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The Arcane Kindred

The Arcane Kindred evolved from the Arcanists Guild, founded in 309 AF. We
hold true to the principles upon which the Guild was founded. The Arcane
Kindred makes our home deep within The Vashnars in the fair city of Cyrene.
Dedicated to learning, we are seekers on a continuous journey of knowledge
and understanding. Members of The Kindred are devoted to the study of
ancient mysticism. Arcane rituals and secret ceremonies aide members in the
quest to embody and harness the mysteries of the unknown. Within The
Kindred, diverse interests are bonded as one to master full control of the
elements in every aspect of their lives. Alone we can do little, together we
can do much. We embrace the individuality and uniqueness that each member
brings to the House. Yet, we are forever linked by our fierce loyalty to
each other and shared ideals.

Those of the Arcane Kindred are on a continual path to self-discovery guided
by the principles of accountability, tolerance, and responsibility. The
Arcane Kindred provides a close-knit community of like-minded people who are
on a continual path to self-discovery guided not only by our principles, but
also by the ideology of our Elements.  Our principles and elements are
interlocking and binding. They are the compasses we use to keep to our path.

To channel the power of Earth (The Spear), Element of the North, to solidify
our individual and collective stability, accountability, trust and
prosperity. Our dreams and aspirations come to life when our feet are firmly
planted on the ground.

To harness the power of Air (The Sword), Element of the East, to inspire us
and allow us to achieve our lofty aspirations of intellect, imagination,
dreams and tolerance. Respect, the air that breathes life into all we stand
for, we give freely to all.

To wield the power of Fire (The Staff), Element of the South, to stoke and
purify the passion of our motivation, willpower and drive and to forge and
strengthen our sense of responsibility. Vigilant is the fire that moves us
in our pursuit of excellence.

To tap into the wellspring of power that is Water (The Cauldron), Element of
the West, in forever fostering our bonds and loyalty as it takes us far into
the mysterious depths of intuition, creativity, compassion and emotion. Vast
and fluid is the sea, which nourishes the arcane spirit.

We give thanks to Lord Agatheis, for it is through Him that we know the
strength and spirit of the elements. We pay homage to Lord Lupus for
teaching us the way of the hunt, making us the magical pack that we are.

All those wishing to join The Kindred must adhere to the principles of the
House and work to embrace the Spirit of our Elements.