THE DWARF RACE - Lusternia Online Help


Descended from the Elder God Clangorum, the dwarven race originally called 
themselves the clangoru, but humans, when they first arrived in Lusternia, for 
some reason insisted on referring to the clangoru as dwarves, a term which 
eventually became accepted in the common vernacular. Although they look like 
humans, they are substantively shorter and stockier, and their hair grows at a 
rate five times faster than that of humans. Thus, most male dwarves prefer to 
grow beards rather than shaving five times a day. Contrary to rumour, it is 
rare for a female dwarf to grow a full beard; however, growing long, silky 
sideburns which can be braided is a fairly common practice. They are a robust 
mountain race with a rich history, though the dwarven kingdom itself was split 
during the Taint Wars. 

Strength    : 15     Dexterity   : 11     Constitution: 15
Intelligence: 12     Charisma    : 10     Size        :  8

  o  Have a racial language, Dwarven. 
  o  Have a level 1 resistance to cutting damage. 
  o  Have a level 1 resistance to blunt damage. 
  o  Have a level 2 resistance to magical damage. 
  o  Have a level 2 resistance to poison damage. 
  o  Have a level 1 resistance to fire. 
  o  Have a level 1 resistance to cold. 
  o  Have a level 3 alcohol tolerance: will take reduced damage the more
     inebriated they are.
  o  Brewmeister: Any dwarven bard who specializes in Brewmeister will
     receive -5 strength/+5 charisma.
  o  Native Weapon: Dwarf warriors who choose the Axelord specialization
     can use two-handed axes more effectively than other races.

  o  Recover equilibrium slower, level 1.