TRIAGIA GAZETTE No:2 (Its Strength Is In Its Independence)

Date: 6/29/2012 at 16:50
From: High Hand Ugralitan Iavas, the Stump
To : Everyone
Subj: TRIAGIA GAZETTE No:2 (Its Strength Is In Its Independence)


It has been quite a time the petty figths between Moredhel, Kingdom and Eledhel turned to a war of dominion on Triagia. And no one cares about the woes of the common people whose lands became the battlefield of warlords, southern generals and oh-so-good Eledhel. A Moredhel ranger whose house burned to the ground in one of the skirmishes of Eledhel said "Harlech is fucked more then a Carsian whore in a day!" in anguish while staring at his house which was once a haven for him and his family. Maybe the world needs some peace from noble lords, honorable warchiefs and purely good Eledhel after all. One can say when giants are making a battle of thousand farts, little men gets the worst but let us remember that little men might one day rise and dethrone those giants with blood and fire.


Our reporters warned us the war within the lands each day gets worse and especially disrupts the metal trade within the Triagia. A Natalese merchant said "Especially finding cheap steel or iron gets tricky at times, because day and night smiths are working in cities to provide best equipments for their fighters...and that simply causes the prices go up fairly much! And the constant occupation and extortion within Port Natal damaged the trade beyond understanding!" while another merchant spoke calmly "War is a crisis, but we are in a crisis that we should make profit out of it."


Witch-Queen Alsenya withdrawn herself from the throne and the Palaver Circle found it proper to appoint Viper Varin in her stead. Let us first look at the time of the Witch-Queen. She has practically inherited a city in total political chaos left from the machinations of the Goblin Praetor Gleelilo and the Troll King Roma who rose justly against their traditional masters. The first years of her rule went by treating the wounds of the city. One of her great achievements is to prevent a possible war among Moredhel on the runeblade left from Valheru Dragon Lords. Despite she aspired to be a strong Witch-Queen she lacked military tradition thus she was far away from the glorious times of Witch-King Radakail, the Scourge of Sar-Vandar and Conqueror of Sar-Radakail. Despite her ineptitude towards fighting, overally she left a better legacy then she inherited. And now the People in North have a new King! Will he follow the fallacies of past or lead the People to the glory and conquests? Time will tell whether another Murmandamus is arising from the icy wastes of Northlands or not!


Recently a stash of cutlasses has been found in the basement of a house in Margrave's Port. The common sailors of trading galleys claim there is a heavy weapon trade between Queg and Margrave's Port ongoing and they relate it to the aggression on Port Natal by foreign expansionist forces. Port Natal was a juicy orange but each day that orange gets less juicy and more sour. One important thing to note: Despite the threats on trading galleys by pirates Kesh seems to be unaffected from this war for Triagia keeping a steady trade with the merchants of the Port. The Captain of "Sullied Maid" said "Arr! They be doing righ', ravens and dragons from north, eagle from east and forest bugs from out of nowhere! A man must 'ave a nice cutlass, a full belly with meat and mead to fight them off when they come!"

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6. The Bear and the Carsian Whore

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10. Still Reading? Good!



Earlier in the month, Rillanon's streets were crowded with people listening to their beloved King in awe. In a strong and encouraging tone he condemned Moredhel and said the Kingdom borders are protected by the courageous fighters of Western Capital and its allies. He assured the people that the Army of the West will take whatever steps needed in order to neutralize the Moredhel attacking forces, then the all Rillanon roared "King Lyam! Prince Arutha!" in unison, showing their love for conDoin dynasty.


A few months ago a regiment of Keshian Dog Soldiers has been sent to an outpost at the border of Keshian Confederation. It has been two weeks there has been no report from the regiment, thus Empress ordered for a small army to investigate the matter. Despite all the search, no member of the regiment has been found yet. Some claim it as a work of a dangerous sorcerer while others remain adamant on that this was a vile scheme of Confederation spies.

CORNER OF THE TRIAGIA by Ugralitan Iavas

Today's topic is to remove the veils and common lies about a race which exists within the forests of Elvandar. Eledhel are known as beings of the light and everything good, they are known as not having a solid stance on the troubles of Triagia unless their homeland is threatened. But is it really the case? Not in the slightest. Maybe once upon a time Eledhel was a noble race trying to wrest themselves from the tyranny of their Valheru Masters and they have been quite good in dealings...but nowadays they have shown their real faces through several inconsistent actions.

These Eledhel are selfish, utterly aggressive and seeking expansion through any means they can, and they do not balk on the use of forces at the expense of natural life. But we should thoroughly analyze their inconsistencies. First of all, they are not definitely occupying the southern cities for the sake of preventing an invasion of Moredhel. The southern cities such as Loriel and Port Natal is far closer to Krondorian armed forces then Elvandarians. In principle Kingdom has all the necessary power to repel any Moredhel invaders from the place. Secondly, they fight to claim Harlech and extort them for their steel and other commodities, it is quite apparent Eledhel has no claim on Harlech since it is a seat of a Moredhel clan. Third, the Highcastle is traditionally one of the third outpost baronies of Krondor but whenever Krondor loses the stronghold to Sargothian forces, they seize the opportunity to claim that strategic place for themselves in hopes of bolstering their dominion on Triagia. And last, garrisoning troops in Hush when they can is a strong sign of that they do not aim to prevent Moredhel from getting a hold in south but they wish to keep it for themselves.

But enough of the expansionist attitude of Eledhel (Or should I call Elvandar Moredhels?) But further they bolster their inconsistencies with decisions which could make a Carsian whore decide to be a priestess under name of Lady Sung. They outlawed vampires yet they keep their demons under their thumbs. But even the most inept demonologist knows that demons are the very bane of life (especially the natural life) on Midkemia. Yet by not allowing summonings within city Elder Council thinks they are out of blame. Can one claim to be defender of nature by allowing destruction of it? Another mistake of Elvandar is not to remember past. Vilnearo and Vasilisa(Elder and Advisor respectively), the two V's in past allowed Elvandar to plunge into years of chaos and unstability by defecting to Krondor suddenly in one night. But it is apparent the knife ears does not remember their past and that is the duty of Triagia Gazette to make them remember. And the final blunder was a strictly silly ban on an academy of a war hero who saved whole Triagia from total disaster several times. And we are grateful for that to Elder Aritaelis, the Spellweaver Guildmaster who in concert with Advisor Gisela crafted a scheme to prevent their novices flock to a better place of learning. (In one of her rhetorics Elder Aritaelis openly says people who belong to Stardock should be prevented from having any positions within Elvandar one way or another)

In light of all these events and sad happenings, who can vouch for the honor and goodness of Eledhel? Maybe like everything known by common-folk even their goodness is a myth! Thank you to all for reading, Corner of the Triagia will never cease to write what is right and proven. I bid you all a good week!

Penned by my hand on the 2nd of Staphron, in the year 33.