The Rift - Achaea Online Help

7.14 The Rift


The rift is a special place where you can store certain items.
Most items that work in the Rift are groupable (see HELP GROUPING).

INR item         - puts the item in. Like INR ELM. To return all riftable
                   items, you may use INR ALL.
OUTR item        - takes the item out. Like OUTR ELM.
RIFT or IR       - see what's in your rift.

What Goes In The Rift?
Herbs, inks, crystals, and commodities go in the rift (and possibly a few other
things). If you don't put herbs and inks in the rift, they will fall out of
your inventory, or even out of your pack or other container, when you leave the

How Much Does the Rift Hold?
  750 of each type of ink, cooking ingredients.
2,500 of each type of herb, commodity, reagent, or crystal.

Commands in Detail
   INR [<amount>|ALL] <item>

      Put a given number of a single type of item into the rift. If
      no amount is given, then the first item found will be used
      (or the entire first group, if the first item is a grouping item).

   OUTR [<amount>|ALL] <item>

      Take a given number of a single type of item out of the Rift.
      If no amount is specified, then the default is to take out only
      one item.
   RIFT (or IR) [item]
   INFO RIFT [item]

      Peek into the Rift to take a quick inventory of what is stored
      there. Note that this information also appears in a compact format
      in INV(ENTORY).