How to switch your MUD character's faction guilt-free.

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 Sometimes, MUD players can't help but get bored with their in-game faction; we're playing a MUD for enjoyment, after all. Perhaps out-of-character involvements get to be too much with the peer group, and you need a change of pace. Maybe another player-driven faction is interesting to you, and you want to give it a try? It is all well and good to have these thoughts, but actually going through with it can be daunting to consider.


Leaving behind friends, stepping out of that comfort zone; many people would rather start an alt than deal with the drama involved in taking an established character in another direction. But we invest a great deal of time, effort and sometimes money into our MUD characters. They have histories and families, and sending all that dormant to start over can feel like a waste. Many of us will just stick with what we know, becoming less and less participatory till our characters fade away altogether.


If, however, you choose to make the change taking your established character out of the comfort and into new territory, first take some time to think it through. Work out and roleplay your characters motivations and change in mindset. Would a long time serving Priest of Good turn Evil thief overnight? Highly unlikely, and while that maybe the easiest way to go, having it progress more naturally in a conversion of sorts can lead to meaningful interactions for your character and those around him. While those you leave behind may resent the eventual faction change, making it a gradual process that others participate in can take some of the sting out of it and leave them feeling better about your character than an overnight class change and switch would otherwise allow for. This of course can be slow and often frustrating, but at the end, the respect you earn along the way can set you up well for the future.


In leaving a player-group you have invested into, one that your character has earned trust and responsibility in, there are going to be hurt feelings from the players of others. In character, this can make for interesting, long term roleplay, but some may struggle with the in-character/out-of-character barrier. It can be personal, uncomfortable, sometimes hurtful and insulting, but they will get over it eventually. Whether you let this affect the way you play your character and the enjoyment you get from the game is entirely up to you, the player. 


Author: Lianca of Achaea

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Or make an alt :D




The only way to switch sides

nah switch, why replace all those alts.


Being noob isn't THAT bad. When ya have some real life friends to help ya. Besides, it's much more fun to hunt when you can get 10 levels in an hour :D


it gives you a bit of a different perspective.

Hm...Not sure. :x

I 100% agree. Why NOT alt?

Probably money :3

Alt's the way to go. Established characters flipflopping between Good and Evil just...doesn't make sense. And that's always the main concern with faction changes RP wise. Another Guild and/or class...yeah it's a big change, but not nearly so retardedly difficult to make it seem like a legitimate move than Archprelate going suddenly Occultist day after holding a Sermon on preserving Creation....a Consanguine going Luminary with no leadup in talking about being dissatisfied about being eternally undead....etc etc.


People switching sides randomly just to alleviate boredom is hardly good RP fodder, personally. Though many disagree.

True in many cases, but if one can pull it off decently, it can make for great RP; Definitly not a solution that should be used by many, and not just for the sake of alleviating boredom



Seconded. Not something to be tried lightly, imo.

Why people do things for crap reasons all the time.

But, I'll admit i'm guilty of fading away then coming back and abruptly changing class :(


Why do I find the notion of vampires dissatisfied with being eternally undead comedic?

It has been done.

I would rather have established and developed characters than a bunch of undeveloped alts, imho.

i agree vehemently.

Yeah - alts are just too throwaway

I don't know, if gods can flip, why not mortals.



the story's much better when it's a known character

I agree.

I'd never leave Bouchard willingly.

are the vampire houses still worth being a part of?

I agree.


right, i agree too


I hate playing alts - I'd rather enjoy the character that I've put so much time into.


True, being a newb again sucks.

Yet I've made many anyway! :<


I have not so fond memories of those days.

i've thought about making alts...then changed my mind

only for exploring

exploring.. its fun though!

good to understand the enemy

You chose an alternate plan?



me too!

Why not Altburg?  (v) (;,,;) (v)

Agreed alt




 some people as stated in the  article don't like alts so this is a very good writen article.  good job.

Keep up the good writing!

*I'm* an alt!

Leave Mhaldor? Uhoh... ;)


I just make an alt, if I like it alot I invest money into the alt..

