Festival of the Wilds

Date: 4/23/2014 at 20:57
From: Darrian Matawa, The Firestorm
To : Everyone
Subj: Festival of the Wilds

Greetings Triaga,

The Sacred order of the Wilds who follow the path of Lady Killian are hosting a festival in honor of the wilds and Their Mistress. Prizes and all that will be handed out. Let me give you the idea we have here. Anyone of the Wilds can judge submissions, we will have four categories. Anything that is new original work about Lady Killian or the Wilds.

Written works:

Any article of clothing that could be symbolic in nature to Killian or the Wilds

Any article of armor or weapons that could be symbolic in nature to Killian or the Wilds

Any other Artistic item

Here is the kicker. Everyone is invited to this little contest. Anyone can submit ideas and win great prizes! If you don't have the required skill to submit your designs please contact me and I will help find people to submit it for you from the Wilds.

Prizes! Yes they are spread out over all four categories

First Place: 15 credits and 15 gold
Second Place: 10 credits and 10 gold
Third Place: 5 credits and 5 gold

That being said for a well written book for the Wilds or Lady Killian the reward prize is doubled, per the current Avatar of the Wilds.

Post note concerning prizes: If you enter there will be consolation prize in the event you don't win! So don't be bashful, show us your idea's, your designs. We want to see it all!

Date: Lets do something fun. Contest ends First of Rodec. So you all have until the beginning of Autumn! Get to designing, writing, and smithing!

Penned by my hand on the 18th of Agaeis, in the year 59.