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12.16.2 the Dregs

Amidst the darkened crags of the Northeastern Gongen mountain range     
exists the entrance to a foul series of cascading chambers below, known 
only as the Dregs. Discovered by liberated dwarves in the Second Age,   
the Dregs proved to be inhabited by creatures of the Horde that had     
developed a dark agriculture of enslaving and harvesting Gnomes as a    
food source. While that practise was ultimately destroyed, parts of the 
Horde chose to remain in the Dregs, scrounging together a meagre        
sustenance from any hapless beings that would stumble across their      
decrepit home. To this day, the darkest crannies within the Gongens hold
denizens of the abominable Horde, just waiting to capture, enslave and  
devour anyone and anything that crosses their path.