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12.8.5 Enorian, Beacon of Light

The Jewel of the East. The Beacon of Light. The Stanchion of Truth. Enorian has had many monikers, yet one Truth has always prevailed: Enorian is a haven for all those that would protect Life and seek to end the Undead threat.

Located south of the Pash Valley, between the Peshwar Delta and the Beryl Sea, the city of Enorian is a home for all those who would seek the Truth of Damariel, the Light of Auresae, or the Justice of Dhar.
Once known for its architecture, Enorian is a slightly harsher place these days, having suffered immense damage at the hands of the Drakkenmont Empire.
The city stands as home of the Illuminai reborn, the Luminaries and the Daru, a portion of Enorian's citizens considered to be the most zealous in all the realm. Standing next to them in battle are the Templars, a group of Knights born out of the former Paladin guild, a new phoenix rising up to fight against the Undead. Though primarily populated by the inhabitants of the member guilds, Enorian is also home to others - forestals, mages, and those who have left their paths to fight for a Greater Good.
The citizenry of Enorian has put faith in their ideals to guide both their laws and their actions, a close-knit group of citizens determined to protect Enorian from all enemies within and without.
Surrounded by enemies on all sides, with few allies to call upon, the city of Enorian is a harsh place struggling for existence in this Midnight Age, yet a hospitable enough locale for those who would call it home and help protect it.