How to Improve Your Roleplay by Changing Class

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Change by itself is intimidating to a lot of people. But changing class can be downright scary especially if your entire Achaean life since stepping foot from the Trial of Rebirth has been spent practicing the same skills and abilities over and over again.


Whether you are a diehard PK’er (pun intended!) who wants to start out a new class for roleplay reasons or just want to change the way you roleplay period, Achaea makes it very easy to try out something new. Many adventurers change class throughout their time in the realm while keeping the same house, city, and Circle of Friends!


Leading Up to the Change


Sometimes the choice to change class is spontaneous and spurred by a highly emotional decision. More often than not the decision comes after plenty of thought, research, and not to mention figuring out how many credits you will need to supplement the change in order to trans all your new skills.


Another thing you will have to figure out in the time leading up to changing class is how to best roleplay the switch. If you are a rogue then a class change might be as simple as a visit to Certimene. Here are some suggestions to help smooth the transition regardless of your current standings in the realm.


DISCUSSION – Take advantage of knowing friends and family who are already this class. Ask them the pros and cons of joining. Even if you think you know everything there is to know about the skills, abilities, and history associated with the class there could be something that surprises you.


ARTEFACTS – Are there artefacts that you will need to help ease your transition into a new class? For example, if your new class requires a lot of mana usage then you might consider investing in a Circlet of the Will. And if you have artefacts that no longer apply, then consider turning them in to help fund your class change.


ORGS – Does your current house and city accept your new class? For example, if you are an infernal knight in Mhaldor and want to go druid, then you will be required to quit your current city. That is because only the city of Eleusis accepts forest-based classes as citizens. Additionally, only certain houses accept certain classes. Using HOUSE LIST (class) while in the game reveals your options.


Benefits of a New Class


There are so many benefits to changing class that it is sometimes hard to list them all. For one thing, being the same class in the same house located in the same city your entire time in Achaea is boring. It not only limits your perspective which puts your character at risk for becoming a narrow-minded individual.


But changing class can offer you a more well-rounded perspective which can add new depth to your character. This will especially be necessary if you go from a class with skills like forging, harvesting, or enchanting that generate income to a class like bard which offers very little chance at using skills to turn a gold coin at all.


Embracing Your New Class


Even if your reason for changing class is totally insane, meaning out of character in this case, then you should have an in character reason for doing so. Your reason could be fueled by a major event, like a new Divine awakening after being gone from the realms for a long while, or something less realm-shattering like house or city politics.


After the big change, make sure you give yourself enough time to immerse yourself not only in your new skills and abilities, but also in the history and lore surrounding the class. One of the best things about Achaea is its rich plots and storylines. A little research can go a long way toward easing your transition into a new class.


Trying a New Class as an Alt


If you still have doubts, try creating a second character. If you do this then you should keep two things in mind. First it is very frustrating to start as a newbie because unlike your established characters, you lack the resources and social networks to fully enjoy the class.


And secondly, whenever you create an alternate character in Achaea, be careful that you do not violate HELP SECONDS or HELP MULTIPLAYING. No matter which class you are now or what new one you wish to try, nobody can get anywhere in Achaea if their only action is to sit over there, rustling a bit.

About the Author

Annie Foster is a college student who funds her character’s class changes by working as a freelance writer. No matter whether she is hanging out in her dorm room, killing time at the on-campus coffee shop, or even at home for holiday, she loves that she can play her favorite Iron Realms "MUD games" from the website without having to download anything to her laptop.


Good read

More reasons for alts!

One of Midkemia's many advantages!

It just seems a much more expensive way of creating an alt to me

I don't like making alts to try out new classes because you don't get any fun abilities unless you invest credits, or money, into the class.. Which I can easily do if it's my main character.

alt characters are great for letting you get a glimpse of life in a faction rival to your main. 

Very true.

I've often wondered if they change class balances just to cause me to change class.

It's a conspiracy! I personally just prefer to stick with what I'm RPing and hope for a buff. :P



You still have the lessons invested in general skills, trade skills... Not to mention your experience. I'd rather spend some RL money than grind out levels anytime. Bashing is boring, and the time investment it requires would cancel out any extra expenditure in multiclassing anyway. Only reason I'd alt is for the RP.

I love MKO


what are?






Often I've classhopped for mechanics without real RP reason, but now that I'm settled into a class I like for both mechanics and RP reasons, I can't imagine changing!

good for you!


how easy/hard was it to chose to classhop? Because some people seem to change class (and tri-trans) more often than others get refills

I played monk class for some RL years, then I tried Priest, Serpent and Jester. Monk was EZ-mode, Priest was boring, I couldn't wrap my brain around Serpent and Jester is freakin' sweet.

that seems like an expensive joke..

