Five Potential MMO Movies

mmo movie

Anticipated by WoW players for several years now, the Warcraft movie will serve as a prequel to the mmorpg game, beginning at least a year before where the current storyline picks up. Chris Metzen, vice president of creative development at Blizzard Entertainment, announced at BlizzCon 2007 that a brand new, “kick-ass Human” is the movie’s main character -- and it’s not the same one featured in the comic! Boasting big names like screenwriter Robert Rodat (Saving Private Ryan and The Patriot) and Sam Raimi (the Spiderman trilogy), Blizzard Entertainment, who owns the World of Warcraft game, will produce the movie with Legendary Pictures (partnered with Warner Brothers).


The process to bring the the epic story behind the game to the big screen is painfully slow. Raimi, in attempt to fully immerse himself into his work, now enjoys playing a level seventy-two Shaman. Playing the game helped him to both understand its finer points and know where to take liberties with lore and other background elements. One has to wonder, could Raimi have learned the same details and potentially speeded production if he’d stopped at level fifty, and perhaps put the time spent playing from there to level seventy-two into the movie instead?


5 Possible MMO Movies

If Iron Realms decided to take one of its text games to the big screen, Achaea is the obvious choice. The oldest of all five MMORPGs produced by Iron Realms, Achaea is still the most popular and boasts the largest player base. If following suit of other movies inspired by MMORPG or video games, it would obviously start with key elements from lore, otherwise known as the Mythos.


But which part of Mythos? Maya’s legacy with the birth of two strange babes fathered by the Unnamable Horror? Or would it move simply into the Wars of Humanity and flashback to the tales of the Offspring? Or would it move past all that and begin simply with a tale of two brothers, Sahart and Glanos, who both loved and sired children with Enalia, lovely daughter of Pasiphae? There is enough material here to support several years’ worth of episodes for a made-for-cable series!


Casting an MMORPG Film

With the magic of computer animation, the idea of an Iron Realms movie isn’t that far-fetched. I can totally see Paul Giamatti playing a toga-clad Clementius, zapping any mortal who dared using any ill-fated nicknames for the Divine character. And who can’t picture a raw, tribal Nicole Kidman as the cataclysmic goddess Artemis, her lightly muscular form dressed in loosely wrapped vines, with messy burgundy curls with fiery copper highlights framing her heart-shaped face and tumbling over her shoulders. Or best of all, Hugh Jackman as Phaestus! Oh...yeah. For the sake of keeping reality separate from the game, I’d turn in every week to watch Hugh swing a forging hammer -- despite my character’s disdain for the Smith Lord!


Do you agree? Is Achaea the best choice for an Iron Realms movie? Which celebrities would you like to see portraying your favorite Divine characters or denizens -- or even your own character? Explore answers to these questions and leave your comments in the space below!


I would like to see a movie about Achaea, but I think a b-movie would be so much better than a Hollywood mainstream movie. It could become a cult movie more easly. I do not know whether huge production willl be consistent of the niche gaming experience Achea has to offer.

By the way, Achaea is the best ever!

Welcome this idea! I'd gladly play Faur in a B-movie.

Yeah, I'd play me.



...a specific woman to play Boosteya. I highly doubt I'll find many with Somali looks and Italian attitudes.

I'd play me

Me too

Me too

Me too

Me too

Well there you go, everyone goes in and plays their own characters in the game - the cast is already taken care of!

Achaea in 3D would be strange :D


Does largest player base equate to best movie potentional?

In this case yes.  Of all the IRE games Achaea has the best mythos and ongoing stories.

at the same time, an ongoing story would be unlikely to be what is adressed


But what story to select then? Obviously of the 'modern age'. Rise of Mhaldor? Fall of the first wave of Icons? Wars of Nish?

Achaea has the best storyline? I doubt you're that familiar with Lusternia then.


I wouldn't say so. I would say that the best potential is found in the history/events etcs.

I actually believe Aetolia would be a beteter option than Achaea.

too many vampire movies these days

That right there, made me laugh. xD

Which is why it'd be a commercial success! have a point.


PR wise to a non-gamer fan base, yes. However, another vampire based movie... I don't really think that'd bring in the gamer fan base that would be intended from an MMROPG being made into a movie.


And personally I wouldn't want to suffer Aetolia to a bunch of Twilight teenies flooding in when they found out about it.

Great point Hataru.

Too many -terrible- vampire movies these days. There, fixed your post :P

Less teen angst. More blood and terror.

