for money instead of providing any sort of useful content?


It's transparent and despicable. I mean, who could possibly miss the use of certain search keywords every few sentences in every single article on the site? Give me a break, IRE. You said you would stop doing this a long time ago, and yet you never do.

Nice deal

you're NOT an Iron Elite member, you're doin it wrong.


lets get more people playing and storm the gates at TMS.  Everyone head over and vote daily through November

no comment comment

Absolutely love the Elite Package, and miss it to death when I don't have it!

If you do the math especialy if you max the membership out it's very so much worth it.

Need more credits. ;(

Took me a while to wrok out if it automatically charged every month, or if I had to go do it again each time.


Would have got it before I got dragon - now not so sure - have dithered about it but think i would just end up with lots of shiny artefacts I would never have bought earlier. Two years ago I would have loved it.

Now I wonder whether I would want it - that many credits a month would make me less eager to go out harvest, earn money etc, more inclined to sit around politicking - would probably change the character completely

If there were no incentives to pay we would not be able to play, because there would be no game to play

it's free if you don't pay them.  Simple as that.  But thanks for the article designed to hit all the key words.