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19.10.12 Token Wares

This is a list of the items that will potentially be sold for Tokens of the Creator. The list of current items is periodically changed as items are removed and added to the current offerings.

TOKEN WARES will show you the list of current wares being sold. TOKEN WARES <text> will return a list of token wares that only contains the specified text.

Currently offered token wares

A customisation token: 1 Token
- This token will allow you to customize one item for free. The normal rules as explained in HELP CUSTOMIZATION apply. To use your token, simply submit your customization. The system will use your token automatically instead of the 50 credits.

Two soulstones: 1 Token
 - These artifacts will, when you CRUSH SOULSTONE, given you a double experience bonus to questing and bashing experience for 8 hours of logged in time.
 - Soulstones purchased with Tokens of the Creator cannot be traded in for credits.

A shifting mirror: 1 Token
 - This mirror will allow you to view the description of any player in Imperian. Simply PEER MIRROR <person> to view them.

Atlas Pages: 1 Token per page
 - Fragments of maps that can be added to your atlas to increase your knowledge and abilities while in specific areas.  HELP ATLAS to find out more about how to use them.
Vanity Pets: 1 Token per pet
 - a tiny crocodile hatchling
 - a fluffy white bunny
 - a fuzzy penguin fledgling
 - an inquisitive little joey
 - a madcap gator hatchling
 - a gangly golden cria
 - These cute little animals are not only adorable, but have custom responses to being dropped, picked up, pulled, turned, and the following emotes: poke, giggle, eye, frown, boo, smile, laugh, and prod.

Vorpal shards
 - a tiny vorpal shard  [Double]    (2 Token)
 - a small vorpal shard [Triple]    (5 Tokens)
 - a vorpal shard       [Quadruple] (9 Tokens)
 - a large vorpal shard [Quintuple] (14 Tokens)
 - a huge vorpal shard  [Sextuple]  (20 Tokens)
 - Increases rift capacity beyond the default amount by the amount specified. It is upgradable using the TOKEN UPGRADE <item#> [CONFIRM] syntax.  

Orbs of ambience
 - a glimmering orb of ambience  [Two ambiences]    (2 Token)
 - a glowing orb of ambience     [Six ambiences]    (5 Tokens)
 - a shining orb of ambience     [Twelve ambiences] (9 Tokens)
 - an effulgent orb of ambience  [Twenty ambiences] (14 Tokens)
 - a blinding orb of ambience    [Forty ambiences]  (20 Tokens)
 - These peculiar orbs can be fused into your house, and allow you to specify custom ambient messages.
 - Fusing this orb to your house will suppress any natural environmental messages.
 - Syntax: ORB.
 - It is upgradable using the TOKEN UPGRADE <item#> [CONFIRM] syntax.

A language token
 - This token can be used to learn any language, including the normally unavailable languages of Orcish and Xiur. To learn how to speak a language from a token, use LEARN HOW TO SPEAK <language> FROM <token>

A drakeskin feedbag
 - This special item will ensure that your pets will never go hungry again. Any pet commands that make your pet hungry will no longer cause hunger to your pet.

A tiny paw-print badge
 - Tired of being price-gouged by those selfish kennel and stable owners? Unable to retrieve your pets with many thousands of gold worth in fees? Get this special badge that will make it so that you don't ever have to pay gold to retrieve your pets from a stable or a kennel again.

A wyrmskin pack
 - This pack never decays and can hold 100 items.

A behemothskin pack
 - This pack never decays and can hold 150 items.

A wyvernskin pack
 - This pack never decays and can hold 200 items.

 - a vialbelt of mithril kegs - holds up to 8000 sips
 - a vialbelt of crystehl kegs - holds up to 12000 sips
 - a vialbelt of quicksilver kegs - holds up to 20000 sips

A Deathglory orb
 - This special orb will allow you to specify your own custom deathsight message that the world will see when you kill someone. This message must be approved by the Gods before it will be used. You will have a new option in CONFIG for submitting your deathsight message. Use the special variables $(caster$) to expand your character's name, and $(target$) to expand your target's name in the deathsight message. Read HELP SCRIPTING for information about capitalising the first letter of a sentence if it is a variable. If you have any questions, please feel free to issue yourself.