I agree.

I agree with this. And people should really stop equating Aetolia to vampires. Vampires aren't all that we have.

we've talked about this before.

who would play tanris

Steve Buscemi



   For some reason I think this would do really well as a movie.

I agree, maybe a shake camera film

Please avoid terrible CG graphics, cuz really, #$@# all that.  It looks far worse than just going for puppets and claymation.  Also, if there's no Claymation Leviathan, then I'm out.


it should all be in claymation!


What an interesting visual that would provide.

And all players have to sculpt their own character and mail it in.

An achaean movie about Jesters...done entirely with puppets.

Dragonlance, lol!


They have been making video game movies for a while now. Its nice to see it flow over to MMOs aswell.


I can't imagine that a film about achaea would be much fun for anybody that didn't already know the story behind it, unless it was really well made, but that would involve lots of planning and/or money

Agree, besides part of the fun for me is that it is in text and I find it a funny visual to see a bunch of people going to see a movie that is composed of text.

If they did enough of a dialogue about the beginnings it may be helpful to newer players or people who have no idea what achaea is. May even draw more players if done right.

I think that a movie based on the events where Achaea split and became Achaea and Aetolia would be fun!

Just... take out the vampires. Call it artistic license.

And the Magi, because... Done to death...

Magi :(

.. would have to give all factions good screen time to not have any bawwing

 yeah that's right, X GOT MORE SCREEN TIME THAN ME! WAAAH!

The playerbase already whines that the divine must have it in for their faction because their enemy is always the favouried party, can you imagine what something like more screen time would do?

Issue director Did not give me enough lines.



This provided by laughter for the day.

This doesn't seem too appealing to me. There's no way a movie would be able to capture the entirety of the game, and just like with movies made out of books, there's no way it would be as good as the game.

I doubt that looking at bunch of people idling for hours in one room would make a huge success in movie industry. 

On the other side some grove action could be popular for specific auditory.







This wins. XD


would read again


This made me LOL. Masterful comment.

I could see a weekly TV fishing show. Then you could feature the waters of all 5 games.

Some of the fish i mko are so huge you would think they would just eat you and swim off.

But you can eat your twice bodyweight in fish!

Haha... I'd love to see that.


No it shouldn't be a full length movie it should be a tv or miniseries on the entirety of the Mythos or the history of each city.

nice read. However, I don't think a movie about an IRE game would really work that well

Agreed. It was interesting, but..yeah. Still cool to think about, I guess!

Translating a move to the big screen is an insanely arduous process not to be taken lightly. I am definitely not an Achaean history buff, but I do not feel Achaea would translate very well. Making an animated trilogy or small series out of it though *may* be viable. I definitely would like to see them take it some casted level though. An animated feature is really the only realistic choice here as I see it. Just my thoughts.

I have to agree with Lothenshal here. I see this sort of project working better as an animated series or trilogy.


I can't think a movie based on a game with a shrinking playerbase in a very specific niche would ever be worth the effort

Shhh! Don't mess with their effort to stay relevant and cool!

too late now! but you're still cool :)

I'd probably cast my vote for Lusternia, if I were being objective. 

But there's too much history to get a movie in. After all, when was the last time you saw a Dragonlance movie?

The Dragonlance series is based off an old D&D campaign.  There was a D&D movie... but, a DL movie would be brilliant.

Same goes for a Lusternia movie.

And Aetolia.

And... well, any of the IRE games... except Midkemia.

The DL movie had terrible CGI and awful voice actors. It had so much potential but looked as though it was made 15 years before it actually was.


EDIT: There are always production companies in talks with Raymonds team, its just that there has never been a team with the right vision to do it justice. What Midkemia needs is for something similar to Game of Thrones where a whole series is dedicated to one book. MKO would need 22-24 episodes per book to do justice, though if HBO got the rights I would totally cream.


I vote Bette Midler to play Madelyne.

Lusternia'd be my vote. But then i'm bias.

I would just love to see if they can get Lady Gaga to play Mysrai :D


Don't taint my awesome Goddess with that rubbish! Excuse me, I need to go get some sandpaper to remove that image from my brain.  Mysrai is so much better than Lady Gaga could ever be.

I'd like to see a movie based on EVE Online.

An Aetolia movie would bring in the Twilight crowd for sure.


something I would be looking forward to.

Interesting concept, for sure.  I wonder how many new players it might generate.  Probably not worth it from that point of view, of course..

Focus on game development instead.

This sounds interesting.


