Arms, Fencing Updates

Date: 4/16/2013 at 21:13
From: Ishap, the Matrix
To : Everyone
Subj: Arms, Fencing Updates

- Arms Assault has been reworked due to its effect being obsolete. It now costs 5% adrenaline, deals minor damage, and will deepen the stacks of any existing physical afflictions on the target (up to their normal maximum) on a successful strike. It is also slightly faster than before.

In addition, several Fencing skills now deal damage appropriate to their messages, in a slight buff to overall Rogue damage:

- Fencing Balestra, Pommel, Lowblow, Beguile and Wristflick now deal minor damage, in addition to their normal afflictions

- Fencing Pommel now deals blunt instead of cutting damage

- Fencing Bladebarrier's damage has been increased roughly 20%

- Fencing Hamstring, Hemorrhage and Backslice's damage have been minorly increased

Penned by my hand on the 1st of Dzanin, in the year 44.