THE ILLITHOID RACE - Lusternia Online Help


Descended from the Soulless Goddess Illith, the illithoid are a race 
with a distinctly unique appearance, with pale skin that ranges from 
grey to purple. They are the only known race to have splintered from a 
Soulless God, and are thus considered abominations by many races, 
especially the kephera who kept their progenitory Illith imprisoned for 
all of their existence. The most notable feature of illithoid is their 
possession of what they call the "inner worm", a creature that resides 
within every illithoid's body that feeds on psychic energies.

Strength    : 11     Dexterity   : 17     Constitution: 16
Intelligence: 14     Charisma    :  7     Size        : 10

  o  Can psychically understand any spoken language.
  o  Regeneration while underground, level 2
  o  Have a level 2 resistance to psychic damage.
  o  Have a level 1 resistance to poison damage.
  o  Advanced weakening influencing, level 3.
  o  Advanced paranoia influencing, level 3.
  o  Advanced village influencing, level 3.
  o  MINDSENSE: Can sense others in the immediate area (level 50).
  o  Native Weapon: Illithoid monks who choose the Ninjakari or Nekotai 
     specializations can use those martial arts weapons more effectively 
     than other races.
  o  Inner Worm: A unique racial ability. All illithoid contain an
     inner worm. Upon reaching level 50, they may use this to drain the
     psychic residue from corpses, artificially inflating their maximum
     ego. They may ILLDRAIN corpses to inflate their ego, which 
     deteriorates to its original levels over time at a rate of 1 max 
     ego per minute. Their ego may be inflated 40 ego per level of the
     illithoid player.
  o  Will become an Illithoid Dark Reaper if Cthoglogg has been empowered,
     or they have earned the title via honours in the Undervault.

  o  Are susceptible to magic, level 2.