How To Survive Zombie Outbreaks in MMORPGs


Here’s a scary fact: no one can remember the last recorded zombie attack in an online text game. Why is that scary? Because it means either everyone got eaten, or it never happened so we’re due for one any day now. It’s uncertain how it’ll start, but text game experts suspect that game admins will either release a virulent flu that spreads by player contact, or clone a single zombie mob into a thousand zombie mobs. No matter how it spreads, you’ll want to be prepared, so I’ve compiled some basic tips to help you stay alive when it happens.


Oh yes, it will happen.


What Are the Best Zombie Survival Tips?

The first tip for staying alive is to pick a strong zombie-killing class. A monk is a good starter class, especially since you can hit three targets at once. You can kick one zombies chest in, kung-fu punch straight through another zombies’ skull, and then launch a world-shattering uppercut at another.


There’s also the Priest, who can smash zombie skulls with their wicked maces while having loyal guardian angels protect them. The Magi and Sylvan classes are able to cast reflections of themselves which the zombies will foolishly attack, giving you a short rest. These are just examples of the many classes in online text games, so spend a little time reviewing all of them for proper planning.


You should also join a text game faction like a city, so you'll heavy gates between you and the undead. Cities are heavily fortified and many guards patrol the streets. You‘ll also benefit from having a city-wide channel which can keep you alert and informed. If a horde of undead comes knocking, you’ll need  to work closely with your city mates to repel the attack.


A tanky class will want to keep the aggression,  so try hitting zombies that are trying to eat your friends. If you are the main tank and you’re going to die, make sure your team is aware. Zombies have a hive-mind mentality and will gang up on a single person, usually the last person to hit one of them. So if the tank dies and some poor mid-level fool hits next, guess what? He’s zombie-chow too.


Make sure you have plenty of salves and herbs to cure yourself. Zombies have toxic saliva and their bites can and will deliver afflictions. They also have really nasty breath, so nasty that it can knock you down and leave you paralysed.


The obvious answer, of course, would be to wear chain mail armour and put a clothespin on your nose, but if you find yourself without a clothespin, always remember that the bloodroot herb will unlock your limbs should you find them paralysed. Zombies also have incredible strength and can break your limbs with their crushing grip, so keep a vial of mending on you to heal any broken bones.


Another thing to remember is that zombies move slow. You can easily outrun them, and they can’t climb. Consider learning some Survival skills so that you can quickly swing up into the trees if you find yourself surrounded by hungry moans. Don’t be fooled by their jerky movements, they float pretty good in water and don’t need oxygen, so diving into Lake Vundamere will not help you escape.


Finally, if your online game character saves enough gold, you should invest in some artefacts. These are special items that can increase your damage, critical hits, even your max health. There’s also a special shield that has a chance of completely absorbing any damage you would take, which could save your life.


If you don’t want your character to become a delicious snackity treat for the text undead, I recommend printing these tips and hanging them somewhere near your monitor.


Shall we all remember to remain vigilant!

I, personally, like to spend much of my time in the Tundra.  Slow moving zombies move even slower when frozen.  

I'd be terrified to see an undead outbreak in an online text game. There'd really be nowhere to escape, unless you went up north to the tundra like tekla said.

Or we could try and get to an island! Though we'd have to be careful nobody hides on the ship!

Well Dalerio is generally scared of his own shadow, so he would likely find the most dragons he possibly could, fashion a saddle out of his commodities and then tell them to take him to the Parthren gare place.  Either that or just fashion a bunch of balloons and float into the skies like bubble boy until he ended up somewhere kind of safe!  Who knows where they would end up to be honest, so I reccomend moving quick and taking a big weapon!

When the zombies come, no hiding behind the dragons and letting them get bitten first.

Yep... Hide behind the bards instead... Nothing stops the power of music!

HNT 'Someone message me when this is over.'


You hear the clawing of sand above you as the zombies slowly begin to pull the dirt from around you. Arising from the hole your sandling formed you find yourself engulfed in the midst of a mighty battle of Zombie's and Mages. Mages are throwing their stormhammers on the zombies and the zombies are just yelling, "Braaaaaiiiiins." There are 10 mages left, but the supply of zombies is endless.

