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19.3 Clients / MUD Clients / Telnet clients

A client is software that connects to Achaea to let you play it. It can be either browser-based, downloadable, or a mobile app.

The best options to play Achaea with are:

 * The Nexus client, which is our official client. It runs in a browser and will
   work on all PCs/laptops (Windows, Macs, Linux), as well as tablets. It even
   runs on mobile, though not with full functionality.
   You can access Nexus at
   HELP NEXUS will tell you more.

 * The Mudlet client, which is a third-party downloadable client for PCs.
   You can find Mudlet at 
   To connect you'll need to tell it to connect to, and either port
   23 or 2003. (Both work.)

 * A mobile client for Android phones (see HELP ANDROID)

 * If you're visually-impaired and using a screenreader, we recommend
   checking out which has a fully-accessible
   MUD client for free.

There are many other third-party clients (some free, some require purchase) that can be run. Some of these are listed on our website:

If you are having problems with registering, there are some notes in
HELP REGISTERING related to various MUD clients.