People of the North unite!

Date: 11/13/2012 at 16:12
From: Recruit Sushpan
To : Everyone
Subj: People of the North unite!

The enemies of the races of North, the moredhel say that the goblins and trolls cannot live without them. "If it were not for us," they say, "there would be nobody to maintain order, to give out work, and to compel people to work. If it were not for us everything would collapse, and the Sar-Sargoth would fall to pieces. We could have been driven away, but chaos will bring us back again."
But this sort of talk by the moredhel will not confuse, intimidate, or deceive the goblins and trolls. An army needs the strictest discipline
nevertheless the Glorius Duke succeeded in uniting the people, succeeded in taking certain goblins into his service, succeeded in building a victorious army.
The Army of the West established unprecedentedly firm discipline - not by means of the lash, but based on the intelligence, loyalty and devotion of the people and nobility themselves.
And so, to save the goblins and trolls from the yoke of the filthy moredhel tyrants forever, to save them from the restoration of moredhel power, it is necessary to build up a great Army of People. That army will be invincible if it is cemented by people discipline.
The goblins and trolls must and will prove that they can properly distribute wealth, establish devoted discipline and ensure loyalty in working for the common good and to the Dear Duke, and can do it themselves, without the moredhel and in spite of them, without the Witch-King and in spite of him.
Loyalty to the Dearest Duke, enthusiasm for work, readiness for self-sacrifice, close alliance between the trolls, goblins, humans and dwarves - this is what will save the races of North from the oppression of the moredhel forever.

Penned by my hand on the 17th of Agaeis, in the year 38.