For better or for worse :D


Put some effort down!




Yep. 1.5





I LIKE the factions I'm in. I just get frustrated sometimes with a few things happening in a number of them. 



i agree, it can get frustraiting but still its worth seeing it out :)

In Lusternia, they have become so dry that we all forget about them... and wish it would change

Joins your faction and brings the drama lama!

never really done any -major- faction changes on any character. Biggest one was taking my old main to Ashtan from Mhaldor, when they still hated each other.


That's a big faction change!

When I left the Pathfinders for the Mockers, I had a nice little RP going with one of the Guild Aides that lasted a few weeks.  Basically, ended with a dual in the middle of the streets that ended with me slaying a Baron and being banished from Krondor for a year as well as from the guild for slaying a superior officers unprovoked.  Had an OOC talk with the then Nightmaster of the Mockers and set it up so IG they were having me watched and respected my prowess in battle.  Next thing you know, after a RL month of this RP, I got accepted to be an honerary Mocker and did my quest to prove my worth to the Upright.  Been a Mocker ever since and I can honestly say, it was the best way I could have gone about things. Took almost 2 monthes but the gradual change made it a bit more believable.

That's awesome. Thanks for sharing :)

Same old, same old...

Im too stuck in my ways to want to change guilds, its like an old comfortable armchair, dont want to replace the old cushions with new and find the seat uncomfortable.

If I want to become part of a different guild it'l be as a new character

I tend to agree, I put a lot of time in my main.

Too little time



After eight years on the same character, it's impossible to raise up an alt.

Alts are one method, but if i felt like the tools, skills and abilities define something about me better....i'd go for it. Lusternia I bounced from between all of the differing sides of war in utter BOREDOM of their tools and definition of role play. 


I personally didn't strike home till i came to the slightly corrupted forces of Gaduiguch ((forgive my horrible spelling)) The style, presentation and depth in roles of secrets within secrets struck a chord and i felt like it was perfect.  Like anyplace, it has its ups, downs, drama llamas and designs that suit needs of everyone. 

You had me thinking of trying Lusternia.

come come! :D

We'll give you cupcakes!

Do it.

I think a cupcake promo would go far in getting new people into Lusternia

Problem with a cupcake promo in Lusernia. Celest would enemy you for attacking innocent cupcakes and then the next day we'd find out the cupcakes are from Crum and they'd ravage the basin eating everyone in revenge of their fallen brethern.

Loved by it's people. Join us!

I've switched a few times, and the money investment is the worst part. I would of just been better making alts. 

By destroying all guards, unenemying everyone, emptying the bank accounts, and sleeping with your best friend's girl's dog.

..That dog never really loved you.

Not sure, but I don't think I'll ever leave Cyrene. I owe the people there too much.

I wouldn't want to change but if I did, i'd try and make it logical for my character somehow.

I am notorious for Alt hopping, but I did successfully migrate a character from one faction to its enemy faction. It took a great deal of time, and still requires a little more to finish the transition. I accidentally converted my language slot credits to lessons while on medication ((whisky)). So now I have to gather another 150 credits on that character, heh.

Sounds like excellent advice on how to make a faction switch work, but not guilt-free.

Alt or screw over everyone your character ever loved.


Sometimes if you play long enough, the ones you 'love' leave!


Mah! I would never change my faction. An alt would be better.

I've switched guilds, and even cities with one character or another, but the cities were neutral at worst.  To go completely "good to evil" in character would be beyond my feeble RP-bilities.

I just moved to another game entirely when I felt stuck in my faction.

For two terrible weeks, I was trying to divide my time evenly between Achaea, Aetolia, Lusternia, and Imperian.

That was rough. While I don't see leaving my guild any time soon, I do know that I'd rather move than try and alt again. I just don't have the time for so many characters.

Tried that once and it failed miserably, ended up creating an alt and starting all over :-P

I find myself torn between wanting to start a new alt and wanting to start a new game altogether, but the idea of a major change of character is too daunting for a poor roleplayer such as myself. :)

Good advice above for any who can handle the transition, but I don't much see it for T at the moment.