They really like that Jester picture.

text movei?

Ahaha, a text movie would be so appropriate !

it worked for the opening sequence of star wars...probably got more 10 year olds to read than Harry Potter did :-)

I believe that's called a book.

You mean like the one here at

do it


Oo i'd so watch a movie with artemis in it. never ever make movies about games?

But Battleships was a brilliant film!


I would love to watch it.. Definitely

Where do you get the funding is one question

Do it on u-tube first? 10 million hits later, hollywood interest.

I am not sure about Achaea but I think a neat movie could be made about lusternia, the spark of divinity slowly growing in the main character on their adventures, a retake on the old coming of age story perhaps?

I would not like a movie because I don't want pictures of players other than those in my mind ! (Same problem with movies from books)

I remember discussing this a DECADE ago (wow time, where'd you go?) with Achaean friends. :P Pretty much fell out of playing Achaea in favor of Aetolia, but I'd still see a film based on the original IRE MUD in a heartbeat.

I'd call it "AFK at Springs"


We need something new to do? No? Warsystem? Yes?

What a silly article.



Imperian. Make the movie a bloody war epic with a sparse amount of time spent on the back history and much of the movie shot from the 'frontlines' of battle between the warring city-states.


Daring forest scenes where the trees come alive against demonic masters!

Magi with control of the very elements in a pitched battle with Justicars and Priests invoking divine mandate!

Lesser heroes falling by the droves as true masters of combat wade through and bring about death and ruin!


Fun for the whole family.

This is going to be awesome, can't wait!

Has any movie based on a game ever been even remotely watchable?


With no ongoing global-scale narrative or plotline in Achaea, you'd have to tighten the lens and focus on a specific organisation to create a story to tell. Which could be interesting, and opens up basically any genre. A heist movie with the Serpentlords. A kung fu movie with the Black Lotus. A rom com in Cyrene. A war movie in Shallam. A 70s blaxploitation-style movie starring a foxy Druid heroine. A neo-noir Occult thriller.

Why don't IRE look into publishing novels first instead? I believe it will satisfy the craving addicts feel when they can't log in.

IRE books would be cool

i would read an IRE novel

Not only would I read an IRE novel, I'd break my wallet for a few.

But turning things into the movie could risk ruining the imaginative interpretation that I love so much about text games!

I have thought of this concept alot over the years of playing Achaea and I think HELL YEAH it would make an awesome movie! There is a whole series of movies behind the insane amount of characters, races, classes and quest stories that would be great to see in a movie.

It should all be done in text art

A movie about unresolvable conflict?

I look forward to these.

A movie about the Elder Wars from Lusternia would be awesome :o

A Lusternia movie would have to be about the Taint Wars. There is no question. There would have to be a brief Dune-like expo of the entire backstory leading up to it, of course, but that's the most relavant and important time=period, and also has some of the most cool stuff going on.


It... likely doesn't have the traditional Hollywood ending, given that two cities are locked outside of time, a forest, another city, and two planes of existance were Tainted beyond recogniztion, anther forest was excised from reality, the remaining city burned to the ground by a war between its own Emperor and Princess, and everyone important to the story either ends up dead, undead, or a giant mutated snake

I couldn't sit out a movie on the taint wars. A movie on the Elder wars would be awesome, but it should end two to three books early, and it could easily have sequels.



Too many vampire movies already :S Also... Vampire class has never once gotten a proper over-haul or update. And no I am not counting 'blood-born' another class that is much newer, I speak of traditional "Praenomen" vampires. Our skills are like 9 years old or more.... yay!

Due to the already-vibrant history, Lusternia would make a very good movie, I think!

I'm Vin Diesel for sure.






for an Imperian Movie

It would be very hard to please the players since their ideas of how things look like, such as characters, would be different to how the producer sees them. Though it can be argued that that same arguement holds true with movies based on books. The only difference is that MUD's are continues and are...alive. And as for storyline, Lusternia will win that prize!!

So then they should make a different series of movies for each different game...

I don't remember any MUDs making it into print or movies yet.

... maybe I can make my friends understand what I am doing all this time looking at a black text box.

Imperian, set during the era when the Noctusari were taking over Stavenn. Or the Daemon Wars. Or centering on the Night of Sabotage, exploring all the junk that happened leading up to, and after, the event.


