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The Wardens of the Cerulean Spire

The Wardens of the Cerulean Spire are a group of individuals dedicated to
the preservation of the ways of the Knight, while forging new paths into the
future. Based within their home, the Cerulean Spire in Cyrene, the Wardens
are both the military and constabulary of the city. Holding to a strict Code
of Honour, the Wardens excel at the role of constable, being both chivalrous
and genteel while upholding the laws and traditions of Cyrene.

The four cornerstones of the Wardens' ethos are thus: Honour, Chivalry,
Lorecraft, and Duty. Honour is the prime cornerstone of a Warden's world.
This is what others will know you by and judge you accordingly. Chivalry is
what makes a Warden more than simply a warrior. Being chivalrous does not
simply mean understanding the art of combat, but how to conduct oneself in
polite society. Lorecraft is the knowledge passed down from generation to
generation. Our ability to combine the swift might of a blade, the powerful
magic of our runes, and the honoured craft of the smith has left us with a
rich heritage. Duty is the highest calling of the Warden. We are what
choices we make, and we have chosen to follow the road of honour, which
binds us, as well as protects us like a shield, to live our life as the Code
of Chivalry demands. We have the duty to instruct those who come to us in
our ways, both in our ethos and the lore we have gathered.

Those who look to join this group of noble warriors should know that strict
adherence to the traditions and beliefs of the Cerulean Spire is required.
Failure to comply is looked upon harshly by the elders, while dedication to
the values and ethos of the House is celebrated.