THE BLOODBORN GUILD - Aetolia Online Help


Sorcerers. Vampires. Blood Magi.

These are only a few of the terms that hint at the true powers of the
hidden arts the Bloodborn command.

Wielders of the deepest arts of the Blood itself, the Bloodborn have
found Rebirth from the traditional ways of vampires. So dubbed the
"Reborn", they hold powerful influence in every Consanguinic House, and
its members often grace the highest offices of the city-state of
Bloodloch, which the guild has long called home.

The Blood Magi have broadened their powers into the arcane, mysterious
arts of blood experimentation; utilizing their prowess of the Kalsu
language, they are able to alter and corrupt the bodies and minds of
their foes, as well as re-weaving the very fabric of their own corporeal
forms. They can even manipulate the deepest ties of the blood,
shattering the bonds of sire and childe and restructuring them to suit
their whims.

In addition to the Hematurgic arts, the Reborn utilize the skills of
Corpus and Mentis. Through Corpus, they attain mastery of the physical
body: they can shift form to become mist, wolf, or bat, speed their
limbs to move swiftly throughout the land, brutally rip their foes
apart, and many other skills. Through Mentis, it is the mind that is
dominated; the Hemic Sorcerer is able to whisper afflictions and
suggestions, judge the power of their foe, and even annihilate a
weakened mind.

The Hemic arts are shrouded in mystery. After an Aspirant has completed
the grueling trials and attained Rebirth, it is then left to them to
research and unlock the secrets inherent in their veins.

The path of the Reborn is not for the weak of will. Intelligence,
perseverance and ambition are vital to success; without them, you are
but prey.

Choose wisely.