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12.8.5 Enorian, Beacon of Light

Standing like a guardian along the western shore of the Beryl Sea, Enorian shines like the Beacon from which she takes her name, blazing Light into the darkness and standing as a bastion against all that would embrace the night. Home to those who would seek Damariel's Truth, Dhar's Justice, Auresae's Fire, or the ever-shifting tides of the Maelstrom, the city is a bright place with citizens who work diligently to usher in a new Age.

The Age of Dawn.

With mace and blade, the Luminaries and the Templars - descendents of the Illuminai and the Paladins - defend her walls and venture forth in pursuit of her foes. Joining them in battle are the deadly and zealous Daru and the magic-wielding Ascendril. The remainder of Enorian's citizens are drawn from all walks of life, but one thing binds them - their hatred for Undeath, the Corrupt, and those who walk in the Shadow.

Should you require a guiding hand in your journey to find the Light, seek out those who call Enorian home. Should you stumble, they will lift you.  Should you fall, they will carry you. And should your courage be true, your faith be strong, and your blade be keen - step forward, brave defender, and take your place among those who fight for the greater good.