OCCULTISM - Achaea Online Help


Once studied in ancient times by predecessors to the modern Occultists, the
skill of Occultism is gained through the study of the Mysteries of the nature
of the universe itself. This knowledge, which encompasses manipulating auras,
bending of time and reality, and mastering the powers of karma through the
study of the Living Book of Eschaton, were all lost ages ago during what the
Occultists termed the "Burning Times" when the Church successfully launched a
crusade against the then-scattered individuals practicing Occultism. The
survivors banded together, but it was too late to save the knowledge of
Occultism. The early practitioners turned to the dark art of Necromancy and
entered into a long period of gaining their powers through death magic. That is
until the modern age, when Occultism was re-discovered and perfected. Led by
Shakti, Silverstorm and Saruman, the Occultists gathered and began a ritual
which created an anchor to a ritual began in the distant past, thus bridging
the two times and completing a Great Occult Working that allowed the return of
Occultism. Since then, Occultists have turned their backs on Necromancy and
again study the older science of Occultism.