Make an Alt

I am Bill Nighy, and I approve of your message!

Yes, make an alt!!

Alts for everyone!

yes yes 

If you RP your change good enough it's quite possible.

I think I will

If only I can figure out what class and house to make it in.

While yes, an alternate character is an option, you might also get a lot out of making the switch on a character. Role-playing that shift of trust, values, and friends could be very interesting and fun.

Agreed. I recently just switched from the Geomancers in Magnagora to the Aeromancers in Hallifax. Instead of having to start from ground zero, I've maintained friendships and had the capital to switch skillsets without too much trouble. The best part is, the skills I've gotten so dependent on (potionlist, ascend to the havens, among others) are still with me so the transition isn't so rough.


You are now a tweety bird. But yeah, I dont feel like relearning skillsets that I already have.


Go rogue live happier if you can keep your skills.

any gold/credits/clans etc.

yeah, we've had some of those in the past.

Alt sounds like a good alternative.

don't be lazy.. create an alt

I'm surprised at the number of people saying "just make an alt." For long-established characters, the investment can run into the thousands of dollars, not only in money but in time. Why should we, as players, expect our peers to give all that up just to switch sides? I think IC roleplaying of the betrayal and hurt is appropriate, but there needs to be an OOC understanding that it's just a game, and not a REAL betrayal. On my main (not this char), I've played for over 10 years, and switched sides after sticking with one faction for around 9. The RP of the switch took months and involved a lot of risk, and I know I hurt some feelings OOC because people talked to me about it. That's understandable, but my main point is this: take a step back the next time someone switches away from your side. If you like the person behind the char, you should be interested in what will help them enjoy the game, and not totally focused on the impact on you.

I could not agree more. Making an alt is alright, it's  different experience altogether. An alterntaive character by definition is an entirely new personality. 


Switching sides is a change in what is established about a character as well as a way to enliven that particular character's RP.  For some characters it is indeed a massive undertaking to change cities, orders and even class.  Yet, this type of change is not uncommon - people have major life changes irl all the time. 


When the character's original faction is upset by the change - everyone should probably say thank you since it's a new nugget of role-play that has just been created. The scandal, the gossip, the angst of it all is something that other players have a chance to be a part of. 


Filtering things as 'personal betrayal' is a bit lop-sided, unless the character switching was a form of specific betrayal to your specific character.


A fair point. But...faction changing for long established characters....while certainly true on the OOC investment in real money...ICily why would you go from decades or even centuries on one side to suddenly switching sides to the polar opposite? Mostly due to OOC desire for a change, which I've seen, over any IC reasoning or RP. Just ruins things to me

had a pretty major RP reason to leave! This could be like some Darth Vader RP, or alternately a heel face turn, both of which make for awesome drama and would probably end up making your character more interesting, assuming you took the time and trouble to make sure it worked out properly.


I mean, maybe for some characters it would make less sense, but what about that Good faction character who has always had a cruel streak that he's tried to control, for example?

^ applies to so many other things. A lot of people take things too seriously / personal, and don't separate IC/OOC when someone does something 'bad' to them.


Even if I will never betray my City, this is an interesting discussion. IC and OCC are mixed when someone asks credits to give your stuff back after a succcesful theft attempt. So the boundaries are really thin. Making alts define such boundaries better. Even if all of this is just a game, it is a wierd game, for sure. There is always something fuzzy about it. So I think that switching sides requires a great deal of subtelty and care to RP the change decently. It is up tho the ability of the player and of the person as well to choose alts or RP. Alts sure are an easier way.

I don't mind making alts, I often find leveling relaxing. I also like alts for taking a break when there's too much riding the dramalamma. I also don't have problems with people changing because they can't afford to start over or have no desire to. What is bothering is when someone treats starting over in a new org entirely casually. If you have not ties that is one thing, but at least try to have some ooc reason for changing. If you're simply a min maxer then just anounce you're leaving for greater power or something.

