Date: 1/20/2014 at 15:27
From: Ithilcelu
To : Witch-King Aidan
Subj: Faith

It's unusual for me to speak up where everyone will be able to read my thoughts clearly put to print, and even more so for me to turn my attention to matters of faith when mine has always rested within my hopes for people, and not on the shoulders of a race so much younger than my own.
However, I can remember the days when sects were called orders, and when what you were allowed to believe was ruled by where you lived. I remember the shrine wars clearly to this day, how even those unwilling to place a burden so large as faith on the gods, suddenly found themselves defending the shrines of loved ones or citymates.
Those memories are not fond ones that I look back upon with pride yet, even in those dark days, there is one moment that to this day shines out clearly.

A young eledhel who was uncertain who to speak with when his soul was filled with desire to lay his faith with Lims-Kragma, and feeling lost, happened upon a shrine to her. Feeling an upwelling of joy that the one he'd placed his faith in had led his feet where he most needed to be, he quickly dropped to his knees and devoted himself to her at this shrine.
When he learned who else shared his faith within the order, he became concerned and spoke with a trusted Elder.
There was a lot of talk after that, and many people voiced their views that the young man should be forced to abandon his faith and join a more 'acceptable' 'southern' order. As the young man was being counseled by friends and citymates, my opinion was asked and, where I would normally have demured, I felt inspired to speak it.

"No individual or group, no matter how well meaning, has the right to determine the beliefs of another. If he devoted himself to a shrine of Death, then who are any of us to tell him his faith is wrong?"

Such words coming from someone who so firmly believed that there was no understandable reason for any edhel to worship a god had an impact, and the young man was cautioned to seek counsel if his order mates attempted to use his faith to manipulate him against our forest home.

I wondered what had caused me to speak up, it didn't make sense for me to voice my opinion when faith was a topic I avoided as much as possible. Even as I questioned this, a voice that wasn't my own filled my mind. Lims-Kragma spoke to me, telling me that faith had no borders, no limitations. She told me the divide of north versus south was one that could never be applied to what someone chose to believe. Then, she offered to add me among the members of Death, promising that she would keep my membership secret to protect me from experiencing what the boy had.
She had heard my thoughts when questioned, and it was she who had inspired me to speak them outloud. It was also she who understood when I declined her offer, and told me that it remained open should I ever find myself in need of something other than my own beliefs to bear the burden of my faith.

There is no divide in faith brought about by imaginary lines drawn through our landscape. If a race so young as the gods can see this clearly, how can any of the edhel race not?
When we check to see what sects exist, we see them blended together, organized by who is worshiped, each having a summary of their views.
If where someone lived determined their faith, wouldn't it look more like this, than how it's laid out now?

**************[ Northern Orders of Triagia ]**************
Name Patron
Storm Killian, Goddess of the Seas
Deceiver Banath, God of Thieves
Death Lims-Kragma, the Drawer of Nets
Avarice Guis-wan, the Red-Jawed Hunter
Inferno Prandur, God of Fire
Conquest Tith-Onanka, the War God
Vengeance Ka-hooli, the Howler After Fugitives
Watchers Silban, the Earthmother
Judges Astalon, the Lawbringer

**************[ Southern Orders of Triagia ]**************
Name Patron
Wilds Killian, Goddess of the Seas
Nightwalker Banath, God of Thieves
Veil Lims-Kragma, the Drawer of Nets
Forbidden Guis-wan, the Red-Jawed Hunter
Flame Prandur, God of Fire
Triumph Tith-Onanka, the War God
Justice Ka-hooli, the Howler After Fugitives
Givers Silban, the Earthmother
Builders Astalon, the Lawbringer

**************[ Newborn Orders of Triagia ]***************
Name Patron
Balance Ishap, the Matrix
Knowledge Banath, God of Thieves
Luck Ruthia, the Lady of Luck
Warders Dala, Shield of the Weak

IthilCelu Verheyen

Penned by my hand on the 25th of Dzanin, in the year 55.