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8.2.10 The Syssin

Hailing from the Republic of Spinesreach, the Syssin have long been staunch defenders of the Spires. They are elite soldiers who wield the gifts of the God of Artifice Himself, trained in the arts of guile and deception.

Though their training has now spread to all of Sapience, the Guild itself remains true to their historical roots of a close-knit, deeply loyal collection of men and women. As the fourth century of the Midnight Age approached and came to pass, the Syssin were given a new charge by Severn, the Manipulator; simply being guardians, assassins, and tradesmen was not enough to appease the Artificer.

A Syssin's primary skills revolve around a mixture of stealth, reconnaissance, and misdirection. Subterfuge grants a Syssin a plethora of means to these ends, as well as adept training in dirks, whips, and long-range bowmanship. The art of manipulation is taught via the skill of Hypnosis, allowing all manner of control over a target's mind and body, even to the point of directly planting defined actions into their brain. With the skill of Venom, a Syssin is capable of growing and utilizing their own venom glands to inflict harm and layer their weapons for later application.

With the emergence of the Shadowbound upon the Prime Material Plane, the Syssin find their purpose in stopping the advance of the Shadow Mother's minions. However, the manner in which they have been charged with doing such is a secret that only they and the Manipulator know the details of.