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13.15 Sect of Blades

The Sect of Blades is a loosely-run, but strictly overseen, organization of honor-bound warriors located in Delos near the Fields of Valor. Ages past saw the Sect as a common grounds for mastering martial prowess and tactical lore, building around principles of honor and skill to form a brotherhood of warriors. Members of the Sect prove their mettle and honor by accruing marks of triumph, earned for fights performed with no assistance. The ability to slay one's target or defend from one's aggressor with only the tools at their disposal is valued above all for the honor of the Sect. 

Those who prove their worth will rise in rank within the Sect, discovering more of the organization's membership and perks, including the ability to pinpoint champions among the Sect and entering the famed Hall of Blades. Those who obtain the highest levels of honor are granted various privileges, including the ability to personalize one's deadliest techniques - an individualized version of a beheading, and gruesome unique deathsight to accompany it. Those who stand upon the Sect's Council, bearing the greatest honors, may also compete among one another for a legendary Ankyrean artifact, said to bring omniscience to those surrounded in battle.

Related Commands

JOIN SECT:	While at the Hall of Blades, join the Sect of Blades to receive your insignia and ability to accrue marks. There is a 75,000 gold sovereign fee to join, even if you were once a member in the past.

QUIT SECT:	Remove yourself as a member of the Sect. During this time, your insignia is inactive and you cannot accrue additional marks. You cannot rejoin the Sect of Blades for another year after quitting. 

SCT <text>:	Sends a tell over the Sect channel, if you have access to it.

SECTWHO:	Senses other Sect members within the realms, if they are revealed.

SECT INSIGNIA:	Examine your insignia for your status within the Sect of Blades.

SECT REVEAL:    Reveal your presence, marking yourself as OPEN PK to any other Sect members. You will gain 50% extra marks while revealed.

SECT CONCEAL:   Conceal your presence once more.

SECT LISTEN:    Begin listening to Sect arena announcements.

SECT IGNORE:    Stop listening to Sect arena announcements.

SECT CHALLENGE: Challenge any listeners to a duel in the Sect arena.

SECT ACCEPT:    Accept a challenge for the Sect arena.

Sect Arena
The Sect Arena is a special one on one arena open to the public! 

SECT CHALLENGE will issue a challenge to anybody listening for them. If accepted, you cannot declare another challenge for 1 hour.

SECT ACCEPT will accept the challenge and transport both you and the challenger to the arena to fight.

* Note: You cannot see who is issuing the challenge. It's a surprise!

After twenty minutes in the Sect Arena with no deaths, both challengers will receive the 'bloodlust' affliction, which prevents them from using magical shields.

Unlike a normal arena, you will still use supplies and and lose experience upon dying.

You will gain 200 marks for victory in the Sect Arena, and lose 20 on defeat.

You can sense which Sect members are in the realm with the SECTWHO command, however this will only give you the names of those who are revealed. Those that are revealed will have their name shown, even through gem of cloaking and phase.

Sect channel
All communication on the sect channel is anonymous, unless you are revealed.

Marks of Triumph

Note: Unless otherwise noted, all methods stack with one another.

- Killing anybody grants a large number of points (100).
  - If there are any assists, no points are gained (0).
- Killing someone in the Hunting Grounds grants a lot of points (200).
  - Does not stack with regular kills, but is always 200, even on
    subsequent kills on the same target.
- Fulfilling a bounty on a target with no assists (100).
- Each subsequent gain within a year on the same target is reduced by 90% to 10 points, to a maximum of five deaths in a year for a total (140). After five deaths on the same target, zero points are accumulated.
- Killing someone with an instant-revive (e.g. starburst) grants half of the points that would otherwise be obtained.

- A year goes by without a single kill by the player (20). 
- A year goes by without a single death of the user to another player, unless you have killed someone (20).
- Dying to another player in the Sect without assists (5).
  - This loss doubles each subsequent year, capping at 100.


- Players within the Sect who are REVEALED are open PK to any other player in the Sect, at any time. However, players will be held to a very high standard, and use of this excuse to continually grief a player without cause will earn a loss of points or recognition within the Sect. A requested - and enforced - duel is one thing, repeatedly attacking another member of the Sect is another.

- As Sect members are concealed by default, it is up to you to ensure that the target you are attacking is indeed a member of the Sect and revealed.

- Ranks will be ordered annually, and the current top of the rank list will receive an honorary title and special privileges within the Sect. This only applies to those who have reached rank five. Privileges are earned in subsequent ranks.

- The top five ranked members of the Sect are recognized globally as being seated on the Council. 

Ranks and Rewards

1. (1-10000):           Ability to sense other Sect members, if revealed.
2. (10001-25000):       Access to Sect channel.
3. (25001-50000):       Unique deathsight message.
4. (50001-99999):       Access to the Hall of Blades.
5. (100000+):           Customized behead message. Ability to compete for the Crown of Omens.


The legendary Crown of Omens is an Ankyrean artifact bestowed upon the highest ranked members of the Sect. Members who are seated on the Council compete against one another for the honor of wearing it. 

- The Crown of Omens is gained by slaying another member of the Sect Council who wears it. You are ineligible to wear the Crown unless you are recognized as a member of the Council. 
- For every player who has hostility on you, you gain 10% additional dodge, and take 5% reduced damage from each type of damage that cannot be dodged. Maximum of 10 stacks.
- The Crown of Omens will also increase mark gain by 20% for the holder.
- If a player goes three months without activity or loses a duel with a Sect member who is ineligible to take the Crown, the item is passed onto the next highest ranked member.