Rules of Engagement

Date: 5/19/2014 at 0:41
From: Captain Raelyr Matawa, the Villain
To : Everyone
Subj: Rules of Engagement

Hail and well met, Krondor--

Below is the promised proposal, to be set to public referendum, for the endorsement of Rules of Engagement. These Rules of Engangement would apply to all Krondorians, not only those enlisted into the Army of the West, and would apply only during times of open conflict. To clarify, even those not actively fighting would be held to these terms during armed warfare, but these terms would expire after a reasonable time past the final battles fought during an engagement. These terms would also apply should there be an undefended assault by either side, such as a one-sided siege or an abrupt blitz-type raid.

The proposed Rules of Engagement would be enforced by congress, the Sheriff, and any deputies, just like any other laws. Should the referendum be approved, we would appoint one person through which all reports would be funneled to prevent duplication or 'loss' of incidents, most likely the Sheriff. The punishment for a first infraction would be a verbal warning and an order to review the Rules of Engagement. Subsequent infractions would result in progressively longer mandatory terms of banishment, with no provision for fines or pardons or waiving, and the first banishment starting at eight (8) Midkemian days. This would be independent of menial and felony crimes, creating a third category: war crimes.

Finally, all infractions would be per-engagement, not per-violation within a single engagement. This would provide a modicum of standardization for those who fly off the handle more violently than others, and a standard measurement for severity of infraction. That is, if we sieged Highcastle and a single individual shouted four times and killed three mounts, and then went and assaulted two defenders, they would only be given a single infraction. If an individual helped to raid Sar-Sargoth and shouted only once, they would also be given a single infraction. This is to acknolwedge that at times it can be difficult to calm down, especially in the heat of the moment, and offer a provision that prevents a single incident from ruining a citizen's life, literally.

I have included below the proposed Rules of Engagement. Please review them and forward any feedback to me as soon as possible. If necessary, I will post a revised version within the next several weeks, and a referendum will be issued wherein all Krondorians are free to vote for the approval or veto of the Rules of Engagement. To clarify, I seek feedback on the above conditions as much as I do on the below proposal.

o Shouting during open combat is prohibited. No exceptions. No responses, no requests, no questions. No shouting, period.

o All mounts and pets, even enemy ones, are to be reasonably protected during active conflict. Should mounts be used in a tactical manner (for example, to avoid being pulled into the garrison at Hush), those mounts will be considered enemy combatants instead. Additionally, 'borrowing' mounts during engagements is permissible, with the caveat that they should be returned within the following day. This is to permit the removal of, for example, a quick means to return to the fight, without inciting the animosity often garnered from more violent solutions. Keep in mind that the city's STABLE estate is open-air, and enemy mounts can be ridden in for safekeeping. Mounts left in warzones for a day after the end of conflict become fair game once more.

o Violent reciprocation against defenders is prohibited. If we stage a sanctioned raid on Sar-Sargoth, or besiege their holdings or villages, those who come to defend are not to be harassed, hunted down, to hounded after the engagement ends. It is allowed to chase them down the highway should they flee. The purpose of this restriction is to protect the youth and those who conduct themselves with reasonable dignity from being unfairly pursued simply for learning and participating, not to protect them during the encounter.

Courage and Honor,
-Raelyr Matawa

Penned by my hand on the 19th of Agaeis, in the year 60.