THE MUGWUMP RACE - Lusternia Online Help


Descended from the Elder Goddess Mugowumpois, this amphibian race 
originally favored the swamps and marshlands. However, given their great 
intellect, it was only natural that they gravitated to civilized areas in 
the pursuit of the more scholarly professions. The facial features of the 
mugwumps favor their amphibian heritage, giving them a frog-like or 
salamander-like appearance. However, with the interbreeding of humans, 
some mugwumps have a surprisingly human-like appearance. 

Strength    : 12     Dexterity   : 14     Constitution: 11
Intelligence: 15     Charisma    : 11     Size        : 12

  o  Have a racial language, mugwumpi. 
  o  Regain equilibrium faster, level 3.
  o  Are resistant to asphyxiation damage, level 1.
  o  Can automatically swim and tread water without taking damage. 
  o  Can DIVE into the ocean depths (RISE to come up).
  o  Regenerate health and mana while in marsh or swamp, level 2. 

  o  Are susceptible to fire, level 2. 
  o  Are susceptible to electricity, level 3.