Glad to hear it!


See, I am a sylvan grandfathered in Hashan, so making any change would have irreversable effects. I could change class, but then I could never go back unless I left my city. Likewise, if I left my city, I would have to go rogue or to Eleusis, as no where else would take me. 

I've been the same class for the entire time I've played. No turning back now!

it can really be a mixed bag

Ive onl changed once, but it was early and not much rp was involved

I've never changed, myself

I've never seen reason to change

At times the org you are playing for goes "inactive" and therefor a change with RP is pretty neat.

Hate the idea, and disagree completely!

But that doesn't mean it can't for some

Nah, 1 guild for life haha





I just make alts. A class has to really grip me to make me change. Though Lala is kinda eyeballing the jesters.

Nice read. I am checking on an alt right now to see how a certain class is.. Takes some time to trans that one interesting skill it has.

what an idea

A character's class can be the biggest and most telling factor in their RP. I've always loved the kinds of things people can do with their RP using just the skills their character would intuitively have.

Class is a huge RP hook. I love the idea of people using this as a catalyst for RP change, but as often or not it's RP'd as 'I haz new skillz nao?'.

know what you are getting into before changing

which is the reason to change -> better PK / bashing whatever.

to change classes but not houses. This can be pretty hard for some houses, though (like mono-class houses or ones that simply don't have the classes you want to play as).

RP can lead to drastic life changes. Though frequently I can see how this is less the case when people change.

good read

Make an alt to see if you like the class before undergoing a potentially life altering change into it!


Love multiclassing...

like that artwork - what race is that? Does Achaea have ships now?

Achaea has had ships for a while.

That's a horkval of the bard class.

I make alts, but I'm not a class-hopper with my individual characters.


I in no way can afford to alt. Time or money wise. I have no desire to level up again.

The time commitment is huge.

i prefer to make alts instead of changing class

Interesting read, actually. +10.

i could never change

I disapprove of changing classes in general :(


Even with Skillflexing...

I think it's reasonable to assume that people can pick up new fighting styles, skills, etc... I'd prefer to RP it than to gloss over the change, though.

I'm still young, but it seems to me that I could spend several lifetimes exploring and still wouldn't know everything about my class. I don't plan to change my class ever, but one never knows what future brings...

I don't think I'd ever have Eilona change class. It would take something very big for her to not want to be a Druid anymore. If I wanted to try a different one, I'd have to make an alt.

I changed my class quite a bunch of times, and this is more or less true.

Hm. Speaking as a Lusternian, I don't feel like RP is tied to class so much as it is city. Is it just Achaea that is that class based, or all the others?

That's a good point. I'd say it could be 6O% city, 3O% guild, 1O% character, though those could shift depending on the individual. More character, actually.

Yeah, I think there's a lot of things that go into like. Like, I'm in the Institute. I do science. This doesn't really mark me out within Hallifax, since even if science is the Institute's thing it's also a Hallifax thing. Even so, I imagine that there are combinations where the guild based things are more separate from the main aspects of the city where the guild would matter more for RP.


I'm just getting used to being me as it is I can't even imagine changeing.

But can't really afford to change class!

Its amazing how easily some ppl can tri-trans just to try out alts

Gotta hate them for supporting the game! :)

It's so crazy! Wish they'd give me a few of their millions of lessons

I can't afford to switch classes! I haven't even trans'd all my guild skills. More power to those who spend hundreds on these games though, yay supporting IRE!

Agreed. Those of us without much money just have to advance our skills six lessons at a time, day by day.

Though to be honest, credits aren't that expensive if you have a job. Then again, you play Lusternia - that game has SO MANY skills. It WOULD require a fortune to trans them all. :P

I used to think credits were exorbitantly expensive, until I actually got a job and realized I could easily buy several hundred a month if I chose.

It's because of them that the rest of us can play IRE for FREE

It can be good for a fresh look at things, but I'm too stubborn to change classes.

personally changing class is such a mission, with having buying arties that suit your class type and then changing, for those that can afford it sure, go ahead, but make a clear decision while you're starting off to save yourself the pain of losing lessons, especially in achaea.

I've been thinking about changing class for a little while now, which came after I hadn't played for quite awhile, but it's hard since Reif's family are all diehard Druids....



I been thinking of changing to sylvan, for a few advantages, but then i think of jow much i need to say, it's off putting

But not everyone changes. I most likly would have changed class if it were not for all the lessons I would lose by doing so.