But I know that, whatever is chosen, it'll probably never be enough. Always too many characters who were important, events that need to be covered. Even if you focused on, say, Insidian and Sondgroth.. What about all the other Phantoms? The subtle threat of Stavennite infiltration? The court, and how everyone in it was trying not to get knifed for being suspected of betraying Kinsarmar?


Too much stuff to cover. -_-

all I know is that if there is a movie and Hhaos is portaryed, I'm claiming intellectual rights :p

All I know is there would be rich history if ever there was an achaea game. eh

Movies based on video games never really turn out so well >.>

I think a movie based on Achaea would be great. There is so much in the Mythos that could make for an interesting show.

The Mythos is interesting, but really doesn't have enough of a human element to make such a great movie.  A better choice would be the story of the Seleucarian Empire.  Perhaps a trilogy, following the three parts on the website (the part through the Black Wave, the story of the Wars of Succession, and the third part which tells of what happened after Caterin through the fall of Seleucar at the hands of the Sapient League.  (The third part has yet to be written, of course...)

Alternatively, or in addition, something from the modern age might be worth doing.  The only problem with that one is that a proper epic movie or movie series (and Achaea absolutely demands an epic-style movie or series) needs to end with the victory of one side, and that has yet to happen.  Perhaps the story of Dun Valley would work, or perhaps wait until there's more appropriate material (or make it).  (The Seleucarian Empire trilogy has the same problem to a lesser extent; the Sapient League did win, but in the process Nicator's vision has been put on hold, and Lehrinas' Last Prophecy pretty much demands that there's more to the story...)


A good movie could be made which is based on Achaea and Achaea would make a good setting for a movie, questions like what is the story, what is the plot, How can I relate to the characters and their situations would be more relative. Keep in mind, We all like this kind of thing, what would it take to make an inteesting movie for someone who isn't into Muds?

Part of me would be sad to see a MUD movie. I like being able to come up with my own mental image of whatever is what!

I don't think it would be a good idea.

i'd love to see the story between Scarlatti and Selene played out, that would be so cool.

Lusternia! Though in all honestly, most likely is Midkemia Online since it already has a solid plot with the book series of it.

Just say Lusternia, nod and smile.

While the thought of having an Iron Realms movie is intriguing, in my honest option, it would be extremely hard to decide which aspects of the games to actually have a movie due to the vast amount of information that is provided with each game. Who knows, maybe a TV series of the Mythos of Achaea would work out, I'm not exactly sure about a movie though.

are always better than the movies

Midkemia already has the lore and built-in fan base given the books that have already been written and probably has the highest movie potential



good idea for a credit

When will it come out?

Nyvias, you don't agree?

yes, raid in text would most certainly sell to everyone especially gifted children

I think Midkemia would be the better movie, as there are also many books to back up the universe.

Midkemia would need to be done like game of thrones, as an epic series per book/saga. There would be like between 8-16 sagas easy. HBO, come on.



Any IRE movie would need to start with a Star-Wars style text scroll to explain the background, complete with prompt.

Let's not further Hugh Jackman's already-overrated career. The guy is awful.

I watch movies with Achaea in mind. Legend of The Fist becomes "Monk Bashing 2: Journey to Tasur'ke."

I think that Achaea would be the best movie hands down.  Been out there the longest so more people to relate.  I could not play me though. Not short enough :(

Very interesting idea. I would be kind of cool, yet strange too, to see an IRE game as a movie.

I wonder how the races would go over for the general public. Rajamala...?

Cool idea

have a camera?

I have a feeling an Australian wrote this.... and now every time I see Phaestus IC I'm gonna think he looks like Hugh ^.^



That would be neat, I'd so watch it. 

If I was put in charge of making a Lusternia movie, I would just end up making it entirely about finks. I love those little guys.

Hugh Jackman and Nicole Kidman- hell yes! I would totally watch that movie. 

How about a completely new storyline like, "Here's what we MEANT to happen with the Vertani thing. Never mind that the one guy came in and killed everything and thus started the tradition of hunting every new area that came along. Here's the storyline we all brainstormed up for that event in the first place."


Or maybe just a documentary, "IRE: the Making Of." Oh wait...Ben Gorlick already did something like that.

Llewellyn's old Achaea MSN group, has a good deal of Achaea at the time casted, was rather funny to see some of the suggestions people had for each of the Divine and some of the players.

I would love playing me :)

I'll play the precocious extra.

Somehow I feel like a movie with real people would be terrible. Full CGI would be the only way to capture the amount of epic visuals of the mythos, or even of the skills.


Spot on

who could play Achaea Jesus?

