THE TOPGUILDS COMMAND - Lusternia Online Help


Using this command will show you a list of all of Lusternia's guilds ranked top
to bottom. We provide this ranked list to let guilds know how they're doing in 
relation to other guilds.

Member Score
The member score reflects the activity of guild members on the previous month. 
The number displayed is not proportional to the number of guild members who 
logged in, but the result of a formula which also accounts for guild activity 
in general. Guilds should strive to have a high score on topguilds.

Novice Score
The Novice score is the same as the member score, but is for guild novices.

Vote Score
The Vote score refers to voting for us on Topmudsites. In order to vote for us,
someone has to go to our website ( and click on the
"Vote for Lusternia" button. This score is not the # of votes for the day, but 
it is based on the # of votes from that guild the previous day.

Remember, voting for Lusternia is an easy way to help everybody, as it sends us
a lot of newbies. Newbies are the life's blood of the game and whether you know
it or not, you and everyone else in Lusternia needs them. So vote every day for
us and remember that the really die-hard can vote every 12 hours. (Which is as
often as will count a vote.)