Bug Fixes

Date: 8/6/2013 at 5:31
From: Ishap, the Matrix
To : Everyone
Subj: Bug Fixes

- Levitating players will no longer slip and fall on ice

- Evaluate will no longer mention undefined resources when finding hidden caches in the current room

- If you EMBRACE DEATH early as an Avatar of War you will no longer go to the Halls of Death again when the normal timer expires

- The Wheel tattoo now shows up on DEF while active

- You can now OFFER # - OFFER 1234 for example, if you are holding a corpse of rat1234

- Trying to close doors that don't exist no longer costs endurance

- If you log off with TELLSOFF they will still be off when you log in again

- Entering an incorrect syntax for SET PRICE will no longer cause untrapped errors (such as forgetting the word AT in the SET PRICE syntax)

- QUIVERS can no longer be filled over capacity, thus messing up everything in their stock

- Corpses and non-personal items gathered while an Avatar of War will correctly drop upon death

- Demonology SOULLINK and Spying Orbs reporting now respects elevation (Example: an imp left on a rooftop will no longer report what is said/emoted below)

- Demonology SOULLINK reporting now reports predefined emotes as well : smile, laugh, ponder, etc.

- Demonology summoning circles and summoned entities now appear on the proper elevation

- Singularities can no longer be cast from the rooftops

- Telekinetic barriers may no longer be raised from the rooftops, bringing it in line with Icewalls

- Dueling keeps track of the initial hunger state of combatants and restores them to that state in the event of a non-draw duel

- Non approved crafts will no longer show up to others when you are sharing your designbook with them

- SHADOWCALL ROAD can no longer be used while under the effect of Divine Grace, bringing it in line with Rifts

- Storing/forgetting Demonology while speaking Demonic via the Demon Tongue skill will now make you stop speaking Demonic

- Vampires will no longer risk exposure by feeding in the presence of demons

- HEARTFIRE works properly once more

- Emoting says with %% will now ALWAYS respect the language barrier

- Curing mind-meld via bandages now gives a curing line

- Multiple piked heads in a room will now display properly on QL/LOOK/etc.

- Players afflicted by Pyromania Illuminate or Crusading Revelation of War will no longer be able to forestblend

- Mob attacks will put players in combat even if they do not deal damage (such as the attacks of Demonology summons)

- Divine Censure now displays a message to the room and to the target if it fails due to the person not being a heretic

- Astral Warp now properly behaves like an unblockable attack if the target is tethered, no longer granting reduced adrenaline or proccing repulse if defended

- Stormfury and Dusk Shroud are now properly stripped when changing class

- Invisibility now shows a proper cooldown name and cooldown end message if the Lightbending Mastery is active

- Lodestones will now always give a room message when they expire

- Lightballs will now always give a room message when they expire

- Craft sketches will no longer charge you 50 silver each time you set them as private if they have already been set to be private

- Background color now works for the SHOUT, SAY, TELLS, MARKET, NEWBIE, CT, GT, GNT, NT, OT channels

- Shouts now display the language in which the shout happened

- When someone exits the Hall of Worlds, it will no longer show them as arriving from a non-existent direction, but, rather, display an appropriate emote

- Reading letters now uses the MORE buffer

- Commodities in Ardania and other non-conquerable villages are again generating properly (blame the nefarious Free Cities for the workers suddenly going on strike)

- Craf design yearly upkeep dues are now properly withdrawn from your preferred bank in all cases, if you have one set

- Various typos fixed

Penned by my hand on the 7th of Natinica, in the year 49.