Expressiveness in Speaking - Achaea Online Help

3.2.1 Expressiveness in Speaking

Speaking can be given variety and flavour by use of emoticons (see HELP SAY)
and expressiveness, which is our way of describing the use of expressive
adverbs in speaking.

How to use Expressiveness
Speak in your normal way, using ' or " or say or snarl or chant or scream, as
you prefer, with or without the usual 'to <whomever>', and then add an adverb
 with a special mark, a *, before it right after the say/'/".
For example:

  SAY *ANGRILY TO ENTARO You barbarian!
  CHANT *BELLICOSELY AT LOGISTICS Submit or Die! Submit or Die!
  SNARL *PEDANTICALLY You only wish you had my vocabulary.
  SAY *DEEPLY *TROLL You may speak in another language with this.

The new expressive word (an adverb) must go directly after the '/"/say/snarl