Queueing - Achaea Online Help

4.6.1 Queueing

Adventurers may have differing levels of latency (or lag), which has the
potential to affect the outcome of a battle. To combat this, Achaea has a
server-side queueing system that will automatically attempt to run a command
when you recover balance.

You have two queues, one for physical balance, and one for mental equilibrium,
these each hold a maximum of six commands. Items are added to this queue when
they're attempted while off their respected balance. For example: You're
hunting rats with your sword, and JAB RAT to attack it. If you attempted to JAB
RAT while still off balance from the first attack, it'll be added to the queue
and will run automatically when you regain balance next.

Queue-related commands:

CONFIG USEQUEUEING <ON|OFF>     - Enable or disable the queueing functionality.
CONFIG SHOWQUEUEALERTS <ON|OFF> - Enable or disable the system messages
                                  regarding queueing.
CLEARQUEUE <BAL|EQ>             - Clear your balance or equilibrium queue.
                                  (This can only be done once per balance or                     
                                  equilibrium loss.)
CLEARQUEUE ALL                  - Clear everything out of your queue.