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4.14.16 THE DRYAD

The bark of any tree can come to life with the power of the dryad. Their 
bodies shape from the wood, creating a nymph-like form. Flowing hair of leaves 
and branches cascade from their heads, as their entire being is born from the 
earth itself. Their race has been locked away in the roots of every tree, until 
Christof was able to gather their power and release them into the world.

Racial skills:

- Burrowing
  Can burrow though many environments with the BURROW DOWN, BURROW <direction>, BURROW ABOVE commands.
- Forest Regeneration
  Increased health regeneration in the forests.
- Harvest
  Has the ability to harvest in environments that have affinity with the dryad's room. (See AB EVOLUTION)
- Heaviness
  Has a natural mass defense via the INCREASE MASS command.

Languages: Common, Erdan, Fae