July Promo!

Date: 7/1/2014 at 0:01
From: Astalon, the Lawbringer
To : Everyone
Subj: July Promo!

Hey all!

I hope you all enjoyed last month's promo... it looks like a lot of you were able to get several of the artifacts you'd been hoping for!

This month, we're going to be offering our ever-popular Caches of Ruthia's Bounty! They are available for direct purchase on the website and still offer their excellent value, including the elusive Unicorn mount and Tsurani Transportation orbs!

We're aware, though, that things can go stale over time, so in one week, we will be completely changing up the caches, offering a whole new set of rewards from the ground up! We'll be retiring the Unicorn and Tsurani Transportation orbs while adding rewards like player shops and several old favorites from promos in the past!

If you've still got a hankering for the current rewards, make sure you get your fill this week because after that, you won't see them again! (I should note that when we make the change, ALL caches will change to the new rewards!)

In addition, for every player who logs in for 21 days this month will receive a Riftkey good for use to the Vale, where a goodly number of Keshians need killing! (The location will be near Shamata, for those more interested in shopping.) Make sure you log in and get one of the rare, fabled riftkeys!

Penned by my hand on the 20th of Wochem, in the year 62.