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6.21.2 Statistics associated with being Undead and Consanguine

Undeath is a state of being that provides certain advantages and        
disadvantages over the normal, living people. When you join the ranks of
the unliving, you will undergo several changes from the normal living.  

Undead sub-race

An undead...

  - Uses Reanimation, replacing Concoctions.
  - Can breathe underwater.
  - Has slightly increased max health.
  - Regenerates health more quickly in a graveyard.
  - Heals slightly less from Boar/Moon tattoos.
  - Has reduced bleeding damage.
  - Has slightly faster regeneration of endurance.
  - Has slightly lower regeneration of willpower.
  - Uses less essence in Necromancy.
  - Unable to generate or use Devotion.
  - Regenerates blood slower when asleep.

The Consanguine of Aetolia, widely known as the Vampires, are also      
undead, and have several additional differences from those who are      
normal undead.                                                          

Consanguine (Vampire) sub-race

A Consanguine...

  - Is also Undead. (Vampirism replaces Undeath in descriptions)
  - Involuntarily becomes mist upon "death". (Has access to EARTHMELD)
  - DOES NOT regenerate blood when sleeping. (Access to FEED on NPCs)
  - Enters a bloodrage instead of "dying" when at 0% blood.
  - Suffers from damage and afflictions when in the sun.

The Consanguine are either a Puros or a Rituos Praenomen. Puros can choose
other specializations - see HELP SAPIVI, HELP PHRENESES, and HELP INSIDIAE
for details on that.

Praenomen class:

A Praenomen...

  - Has to hold the Consanguine (Vampire) Sub-race.
  - Heals less from serums.
  - Is susceptible to fire damage.
  - Is resistant to electricity damage.
  - Is resistant to cold damage.
  - Is resistant to poison damage.
  - Is resistant to asphyxiation damage.
  - May become mist voluntarily.
  - May use FEED on other adventurers.