Words of Comfort for Lost Children like Yourself

Date: 7/26/2013 at 20:46
From: Grudar
To : Iaxhari, Adherent of the Blade
Subj: Words of Comfort for Lost Children like Yourself

Dear Iaxhari,

It is indeed a shame you call yourself 'somebody unimportant'. Such a title was obviously forced upon you by Elvandar to feign some humility while you attempt to threaten the Keeper of the Dark Path, seek to manipulate His words, and wish to pit your prowess of rhetoric against Him. But good comes of such actions. For within the Dark Path there are three ways I have found quite useful when discussing reasons for following a cause. To rally a being to ones cause three arts stand true: Displays of Prowess, Manipulation and Threats. In those same ways does a Warlock pact with a Demon, which is no surprise to me, for the need to draw extraplanar power to one's will is an act that for so long the people of Elvandar Considered 'Dark'.

First, before I continue I would like to dissuade all who think the 'Dark Path' is something evil. Realize the only evil there is relating to the Dark Path is the persecution its people have received for wishing to obtain knowledge. One could just as well call the Dark Path the True Path, or the Path of Enlightenment, but those who fashioned the Dark Path saw it fitting to manipulate what the elves who remained in Elvandar called 'Dark' as a retort. Thus, we embrace what others feared. We display through its name that the Brotherhood is not a people who jump at shadows and huddle together within the trees. Despite our enemies who wear a veil of 'peace' and 'understanding' we, the Brotherhood of the Dark Path, persevere. This acceptance that knowledge is feared by those who do not wield it is a display of Prowess,

Second, It came only months ago a time when the magic of the Spellweavers was so rife with the Dark Path that the guards of Elvandar would not attack me. Your claims that I have always been attacked upon my entrance to Elvandar are therefore false. This was aided by the calling off of the guards by one who has died in the eyes of your Queen, one of the three you claim that does not make up the population of Elvandar. However, in that time we of Sar-Sargoth were able to utilize the very power the Spellweavers wove with their warlock Magics to pacify the guards. So I ask you, why would you think those three who have joined Sar-Sargoth are the only ones among you that believe in the cause I speak of? If you claim that the guards were forced, well then, would not such forces of Power used against these guards to open your defenses not be the quintessence of the second art I spoke of: Manipulation?

Third, I have made threats again, speaking truths and heralding Elvandar's destruction if it does not denounce its Queen and continues to weave the spells of the Dark Path without due credit. Which is where you come in, Iaxhari. Today you have come to me in public, asking to hear from me. Whether in jest or in true interest your reading of these words by yourself and others of Triagia show that my prowess of rhetoric has yet to fail me. Whether I entertain, or enlighten, you listen. Threats need not be 'threatening' to be of use.

So I say to the saplings budding in Elvandar for a new age, 'Wait my children, for you shall be nourished while those who claim themselves to be the eyes of the forest remain closed.'

Grudar, Keeper of the Dark Path.

Penned by my hand on the 8th of Dzanin, in the year 48.