An achaea movie would be awesome, but I really have no idea what the story line would be >.>

If anything, the movie/series would require massive player input and collaboration, because let's face it, we built the world. Unlike a book adaptation, this story has a few hundred authors.

I've actually considered this for a while now, and to fully explore each class, you'd need an 18 part series, each delving into a new class where the protagonist from the first film (who studies the first class) encounters the new professions and experiences their abilities. Achaea Episode VI: Rise of the Apostates.

You get the idea. The Jester acrobats would be fantastic to see too, I won't lie. But discussing it recently, I have to say that Bards would be very awkward on film, singing their enemies to death. Not to mention Evileye. Hard not to make that look goofy with the apostate just twitching there while the opponent spasms and locks up. 

I'd love to see lusternia's elder wars  made into a movie though I'm not sure anything but an animated movie would work given all the neat stuff in them. 

I think one of the more roleplay intensive IRE games would make better movie fodder. Aetolia comes to mind, although since multi-classing worldwide arrghpee has taken a serious kick to the groin. Midkemia Online would be a good one as well, since it's pretty locked into its lore because it's actually based on a series of books with very good depth and story structure.

I don't think Midkemia would be good to make a movie out of cause lets face it and movie based on a book pretty much sucks...but at the same time movies based off of games suck too...examples of both being eragon, super mario bros., dungeons and dragons...etc, etc.

What if we did like a series of movies?? Like start with Achaea, and then go with the others, becuase all of them have alot of history that would be pretty cool to see in a movie, besides, I would love to see a Mhun Druid, Xoriani werebear, and a Dracnari during the taint wars!!

Not sure if making a movie is a good idea for a text based game. Players might watch it and think "wow, that looks just like I imagined it", but having seen a movie totally limits people's fantasy- especially new players would probably only imagine it like they have seen in the movie. That would probably reduce the fun of going around and reading all the descriptions to create your own imagination of the places. If everyone sees the same before their mind's eye, it's the same as a graphic based game.

and people who don't know the genre would likely be confused as can be.

They might like the story and the awesome effects that might be thrown at them for reasons they don't understand, though.

Politics would make a good movie.

I think the elder war books of lusternia would make a fantastic movie (series)?  anyway they're really good. even if you don't play go read them.

I would like seeing Lusternia's history with the Elder God Wars against the Soulless as a movie. But then I'm terribly biased.

No need to worry about limitations in animation.

... as Phaestus would rock hard!


Called Star Wars they should make it into a move. Oh wait.

This... Completely this.


I was going to say something contentful, but instead I'll just say that Nicole Kidman is surely too pale and waif-y to be Artemis.

Not any of the recent stuff.

They ran out of good original ideas a while ago and resorted to remakes of everything....least movies based on games ought to be good. They did surprisingly well with Green Lantern when I thought they'd ruin it horribly

I'd watch it!

A movie on the mythos of Achaea would be epic!

Straight to Youtube?


The story of Nicator and his followers until the Black Wave will be quite a story for an episodal animation or live-action show. Highly abbreviated, it can also make for a great movie!

The founding and early history of Cyrene sounds good as well, even just reading it from HELP CYRENE. The ascension of Mhaldor and the two cities of the Ithmia into significance also make for interesting stories.

The early Mythos could do for a short-length film or series.

In any case, Achaea, having a well-founded Mythos and history, offers many choices for an IRE movie! I'd dream of seeing one someday.

Taint Wars would be best for Luternia.

A movie of the Mythos would be amazing. I've read it quite a few times now, and I bet watching it would make it a lot more interesting instead of it feeling like a chore to read.

A movie remake of a game with "Lust" in the title might be mistaken for soft-porn.

the opening montage of the first one would be so sweet, then a new, epic battle against oblivion!

Delphinus must narrate if we're going to hear about the times of old (as per Werin's suggestion).


Andy Dick = Dji


Jeremy Irons = Sarapis


Vinnie Jones = Hyperlith


Yes, yes, this is all starting so well



would be interesting,


someone took one too many hits off the pipe to be coming up with this #$##!

That would be an interesting artisanal submission - a short film based on lore!

especially Lusternia's.  Not sure how you would go about weaving in "current events".  Can't see a film based on a text game having much more than a cult following, tho.


I like Tarkor's idea of Hugh Jackman as Phaestus. haha. That would be pretty awesome.

Please no.

Part of me would definately be crushed at seeing my mental images being put into someone else's views of things...but I'd still want to see it.

