The Darkness of Elvandar

Date: 7/18/2013 at 15:00
From: Grudar
To : Guardian of Forest, Savil
Subj: The Darkness of Elvandar

O Children of Elvandar,

I have long known the Dark Path to ring out in your souls! For nothing comes to power without the Dark Path. Long have I seen you suffer the turmoil you carry within yourself. This false promise that you shall not give into the temptation of the Dark Path and that there is separation between yourselves and the Moredhel. This separation is only the width of one's eyelid. For if you open your eyes you will know the powers you draw upon are that of Darkness.

How would one of the 'light' explain your current Advisor, one who makes Dark Pacts with the very demons of Hell? It is fitting that in Elvandar, one with such great power would be a leader. But there is still one above him. Above a Warlock of Magnificent power is your queen. One who has for years been casting her spells, keeping your minds numbed to true power. For she knows of the Powers with which you draw upon and she looks at them with abject disgust.

It is time Elvandar, to open your eyes and see that your forest is a place of beauty and terror were you to let the Darkness that resides within it grow. You have been doing so, and I am proud of you, but many of you hold on to some false thread of an idea that your Forests do not thrive on Darkness as much as they do on light.

Come, give reason for your actions of renouncing Darkness while you draw upon it. You are seekers of power, Edhel, and your Queen is what separates you from your brethren of Sar-Sargoth. I shall make a deal. If Elvandar brings me the head of Aglaranna as a whole I shall baptize you upon the shores of lake Morelain. With this you may truly unlock the power within, residing in a forest that is in tune with darkness as in light. The Eledhel shall then be but a remembrance of a more primitive time. If you wish to speak your mind I encourage you to do so upon this forum. Tell Triagia where my flaw is, when the Nation of Elvandar so readily shakes hands with the Demons of Hell.

Grudar, Keeper of the Dark Path

Penned by my hand on the 1st of Nuna, in the year 48.