A Free Item token
 - This token can be redeemed for the creation of one custom, non-decaying, resetting item. The item cannot be functional in any way (so you can't, for example, make a really nice battleaxe that you forged permanent). You can use this token to create a special piece of furniture, a special piece of clothing, or a special roleplay item (like a scepter, or a musical instrument).
 - To redeem this token once purchased, please e-mail and include the full description of your desired item. (PLEASE INCLUDE YOUR CHARACTER NAME IN THE E-MAIL)

An altar of sanctity
 - This altar allows you to perform the ritual of sacrifice as if you were always at your cult's or shrine's altar. You'll never have to go out of your way to get to your temple's altar again!

 - an aqueous nix
 - a despotic moloch
 - a brumal mehteh
 - A familiar is a companion that you can use for roleplaying purposes.  You can control its speech, movement as well as emotes.  HELP FAMILIARS has more information about specific commands associated with them.

A Family token
 - Found your own family name! The creation of new families is usually disabled, but with this special token Jeremy will help you create your own, brand-new family. Please contact Jeremy to redeem this token.

A Dwarven toolbox
 - This item will automatically work as if you are possessing/wielding all of the items required to craft Tradeskill items, including their improved Engineering counterparts.

A Collar of Customisation
 - This collar works just like a Collar of Taming, except it allows you to use the customisation system to submit new descriptions for your pet.

A heavily buckled saddlebag
 - Doubles the capacity of any caravan you lead.

An extra tattoo slot
 - Have you ever found yourself yearning for just one more tattoo? This is the solution to all of your problems! With this, you will be able to obtain one more tattoo on your body. To do so, simply INK <tattoo> ON BODY <of me>, or BUY <tattoo> ON BODY OF ME.

A Pet Training token
 - This completely customisable one-stop training solution will allow you to customise your pet in a number of different ways. Read HELP PET TRAINING for more information about the actions and reactions you will be able to set on your pet. Please issue yourself to redeem this token.

A truesilver whistle
 - This item cuts the amount of time you have to wait before being able to train a pet again by 33%, on average.

A construction kit (a portable market stall)
 - This item allows you to set up a market stall in urban, road, or path environments.
 - SETUP STALL to set it up
 - BREAKDOWN STALL to break it down and put the kit back in your inventory.
 - If your shop is not within a city or council and would like to change the title or description of the shop please send a letter to Svorai with 1,000 gold (For titling) or 10,000 gold (For description) with the title or description within.

A House Token
 - This token will allow you to create a house in any normally accessible area in Imperian. Please issue yourself to redeem this token.

Cairn Stones
 - These stones are used for created different types of cairns. Read HELP CAIRNS for more information.

Portal Coins
 - These coins offer you a one-way trip to a personal area that only you will be able to hunt in. Read HELP PORTALCOINS for more information.

Not currently being offered

Vanity Pets
 - a snow white ermine
 - a shiny green scarab beetle
 - a miniature black mouse
 - a tiny red bat
 - a pretty pink piglet
 - These non-functional vanity pets have special, cute cosmetic messages for the following commands: drop, get, poke, giggle, eye, frown, boo, smile, laugh, prod, push, and turn. They also send random room emotes occasionally if they have been dropped on the ground.

Spheres of the Gods
 - These special items are an absolute must for any collector. While they serve no real purpose, you can SHAKE <globe> for some funny, sad, or just plain stupid roleplay emotes from the sphere. They may even share some hints about your future. There is one sphere for each God(dess) in Imperian, but you can only specify from which circle of knowledge you wish to purchase. A random God will be chosen for the subject of your sphere.
 - You can trade spheres with your friends with the command SPHERE TRADE <sphere #> FOR <sphere #>. The tradee will have to AGREE to the trade. Using illusions or otherwise trying to scam people out of their spheres will, again, be unacceptable. Gotta collect 'em all!