So long as it wasn't too serious.

credits comment!

So long as Uwe Boll doesn't direct—I approve.


It should stay true to the source material. So make a movie with just the subtitles....


I find it amusing people think their characters are important enough to appear in a movie. Maybe if you're listed in notables. Otherwise no, just pre-game history.


Pre-game history would work the best I think too. It would allow them to "set up" the world and maybe get people interested to see what happened next.

I agree, and the pre-game mythos of Achaea is compelling enough for a great movie.

Credit where it's due, Lusternia is the best choice.

There are just way too many characters and storyarcs to follow if you do it "modern day". The real problem with making a movie out of a game or book is usually there is a lot of information and stuff going on that you have to condense into like 1 hour 45 mintues. Cheesy CGI, bad casting, poor pacing and an overall forced feeling over the whole movie can make even the best stories come out a movie nightmare. Like, now don't start with the torches and pitchforks... The Lord of the Rings. It is an excellent story but the pacing and stuff with the movie made it kind of hard for the average joe who doesn't know the story to follow and even then it was way too long for each movie. 

That being said I would love to see a Lusternia Elder Wars movie, if its done well.  It sets up a lot of the background, the characters have a lot of depth, there is a lot of action and it feels very real. Sure, its devastating but it ends with a hope for the future, which I think a lot of people can leave happy about. 

Honestly, I think these stories are too great for just one simple movie though. An animated series might be interesting. We've got enough story to give The Simpsons a run for their money and not become stale.

Midkemia would be a good choice for a movie since it was based off books so it has a clear history

a movie would be nice.

more than enough backstory to make one tbh

haha would be fun to watch this

i'd love to see the war of involving the orcs, but that'd probably stray too close to being WoW-ish. Not to mention LOTR.

The entire mythos, divided up into a Trilogy?

Lol, all player character cast

I'd do it. May get awkward for people playing another gender though. But they can have voice-overs and stuff, perhaps.

Movies about wars are always interesting and action packed. Perhaps a movie about how Shallam and Ashtan had their falling out. Wasn't it over a woman or something?


I personally believe video games do not become movies, Movies become games! >.> this just has cheesy, bull written all over it ;)

um Resident evil? Mario brothers? Tekken, DOA, Street fighter, Doom Act of valor or wait..

Why not just turn the histories into a never ending masterpiece theatre type series? Start in the beginning and just move forward.  Or pick a recent event to start at, and do the fash back thing of telling the mythos?

I think Lusternia is the better choice, it has the best background the best story line and from what I am aware is really the only one with anything as epicly evil as Klethulu or however it's spelt.

Would make a perfect clash of the titans sort of movie!

Even though I haven't played Lusternia in years, I have to actually agree - the idea of the planes and transversing and everything could, more then any other realm I think, be taken away from being based around current players and focus on something different enough as to not effect 1) game play 2) people's perceptions of other players.

I like achaea more than the other games, has a lot more lore and flavor.

Achaean movie quotes time!



Lusternia's Elder wars, with a following movie about the Vernal wars.

The current events might make an interesting film, at least so far.

Video-game-based movies are bad enough when the story actually does have potential to become a movie. A MMO would be even worse. A comic might be cool though (I think there were some fan comics already that were pretty ok, but mostly one shot joke things rather than anything regular).

should cast the individual players as their characters. that'd make a great film!

I've never played Achaea for more than a few hours, because I was refered first to Imperian, and it's taken me so long to be functional at it that I find myself very easily frustrated by limited access and a difficulty breaking into any sort of roleplay there. There's so much going on for other folks, I'm sure, that coming down to initiate roleplay with a novice gets either tiring, in the way, or just simply doens't cross minds. But the slightly confusing nature of some of the politics and such you're supposed to infer from help files leaves one with a lot of technical understanding they have no practical application for, and trying to break into the rest of it is... difficult, at best, especially when you have no idea what the landscape of the world is supposed to look like.

That being said, I couldnt' say whether a movie based on it is going to be any good, because I still can't understand what the lore of it is at all. I have no idea.


On the other hand, I think some of hte Imperian LORE would make for an interesting movie, but I don't think many of the current events would really be any fun to watch for two hours. Too much back story, not enough purpose.


I honestly have no idea how that'd turn out. Might be interesting.

Credit comment.

That pictures is fantastic.

theres hardly enough action in most of that, unfortunately

this would be so cool


I'd love to see Catarin's fight scene using the Grove of Winds with the Staff of Nicator.