Help! What do I do now? - Aetolia Online Help

1.12.2 Help! What do I do now?

-- At A Glance ---------------------------------------------------------------
   1) Join a House (ideal for vampires) or a Guild (ideal for everyone).

   2) Learn your primary skills, marked as GUILD SKILLS when you type AB or

   3a) Be all you can be! Try the Academy. (HELP ACADEMY)

   3b) Find suitable places to hunt and gain experience.

   4) Complete our Newbie Orientation Tasks. (HELP TASKS)

   5) Do anything you want. Remember that there will always be in-character
      consequences for what you do, though! This is a roleplaying environment.


You're probably asking yourself, at this point, what it is you should be doing. In the world of Aetolia, you make your own fun, but for the more objective-oriented, we recommend that you join a guild, if you're not already in one.

  - Read HELP GUILDS. For each guild, you can read HELP <guild name> to see
    what they're about. Once you have a guild, and are still a newbie, you can
    use PORTAL GUILD to teleport to your guildhall.

  - When you've found the guild that's right for you, visit Aaranu in Esterport
    (HELP AARANU) and ASK AARANU JOIN <guild name>.

  - Alternatively, as a vampire, you may want to join a House instead. Once again, seek out Aaranu, and ASK AARANU PLEDGE <house name>.

Once you have joined a Guild or House, you will notice you have two Guild Skills when you check AB or SKILLS. Your first course of action should be to learn more of these (HELP LEARNING). Don't spend your lessons on other skills just yet!

Once you've learned all you can of your guild's skills, you might try the Academy. The Academy exists to show you intermediate lessons in how to play Aetolia, and will even get you started with some equipment. As the Academy is very expansive, see HELP ACADEMY for more information. Note that you have to
join a city in order to take part in an Academy. You can easily PORTAL CITY
to go back to your city, while still a newbie, in case you get lost.

Lastly, you'll want to go gain some levels, which, in addition to helping you survive longer, will give you more lessons so spend on skills.

HELP NEWBIEAREAS will recommend which places are best for grinding (referred to as "hunting" in Aetolia). Alternatively, you can check AREAS for a complete listing. If you get lost and want to get back to your city or guild? You can use PORTAL CITY or PORTAL GUILD appropriately while a newbie.

These newbie areas will be populated with NPCs (usually referred to as "denizens" in the game). Try GREETing the denizens you come across to see if they have quests for you to do!

Your Guild or House will have a rank system. Progressing through the ranks of your organization will afford you authority, and other rewards. Check GHELP for Guilds and HHELP for Houses to read their documentation, and read HELP GUILDNOVICES <guild name> to see, at a glance, what your guild expects of you.

What remains for you to do? That's entirely up to you. Aetolia is a MUD, a social game with numerous other players. Socializing, finding a mentor, making friends and enemies, throwing parties, fighting wars, worshipping gods, selling manufactured goods, all fall within the realm of roleplaying (HELP ROLEPLAY). Once you've figured out how to get along in Aetolia, get out there and make a name for yourself!

If you ever find yourself confused, do not hesitate to ask questions on the Newbie channel. You can do this by typing NEWBIE <text>. The Newbie channel is considered OOC (out of character) and is monitored by almost all players, including the Gods.