When switching is done with a comittment and an actual roleplay aspect I wholly approve. The two times I've put a lot of time into a character and then radically changed have left me disappointed, though.

How so? I assume you roleplayed it and everything?

Oof, faction changing is hard. Just went through it and even with buildup, people still end up hurt...and hunting you for weeks. :/

Let'em cry ;)

While I don't harbor any particular grudge against those who jump factions, but I am disappointed that there are so very few characters that stay true to their factions. Hard to find role models, sometimes.

I find that a good post sharing your thoughts works best.

Have sex with enemy guildmasters!



can't...too depressing

So much easier to go to an allied faction, or get married first and then hop!

Alternatively, get into lots of trouble and join the other side in a fit of blind IC rage.

or, just before leaving, kill every important NPC and mob in the organization, then offer their corpses as amnesty

Remember, the grass is always greener on the other side, so for characters with a lot invested it may be recommended you alt on the side you want to switch to for a while. Also, remember that just because org x or y is in power now, it won't always be like that. Sometimes it takes just one person to leave and it all falls down.


I've never been at the point where I had a character that wanted to switch sides, but it seems like it can lead to some very interesting RP. It sounds like it needs a strong player behind the character though, because 'friends' might not take it well both IC (understandable, nothing wrong with it) and OOC (real friends will get over it, may take some time).

I tend to agree

The idea of moving an established character is kinda scary to me cuz I wouldn't want to hurt anyone's feelings. But sure, it could be very interesting RP. And people shouldn't get offended OOC anyway - it's a game! As long as you make it clear through substantial RP that this is the character changing, rather than just leaving out of the blue, I mean.




I would rather make an Alt, but to each their own!

I think this is a useful article!


Just make a alt....

But in the same faction? :D

People hopping doesn't bother me, many come back and new ideas help keep the orgs fresh.

would defintly use an alt to test the water first.

I've tried alts... constantly. I've had an alt in almost every Achaean city, and of almost every Achaean class.... No matter what, I still end up sticking with Daryn and sticking with Cyrene and the Wardens. They've consumed my soul! I can never escape! Save yourselves!!!

+OOCly, if you'll be happy, then you should do it. Game is about having fun, etc.

Yeah, like previous comments, just rolling a new alt is easier, but RPing the move to another faction sounds really interesting and fun! And sometimes a bit more appealing if you've spent a lot of time/effort/money on your main, only to find out you don't like the people in your current faction. /shrug

but I imagine alting would just be easier

Well-written article. I rarely read the entire article, but I did here.

some faction changes don't make sense on some characters.. cannot imagine myself changing factions.

Someone tell me if there are any factions in Achaea where one does not have to like PK? Please tell me and I will change factions. oh wait.. I would have to change everything cause the powers that be boxed forestal classes into Eleusis.  Alt or quit.. that is the question. hmmm


Changing factions sometimes means changing classes too! Hmm and I think the CIJ is an organization who does not thrive on PK!

Yep, I have to give up the class I love and the only one I really want to play if I ever wish to change. The same limitations are not only any other aligned classes, since Paladins/Priests can still be Cyrenian and Apostate/Infernal can still be Hashani.

Guilt free was a bad choice of title, it rarely if ever is. But sometimes you don't want to leave behind a character you are attached to, or just count the time/effort/investment as a loss. It's true it is not easy, people get upset, but the RP opportunities it can afford can be second to none.

It helps to have friends on both sides of the fence.



It is annoying and gives one a poor impression when players switch sides for no apparent good reason.

Bards for life!



People invest money/time into mains with skills/arties/herbs, etc.  An alt will always be vastly weaker.

Because when you invest all that time/money/RP/et cetera but then you get  fed up with the people around you...sometimes you just KNOW you'll regret switching. So, you alt for a bit until your main gets interesting again.


I would go alt if I had the time

Time is money.



That's why I switched Nicholo over.

just make an alt

People try to persuade me to join their side, but I literally have way too much invested in this character to even consider it. Vernal demigod, orgbix, censer, family, order position, guild stability and position... But, the good thing is that I like where I am, most days.



