What are Classes? - Aetolia Online Help

8.3 What are Classes?

A class is a set of skills. These skills are also referred to as        
guild-skills, because you must join a guild in order to gain most       
classes, although as you will read later on, you may, after a time, have
a class without being in the associated guild. Examples of classes are  
Monk, Shaman, and Syssin. You may see what class you have, if any, by    
typing SCORE.                                                           

Once you join a guild, you'll automatically gain the class of that      
guild, but you will notice in SCORE that you are only an apprentice in  
that class. Your apprenticeship will end when you first gain guild rank 
3. Once you have finished your apprenticeship, your class is permanent. 
Even if you are demoted back below guild rank 3, you will stay a full   
member of the class.                                                    

In order to leave a class and gain another, you must first leave your   
current one, by typing CLASS QUIT <class>. Doing this will take your            
guild-skills away, and give you back approximately half of the lessons  
you put into them.                                                      

For multiclassing, more information is provided within HELP