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16.3.7 The Origin of the Mhun

As told by Bhahren:

Ever have we suffered, and grown strong from our survival.

It was the time of the great unknowing. All was ignorance and instinct, and
some practiced cruelty without knowing what they did. Some of those with
cruelty practiced upon them died in protest. Some protested, with neither
language nor understanding, and found freedom. Some sensed the safety in
submission, and these were our forefathers.

Imagine a young fox with a newly-caught rabbit, devouring leisurely. When the
wolf comes, hungry and lazy, it has merely to snap at the fox and soon it has a
rabbit of its own. The fox leaves, half-fed and frightened. In time, the wolf
may follow the fox when it is hungry, for this is an easier way to feed. All
the while, the fox grows strong from the hunt, and labors because it sees
naught else it can do.

So it was with us, in all things. The other mortals kept us fed and safe as it
pleased them, and for them we worked and bled. For uncounted years did this
continue, and we grew faster, and learned more quickly than the others, not
through Divine will but through our own toil. We labored on, later constructing
great temples and mines for the benefit of others. There was no God to speak
for us, no Goddess to rescue and soothe. We were unloved, and depended only on
one another.

As we lifted the heavy stones, we grunted, "Mun." As we cried at night from our
wounds, we whimpered, "Mun." And later, as we railed against our captors, as we
were different and a stronger people, we cried "Mun!" in tortured pride. We are
the Mhun, and those who would drive us as animals again will come to learn