Credit comment!

I once made the attempt to move, but the people in the other org that could actualy inguild me were only on at the same time as me around once a month. By the time I'd done all my RP of wanting to move, I'd have to sit around and wait. Trying to distance myself from my guild/commune while doing so was frankly boring, so I drifted back towards them just so that the game was actually fun. The next time I saw the other guild they'd forgotten me and I had to start the process over. After the third time I realised that I probably wouldn't get anywhere in that guild anyway, since their leadership was never around when I was.

Think you were lucky then. Sucks though if you really wanted it.

...why not make the faction you're currently part of better? Become a leader of sorts (or whatever mechanism that puts you in a position to evoke change) that makes positive adjustments for everyone involved?


The power and enjoyment is greatest when you make things change for your character and stay right where you are.



have to agree with the people saying make your faction better > than moving. This attitude is far better for the game and everyone playing it.

Moving to the bigger / stronger faction is easier..

Moving to the bigger / stronger faction is easier..


I make an alt to farm Digg credits.

How I mine for credits?


RPing a change rather than making an alt or simply jumping ship seems to result in a lot more fun. It gives other people the chance to RP with you and develop their characters as you're devloping your own.


Alt for the win


Also, if your side doesn't like you, then changing sides may not be a bad idea.  Otherwise, stick by your faction or create an alt

The only time your character should actually switch sides is when his previously established goals and personality, combined with the situations he finds himself in, demand it.  If you just want to play as a different sort of person, a different character is the way to go.



how they come up with a picture for each post.

Just have chriss make another.

Super alt!

Hashan for life!

Interesting take on a frequent character dilemma. Moving a well-established character to a new place takes a lot of courage (and usually lots of credits), which is why many people opt to create alts instead.


You're very right in that people usually prefer to keep characters where they first started, even when they're lost to stagnation. A pity, since many of these characters are so dynamic and fun to have around. It is very rare that I have moved my characters around, since I prefer them to keep the friends and prestige that they do have. Usually, I prefer to start over entirely with a blank-slate alt, so no one has a predetermined opinion of my character.


Great job on the article!

To nuke your bridges and laugh as you piss in the irradiated river

sounds painfull

I think I would rather use an alt. So what if I go dormant. One day I may feel I want to return and if I used my main character to quit it would be more difficult to do so, but returning after going dormant is much easier. I find exploring other classes and houses on alts works out great for roleplaying purposes too.

This is what I did, in part, I didn't think Hasar would become my "main." But I haven't regretted it!

Change is good!

I would hate having to completely start over, so alt is out, but at this point, Ilena couldn't make a change without it being nearly permanent(being a forestal means I can't quit my class or city without losing them forever), so i would have to go alt in order to try something else.

like not as much now, but used to

I echo the alt sentiment

If you rp your way to a new faction, won't it be impossible to return? This seems a one-way move. Did anyone try this and regret it?

I've only switched Alyssea's city once--from Cyrene to Eleusis, and it was one of the easiest things I've ever done. Just quit and joined since I was already in an Eleusian house.

not sure its about RP ability...its about character motivations. RP ability is just acting out those character motivations.  still Alts are easier :-)


People get bored so easily...I'd never quit the Pyromancers

but I alt so much that it is kind of not helpful

I think guild-hopping tends to be okay for certain characters, but for others...well, it becomes difficult. In Lusternia, my character became incredibly disliked due to her RP'd guild-hopping/org-hopping, as she was seen as 'fickle', despite being dedicated to her new home/comrades. In MKO, it was very similar.


Never done it in Aetolia. Don't really plan to.

to your advantage can make things go smoother. Involve your alt in a backstory of having a big sister/brother and drop the name of your main character. Drop it enough times ppl know you're family and are trying to get them to come join you and your main effort to get them to switch sides. 

On the other side of the fence, drop you alt's name from your main character. Make it a whole family story and how he or she is pressuring you into it. Add your own bit of "fake RP" conflict between you and your alt. If you decide to switch your main, everyone won't be surprised and you'll have a good excuse. Fade out your alt and bring over your main.  


