ORBS OF CREATION (USING OLC) - Lusternia Online Help


ORBS - Information on the Orbs of Creation

   The Orbs are something given to you by the Creators and are what
allow you to create anything in Lusternia. Without one, you will not
be able to use the powers that it gives. The Orb must also be in your
inventory to be effective, if you carry it in a bag or any other kind
of container, then it is powerless. When you are given an Orb of
Creation, it is tuned specifically your soul and no one else may use
it, even if they happen to gain possession of it.
   The Orb allows you to create new things and teleport to any rooms
that you have created. However these powers may only be used in the
Plane of Creation. The Halls of Creation are a gateway to that plane,
and are to be used as a starting point to your creation.

   When creating things, it is sometimes beneficial to set certain
attributes that all new things you create will have, particularly in
the case of rooms. You can do this by setting your Orb to create them
with these defaults. Do so by typing:
     SET ORB <property> <value>
The <property> is the property that you want to set, and the <value>
is what value you want new creations to have for that property. For
     SET ORB indoors 1
Will make all new rooms you create be indoors. The properties that
you can set defaults for are:
     area, environment, continent, indoors, fertile, and safe_room
The values for these properties are the same as those used in
REDIT and OEDIT. You can set them to incorrect values in which case
things will be created with the default value, not the one you

You can use the GO command to take yourself to one of the rooms you are assigned through your Orb of Creation; this will not allow you to go to any room in the game. Once you have completed building, simply TOUCH your Orb and you will be taken to the Halls of Creation where you will find an exit to the Prime Material Plane.