THE VISCANTI RACE - Lusternia Online Help


The viscanti are unlike most of the other races because they did not 
originate from the fragmentation of an Elder God. Rather, the viscanti 
came into being as victims of the Taint at the time of the Fall of the 
Celestine Empire. The viscanti were originally members of the other 
native Lusternian races who were directly caught in the Taint and whose 
forms became twisted, just as the land became twisted. Through years of 
interbreeding, they have become recognized as a race unto themselves. 
Generally, they are of a demonic appearance though some viscanti retain 
vestigial characteristics of other races, such as wings of trills (though 
bat-like and ineffective for flying) or pointed ears of the elfen. The 
greater viscanti have the ability to breathe poison gas. Although most 
reside in the Magnagora and neighboring tainted land, a few viscanti have 
been known to become "reformed" and live in other civilized areas. 

Strength    : 13     Dexterity   : 10     Constitution: 14
Intelligence: 12     Charisma    : 10     Size        : 13

  o  Can breathe poison gas upon reaching level 50. 
  o  Regenerate health and mana while in Tainted land, level 3. 
  o  Immune from poison gas.
  o  Resistance to poison damage, level 1.
  o  Resistance to blunt damage, level 2.
  o  Resistance to cutting damage, level 2.
  o  Resistance to magic damage, level 2.
  o  Advantage in village influencing, level 2.
  o  Advantage in weakening influencing, level 2.
  o  Special for Geomancy and Necromancy Users: Upon gaining the Geomancy 
     specialization or Nihilist specialization, a Viscanti becomes a Master 
     Viscanti with statistics changing by -2 strength, -2 dexterity, 
     +3 intelligence and +2 charisma. Viscanti warriors who choose the 
     Necromancy path, upon gaining the specialization become a Brood Viscanti
     with statistics changing by -2 intelligence, +3 strength, +2 dexterity,
     +2 constitution and +2 size.
  o  For Necroscream Users Only: Upon gaining the Necroscream specialization
     in Music, a Viscanti becomes an Irontongue Viscanti with statistics
     changing by -2 strength, -2 size, +2 intelligence, +2 charisma. 

  o  Heal more slowly from elixirs, level 2.