Which side do you choose?

On an OOC clan:

CLT Someone IM me please when this is over?

Two words..."Zombie Sandlings".

If you want to know the perfect group for zombies, look no further than the WoW forums. It seems that game got PvE pretty much nailed.


graphical MMOs fail at PvE because you can't use shield/hit/run tactics

Grab the nearest person you do not like preferbly that mage that just annoys you and conviently trip them as you run. They'll either wipe out the mob or most of it leaving you less to deal with, or just die removing that annoying thorn in your side. Alterntavly you could just throw mass amounts of rocks and what not at them, and hope you bury them alive with the crushing might of your pebbles!

Just pit them and hope to god they rot and fall apart before you find yourself on the other end of the Pit.

I would enjoy something like this happening SO much! I love zombie stuff, and I hunt the undead in Azdun whenever I get a chance to. I could totally see Cyrene coming together to defend the city against the undead horde. And I can see Shallam going out to rid the world of the undead with the power of the Light. 


Completely awesome article!

It appears Shallam is more occupied with other things, like defiling shrines, than dealing with the undead blight.

Everyone knows a zombie has to have its brain destroyed to stop them, the monk with their ranged mind crush attack will never even have to confront said zombie! We can sit happy and content miles away, making them explode at a distance.

but zombies don't have brains. coz other zombies ate it.

Silly. Zombies have their bellies!


I think I'd end up hiding on my ship using my crew of friends to ward off the zombies. That or as the author suggested, remain in the village and team the hell outta them. Stormhammering 3 at a time  while having a novice elementalist cast reflect on those that are fighting.

Lusternia monks are horrible zombie killers! We can only hit 1 at a time!  What you need is a warrior to swing at two different one!

I think i'll go hide. Please mail me chocolate so I don't starve. Don't forget to message me when its over!


i'll send you a zombie finger. covered in chocolate.

It's already happened! Some Mayasween's ago! We all survived, not a single guard was killed.

I was much more afraid of the ormyrr apocalypse this time, though. Having a horde of scary lizard things from another world was just more terrifying than the occasional single zombie shambling into the Crossroads.


If I could, I'll live in the Inferno until the zombies die. That or just Gare. Unless they take over a Dragon and come up. Eek.

Would be great such raid by zombies, imagine the amount of decapitated heads we could gather... muahahaha. Just not sure how a forest would keep them away from the woods... creepy

"Another thing to remember is that zombies move slow."

Ah, but I prefer the 28 Weeks Later variety.

Ah well, I can just take a swim after fishing. Zombies do move rather horribly in water, plus all that salt water can not be good for them and their open flesh wounds.

Coming from someone who has studied and obsessed unhealthily over zombies for years, I believe that this would be the most amazing thing ever. Fun fact. As zombies feed, they absorb the materials of their victim, gaining strength both physically and mentally. As well, they will regain some cognitive ability, however minimal. We could just pick a city to leave alone, and watch from afar as the zombies hunt rats and feed on them, as we disallow them any other source of sustenance. //endnerd.



The proper course of action here is to find the nearest Magickal city and let the zombies go hog wild, feasting on all the plump little heretics. Once they're fat and docile, Anti-magick can steal their chalice of zombie detection +2 and go to town on the zombies, while Stavenn captures all of magicks outposts. It's win all around!


Personally, I'm going to be rolling around as a Priest, smiting for Illuminas and revelling in the glory that is Kanai.

I'll be on my ship, Druid isn't a very effective class against zombies. Mauling a zombie? No thank you.

We had this discussion on MKO's forums just a few days before the article was published, ironically enough.


Valiantly, I would be one of the few to survive the zombie apocalypse (fitting for the wild, axe-hefting Witch-King who has slain dragons and even a Valheru), holed up in a mountain somewhere.

Alas, though - I'd probably leave everyone else to die. Muaha. Hahaha. MUAHAHAHA. (Burn, southlanders >:|)

I'm going to be firing a zombie saliva crossbow at you for Lilah's crazy experiments.