It would be nice if you kept a few skills after changing class (or maybe just the first class - after all you spent years learning that one, rather than the minutes it takes to change) - I mean you never really forget them - maybe the skills up to adept.

I like the main picture



really disagree changing class is incredibly diminishing not only for getting used to a new class, the loss in lessons is massive, if you don't buy credits OOC then it is really an infeasible action, you will be left hanging on an untransed character (because probably you already used the few boundies for levels), needing a new system, new arties. if you can purchase your class change go ahead, but if you don't want to use real money, the best you can do is try a lot of different newbie alts, an then choose the class you like the most and work in that character, you can transcend and purchase arties without real life money but it will take time and effort, and if you keep changing embraced classes you will get nowhere.

I thought of going Apostate but it looks even harder than infernal, and I am already doing pretty bad so I prefer not to change class

As bad as people say it is, I enjoy roleplay by class.

I'd prefer to make an alt than leave my class..







I changed and it takes a lot of lessons, you have to really want to change.



My roleplay changed from being a righteous priestess who took such good care of little ones to a mischievous sorceress who likes to throw around water balloons ^_^







Took me long enough to get the credits to tri trans Greys.

A change of class is sometimes exactly what is needed to deal with some stagnant roleplay.

Good point.

One thing this article doesn't cover is race. You can change to any class you want, but that doesn't mean it is any good for your race! If you influence on Lusternia, you also have to consider what benefits you get towards influencing from a class you are considering.

Multiclass ftw



rp is tied with class, so this should be easy

How does one role play all the lessons one looses when they change class? I suppose you could explain all the lost memory by having a stroke or mentally detrimental disease but that seems a bit radical.

So expensive...


yes indeed



that insect has boobs


the only class I would be other than BM would be infernal... but I hate Mhaldor, and I really like Hashan so I prefer to keep brokenstaring no matter how awesome vivisect looks

I changed my class on a spur of emotions once. Worst of all, it was from a mana-using INT class to a Strength based class, so I had to reset traits and reincarnate. Then I realized I preferred my original class, and it costed me a lot. Next time, I really should think things through more, since losing half your lessons hurts.

I'm considering changing classes.

I never want to. Always like the thought of knowing about the classes once in a while though.

I'm mean I'm proud that I switched, not that I was one.

I considered going Sylvan once but I really enjoy Monk RP, especially in the Lotus and Hashan. And I'm now at the point where I can save credits for artifacts, hopefully dragon will be a soon 'class' change.

I enjoy my class too much to ever bother changing.

"... your entire Achaean life since stepping foot from the Trial of Rebirth has been spent practicing the same skills and abilities over and over again..."

It is unfortunate that too many players see the class as nothing more than a set of skills and abilities that need to be practised over and over again for PK purposes. Those players never change their class for RP reasons, (at least I haven't seen any) they just get bored and hope that a new class will bring more excitement. Their RPs do not extend beyond: "Want to duel?"

Only if you assume that people can't rp with other skills and that all rp comes from skills. One's RP might have little to do with their class skills. For instance, I'm primarily known for three things, merchant, shopowner, and being really old. None of which has to do with guild skills.


Take Lusternia, orgs take on a bit more than some other games. So one might change guilds within an org and it have little impact on their RP. Faragan in Lusternia is such an example, he tends to bounce between two to three guilds in the same org all of which tend to have a support component and I rarely see him out PKing.

  I only have time to play one character while an alt gives a good glimpse I'd gladly spend the time to relearn rather than replace my existing Ire family with an alt family.



Good advice, just be careful about using alts. You don't want to get too involved with too many.

I never thought that I would actually enjoy the change that was forced by the type of RP I wanted to follow with Hhaos. All in all it was a great decision and I cannot beleive how many doors it has opened. Good read, +1

.. credits needed to class change are so much.

changing class is often lame RPwise.

I'd expect this kind of thing from Microsoft, but not IRE.

This reads a bit like an advert for credits. Not cool


free credit

if people actually know you all around.

Also, a less drastic measure could be to change race instead!


I don't think my horkie looks like that


i have actually been considering this option recently... i think i would change to shaman or magi.


free credit

Have they done an updated version of the Xoran yet?

I started off in Achaea as a sylvan. Think carefully about what class you want to join. I'm so much happier in my new house, since they only have bards and jesters, and not a whole mix of classes, so I'm not stuck with all these lessons to learn and nobody available of my class to teach me. No disrespect to the sylvanic fellowship, but maybe this will help your house stand stronger, for the next newcomer who comes.


"if your new class requires a lot of mana usage then you might consider investing in a Circlet of the Will"

A sip ring or mana regen would help that. A circlet of the will helps willpower regen, not mana.