THE SKILLS OF AETOLIA - Aetolia Online Help


Because of the large number of skills available in Aetolia, they are not
all listed in this index, but in the separate indexes listed below.     

   9.1  GeneralSkills    General skills available to all.
   9.2  GuildSkills      Skills specific to each class.
      9.2.1  UndeadSkills   Skills possessed by the undead.
      9.2.2  LivingSkills   Skills possessed by the living.
   9.3  Trade Skills     For those who wish to take up a trade.
   9.4  Mini Skills      Smaller, less specific skills.
   9.5  Talents          Specialised trade skills.
   9.6  Mercantile       Choose a unique mercantile skill.
   9.7  MiscSkills       Noteworthy skills of curious means.