I for one welcome our new zombie overlords!

I absolutely abhorr zombies. ABSOLUTELY! So if a massive horde comes around.. I'll be no use cause I'll be hiding. Trust me.

Zombies? whats not to love, just target head and you'll be set!

Join them.

You suck.

Would be interesting if, for the duration of the event, players could be turned if killed by the Zed.  A new zombie skillset to play with and a directive to chase down fellow players and expand the horde.  Imagine an army of sentient zombies collectively assulting the gates of a city (looking at you Shallam), survivors on the inside defending against the insatiable hordes.

Ah, a very nice overview of everything you can experience with these zombies. Let's go hunting!

Radakail says he would survive but would he be able to take on a zombie red dragon? Hmm..



a zombie red dragon is what we need.

Please nooo.

I would team up with a warrior and have them spin around lopping off heads, gotta go for the brain.

In such a situation, I would be glad that I was a knight class. Arc, to take out multiple zombies at once. Impale them to stop them from coming after you, cleave and disembowel them, use your falcon to seek out clear areas, etc.

On the Midkemia Online Forums, we've already discussed whom would survive a zombie apocalyse and who wouldn't. You'd be surprised how fair people judge their characters! Especially with some people able to hole up in estates and literally drop flaming balls of fury on zombies.

wonder if zombies would be able to get to Parthren Gare

In Lusternia, the undead become more powerful and intelligent at night. They also move faster. Stay indoors if you want to survive!

Well, it would definitely give a new outlook on RP if that happened!:)

Or if all else fails, go Sylvan or Druid to resurrect those zombie victims - or yourself!

Nope! Not fighting. Going to hide in my manse and turn all my privileges off!

I'd sit out in the middle of the ocean and just do some deep sea diving til it was over. I'd just hope that any zombies who decided to walk underwater would get eaten by a tuna, sea spider, or sea dragon before it got to me. I should be relatively safe down below.

I'll be sure to sail my zombiefied self along with a few other zombies out your way! We'll go "diving" for fresh human!

Cities are totally not worth it at all. Cities are where you get trapped. Cities have Rats. Forests like Glomdoring are definitely better (in fact, we have zombies there already anyways) because of the many ways you can get out, and not get surrounded.

Aetolia already -has- undead! Aetolia's filled with undead folks who feast on other peoples' organs to keep themselves alive- so essentially we deal with a zombie apocalypse on a daily level! If any game's going to survive it, clearly it will be us.

Could not agree more. So your best bet would be to go undead before them zombies get to you in the first place.

is either an incantation or a stormhammer to their faces (or a big old holocaust!)

@Ruth if I get zombiefied I'll come hang out in the Gare ^.^

Zombie apocalypse, you say? Sounds like an event for IRE to run.

I'd hide in a manse. I don't need food and sleep, and zombies clearly lack the rights to access the manse. Winner.

Not sure how it works when the victim of a zombie attack is already undead.... Can a zombie turn a vampire?

Heh, I could see that happening. Zombie Vampire says, "I vant to suck your brains!"

I hope it comes with more skills too!! haha

make popcorn.

step 2: Cast liveforest and demesne effects.

step 3: Enjoy the show from afar.

Achaea should do this just to see what happens.

Lusternia already done a random disease infecting everyone event. It was terrible, and a zombie event would really just be a grind which you'd hardly care about seeing that no matter what you always revive again. And zombies have been overused everywhere already. Keeping things fresh is what draws new interest.

I couldn't agree more; I'm getting weary of the nonstop zombie craze.


That said, IRE does have a lot of other stuff in their games that already IS unique.

Sorry, Lucine, but I think the zombies would probably DIG you up.


Also, whoever said MIND CRUCH zombie = fail. If we could use adventurer only abilities on these zombies, there would be many more interesting ways to deal with them!



I think I'd be happy with aerial holo-bombing :) Hey, it works on Eleusians..

I'll just be holding the fully fashioned puppet of Penwize's zombie and letting it defend me!

Simply warping time in an area and making already slow zombies more slower would work great while pyroclasming them at your leisure. Otherwise simply rift to my cosy tower or to an unpopulated island where I'd be safe.

