Demonic Incursions

Date: 2/28/2010 at 23:28
From: Anonymous
To : Everyone
Subj: Demonic Incursions

Several months of strange goings on in Krondor culminated with the discovery of a human-skin bound book deep in the palace and a demon appearing, trying to gain the book for itself.

In Sar-sargoth, a priest to an unknown god gained the help of the citizens in looking for this book, promising them power and wealth if they helped him to summon his mistress. He told them of a renegade magician who would help them onto the island.

Prince Arutha of Krondor sent word to Pug on the Island of Stardock, who told the Prince that the citizens should seek out Reuban, a magician on the island. He appeared and told them that they needed to bring the book to him. They too were informed there was a renegade mage who would be able to cast a rift to the island, Reuban unable to carry anyone but himself to the college there.

Radakail, the Witch-King of Sar-Sargoth was first into Stardock Isle after getting one of the human slaves of Sar-Sargoth to translate the words of the renegade magician. Xaros informed him what was needed, and the Witch-King set forth into the unknown.

Baron Ged was the first of the Kindgom to find the renegade, and the citizens of Krondor soon amassed to guard the Duchess and the strange skin bound book. The Kingdom forces, meeting with Reuban in Stardock, learned that they needed the essence of Hadati ghosts to stop the power of the book.

Meanwhile. Garnuk found a copy of the book, and hurried with it and the rest of Sar-Sargoth to the priest of an unknown god in the mountains. Using the book, a demon appeared, slaughtering those there before being slain. The priest informed them that they too needed the essence of the Hadati ghosts, to be placed in the flame that the dying demon had left behind. Speaking promises of power and threats that those of the Kingdom were using the book and power to make their Prince Arutha immortal, the citizens of Sar-Sargoth were determined to seize this power for themselves.

Sar-Sargoth managed to raise enough essence for the priest in the cave, and he cast his deathspell, hoping to destroy the Prince of Krondor. Instead, a demon was summoned, and its first act was to eat the priest that had summoned it. Killing the rest within the cave, it left into the world, taunting the mortals that this was now his world.

Several attempts were made to kill the beast, until all the cities realised one thing: their animosity to each other would serve little purpose against this larger threat, so a combined force from Krondor, Sar-sargoth and Elvandar hunted the beast down, throwing themselves at him over and over.

Xaros, meanwhile sought out the dragon guardian Rygathrantaniso who weaved old magic to stop the demon being able to heal itself on this world.

The final blow was struck by Lilah, and with an agonized cry, the demon departed in flash of fire, leaving little but ashes and bones behind within the Edder Forest.

Penned by my hand on the 1st of Staphron, in the year 6.