The Darkness of Elvandar and the Blind Eldar

Date: 7/19/2013 at 13:33
From: Grudar
To : Arch-Magistra Aritaelis, Enchantress of the Autumn
Subj: The Darkness of Elvandar and the Blind Eldar


My rhetoric is hardly childish. It is ornate, and I do tend to wax poetic for a purpose, but that is beyond the purview of this discussion. In short, despite my manner of speaking there is more than enough reason for it to be of concern to you, or any who oppose the Dark Path.

For the sake of enlightenment I will speak without embellishments as best I can: If you do not see the influence of the Dark path within Elvandar you are either daft or blind. The river Crydee was once a place of dread for the Mountain trolls. It's waters could not be crossed save magically enchanted armor.

Trollish myth tells of Guktul, who, with his forces raided the forest of Elvandar and slew your king. It is not that he killed an edhel that was his heroic feat, but the fact he made it past the waters of the Crydee river to do so. Since the Battle at Sethanon, when the sky was illuminated by a mysterious green light, the magics of Elvandar that have kept unwanted forces out have diminished. Clearly this is the work of Murmandamus and the Northlands as the Great Chief of Clan Dragon released some power unknown to Midkemia beforehand to destroy the magics of the Elf Queen. How else does one explain my ability to cross the river Crydee so freely with demon lord in toe?

The Magics of Elvandar are changing, the people are favoring magics that were once called 'Dark' by ancestors of the citizens today. From what I have read, these Magics that your spellweavers use so freely in order to diminish the powers of the Dark Path are in fact those that caused the severance of the edhel to the Moredhel and the Eledhel in the first place, the Eledhel claiming such powers would bring no good.

Those in leadership positions in Elvandar have continued to claim that there is no semblance between Elvandar and Sar-Sargoth. You yourself claim that Elvandar is a refuge from ambition and spite. But Demonology is of itself ambition to such a point that one must summon extraplanar creatures to carry out one's bidding. How are you to explain the current Advisor of Sar-Sargoth, Eldar? Perhaps the advisor himself should answer such things, if one of the Elders can only respond with petty insults.

Grudar, Keeper of the Dark Path

Penned by my hand on the 8th of Nuna, in the year 48.