Munsia IS a zombie plan...jus saying

Hmm, if there were a zombie apocolypse, Hallifax in lusternia could always just recall their bridges and watch as the cities/communes below them were devoured.  However, most people say it will be our fault anyway, so if we are going to be the first to be infected, let me just say "BRAIIIIIINNNS!"

One thing all should know: It's ALWAYS Hallifax's fault.


Cheers from Gaudiguch.

I still remember when this happened, actually. Not just zombies, but all sorts of undead--when Slith attacked Shallam and stole the essence in the Decanter of Light. People held their own pretty good, but just like in any zombie scenario, less-skilled fighters were quickly swarmed and overrun. It was quite dramatic, really! I wouldn't mind another event like that, especially now that we've got these tips. Stay together, stay smart, and survive!

Ahaha. This reminds me of Cracked's affinity towards zombie articles and how zombie apocalypses could happen at anytime. Which is very accurate. But, in Achaea at least, we get a lot of pre-zombie-apocalypse training in Azdun every day

Anyone with the necromancy skill has the ability to grant undeath to themselves or others... So would undeath serve as a veritable camoflauge?

Ayalaine got me this for my 21st birthday:

Now it finally comes in handy.

Dear IRE:

Well done! You've managed to post yet another thinly veiled advertisement with no actual value as an article.

While the "article" claims to be relevant to all MUDs, it's actually entirely focused on your games, with references that only make sense in their context.

"No one can remember the last recorded mass zombie attack in an online text game." Really? Because I'm pretty sure there are several MUDs and many browser-based games that are text-based and that have constant zombie attacks. Oh wait, you don't care, because you're only talking about IRE games, and the real point of the article was to get buzzwords in anyway, so the content doesn't matter.

In summary, please make your articles real articles (like you claimed you would in a recent UStream), or stop posting them.



You want IRE should write about the death of Osama and terrorism in online text games?

Yes, yes he want IRE should write that...

Although the idea might've been nice, it's not really that much of an article. Almost nearing a column or some such perhaps, but no, it comes off as a few ideas glued together.

Instead, how about an article about the English language and some of the most common made mistakes in grammar and spelling? :)


this will never happen

If you stay anywhere NEAR the zombies, they will eventually overrun you. My plan:


  • An oversized aethership
  • As many non-infected and not annoying people as will fit
  • A load of food and cooking commodities.

Camp out in the middle of nowhere in Aetherspace. I'd like to see a zombie try and get past a black dragon.




We all know that practice and repetition make things as second nature. Seek out some zombies and give 'em a go, so you'll know what to expect. Zombies can hit hard, potentially damaging limbs, and may even paralize lesser fighters with fear. So be sure to stock up on your curatives before you go zombie hunting!

Greatest IRE event idea ever. Mass zombie mobs to smack around and gain points. Zombies for every level! Here a zombie, there a zombie. Everywhere a zombombie.

I would realy love an event like this! just imagine. I would prefer that when you die you inmediatly become a zombie and your speed is halved. also if you are zombiefied you will not lose EXP

Hah, I'll be fine I can just - wait, they don't breathe? So garroting them wouldn't help?


Well what about - no bloodstream to spread venom you say?




Zombie: nuughh

Me: You feelin' lucky, punk?

Zombie: nuuhhhhh



More delicious essence, mmm!

Are zombie ears even partially functional? Because I think any music-based assault would make a useless blank note against zombies if they aren't.  /shudders...


Zombie Apocaylpse Please!

I think this was done once in Aetolia. I missed it though, so I'd like to see it happen again.

Good thing zombies can't fly. I say everyone sits on clouds until the zombies starve to death. Unless of course they have reached Logosian. Then you're screwed.

If there ever was a zombie event, it would be really awesome if the only way to kill them = head damage, and behead/dragonbite/other head attacks killed them.

My claws are fierce, zombie or no zombie :P

If Midkemia online was invaded by zombies I would hide in Mother's and kill any zombie that got down there. I would team up with the rest of the Mockers to raid for food. It would be awesome to have a zombie invasion, someone please make one.


bone ward alarms at the ready.


heh I got such a good laugh out of this. :) 

This made me very happy and have a big lol

It is easy

This is a super cool scary idea. A zombie plague? It will be awsome; they should not be able to swim, though. I hope the dragons will burn them, I do not think I can take more than one zombie at a time. Maybe herbs and salves will become very expensive, who knows? Merchants be fair please!

A zombie apocalypse would be amazing to see in all the IRE games. Unless they can climb I'm good. Course there are a lot of widows up in the trees, hmm.

Awesome. Would be very neat to have one. Even if they made it a one day event or something, like for halloween, just unleash flesh eating zombies on us for the night and see who survives. would beawesome fun

that cannot be improved by adding more zombies.


This is fact.



Monks and priests are horrible anti zombie classes especially if you get splattered with blood and then become a zombie yourself. Nope, mage ftw pyroclasm all the way!

i have to agree!

Apparently Blademasters' trans ability, Broken Star, leaves the sword mostly bloodless, so they should be okay. (No one point out that it requires the target to be absurdly bleeding in the first place.)

of corse there are artifacts

hasn't yet

Loved the way you put a little lesson in there but kept it light and funny.


Throw Runeguards at them till they go away!

Think of the scary zombie dragons that would come out of this!

I really rather not have that thought in my head, but too late for that now... Gee thanks, not only do I have to worry about regular zombies eating my brain, now I have to worry about Dragon zombies too! Son of a... *ponder* Hold on a minute, I'm a predator, I can hide, and send my beast after them.... Beast distraction for the win!



This would seem silly if there weren't actual Lusternian zombies.

and they wander round in big packs and hit pretty hard!

And their ability to eat.  Walking Dead people!

nothing new in Lusty

While this I enjoyed this article, I'm slightly dissapointed in the inccorectness of the facts. This is very Iron Realms-specific, as not all MUD's provide channels for their cities, have classes with the skills listed, or are even zombie-apocalypse free. In fact, I believe there is more than one MUD dedicated to Zombie Apocalypse and fighting such, which refutes the stated fact that nobody can remember when the last 'zombie attack in an online text game' was, as they clearly happen on a daily basis in those MUD's that cater to them.

However, if this writer were talking specifically of the Iron Realms, instead of MUDs in general, I'd heartily commend the advice. As well, I might suggest investing in a ring of flying, or for those Atavians, simply fly away from the hungry hordes.

I would not suggest, however, hiding behind the big, locked gates of your city, because while the horde may be outside, the virus (if such is how it is spread) could easily spread to the guards of your city, who would undoubtedly make strong zombies, and even the thugs within the sewers, who would then come pouring out to murder you before you could unlock the gates and escape into the world at large.

Islands, however, should be relatively safe... While zombies CAN swim, the farther you get from the mainland, the less chance that they will be swimming out that way looking for a fresh meal. Thus, an island such as up near the northernmost boundaries of the realm would be far better than even your own (supposedly safe) city.

Even better, as long as your crew is not infected, would be your own little ship in the middle of nowhere. However, checking your crew for infected men can be cumbersome and dangerous in its own right, and therefor should be largely avoided - simply keep your ship far off from mainland, and that way if there should be an outbreak, you can reach your ship before the virus does, and escape to the middle of the ocean for some nice, peaceful fishing. Unless, of course, the Tritons or other water-dwellers become infected as well, in which case you're just a sitting duck, same as behind the big (solidly keeping you in) gates of your City.



A plague of some sort would be really cool, but I imagine it would bring forth many complaints from players.

Be a bard and sing them away!

As a bard, I disagree. Swashbuckle them away!


Yesssir. Bards

I would be on a ship, eating fish the entire time.

I can tank 10+ zombies

Weren't there like naked zombie priestess girls that rampaged through the cities murdering people relentlessly as soon as they spawned?




....I'm already preparing for various kinds of apocalypse I REALLY have to start considering preparing for a zombie one in achaea?!?


Do Dala'myrrs count as zombie invasion??

BYOB ...b...y...o...barbque sauce.


zombies you say

what is this even?

what is this even?