I thought that kind of thing was shrubbable/illegal?


I'm pretty sure that's a big violation of Seconds...

Yeah, I think I would have some friends who would be pretty frustrated OOCly :P

When I switched from Pyro's to Blacktalon... didn't get guilt, just another chance, to better my rp.

Sure, you have to start over from scratch with the new character, but the old one will still be there if the new faction doesn't work out for you as well as you thought it would.

And, judging from the experiences of others, it often doesn't.

Switching is hard :(

In old-school Achaea it was hard.




Eat lots of pie


me too!


Personally, the hardest part in switching factions is the fact that you've probably established a lot of yourself there, and having to start over again can kind of suck if you hate doing requirements. Plus, people there will be unfamiliar with you and less impressed with what you achieved in another city - because you didn't do then in their city. It's not too bad sticking it out, though. If anything, I believe the change in atmosphere + requirements should be able to keep you less bored.

Sometimes gods are also butthurt about you leaving for another faction, which includes qq'ing from their order. To a certain extent, you should expect some sort of punishment but over-excessive ones, I.e Aeral from Lusternia being maggoted for 30 IRL days for choosing to leave order/city/guild again for Magnagora, doesn't exactly motivate people to continue their roleplay.

I would agree about not wanting too.  that's one reason I don't like alts but, I guess ofr some the change can be stimulating and reqs can bring back your intrest.

I assume that's the same as being shrubbed in other games? That's really screwed up, I think, that an admin for a game blocked off a player's access to it for a month over an IC decision.

It's tough to leave your friends from another faction behind.

I've moved a few times now and each time it was a hard decision to make. My last switch I had been throwing it around in my mind for over six months before I decided to go for it.


I totally agree but have learned from experience that few of your "friends" are actually true -friends-. I'd been cityless for a very long time and when I finally gave up on ever getting anywhere else and left my house, most "friends" I had disappeared. The singular friend or maybe two that I have left say it's my fault and I didn't try to keep the friendship a two way street. Ok, I look at that. When you try to see people you used to be friends with and send them many tells and the never respond, what else are you supposed to do but eventually write them off?
I've tried to slowly transition to being a true rogue but, I'm not sure I"ll ever succeed, especially since so many people are hostile of a simple marriage to Evil...or was it Chaos? Apparently marriage means you are the person you marry, I never did quite understand that logic.



Make friends in the faction you want to switch to, make them think you'd be useful in some way, get them to fund your class change and/or new artefacts, presto change-o guilt-free faction switch

Or get the friends from your old faction to switch with you! 

hehe, simple enough!


I rarely org hop

then get kicked out


BTW, who has time for alts? I barely have enough time to play one

I hear you, I've been known an alt-oholic in other games but those were always with very specific purposes (tradeskills, seeing other faction quests ect). I stay away from them on Aet because of the rules on second characters, and I don't want to fall into the trap of hearing things in an enemy org and use those while my character would never know those.

Alts take too much time. If you want to try something else, then just pack up and go do it but try to close as few doors behind you as you can.

every now and then, especially in imp

Always remember: 


1.: It's just a game.

2.: Keep your distance with your feelings.

3. Do what you -really- want to do that makes YOU happy. (switch factions if you want! Explore doesn't just mean the wilderness!)

4. Have fun.

I am semi-dormant because I am unsure of what I would like to do. I already changed classes too many times to do it again without suffering a major loss (Already traded in all of my artifacts except my ranger's bow due to class changing..*UGH* and this isn't the only character this has happened to either!) So yeah, I'm not sure what to do next and starting an alt...well think of it like this...Do you really want to re-learn  and repay for: survival, weaponry, avoidance, riding, seafaring, vision, tattoos, and others as well! Not to mention buying another ship and house for said alt. Artifacts for the new alt. It all adds up guys! 


All these points are very important! 2 especially is the one that people have trouble with. This is understandable to a point, because we wouldn't enjoy playing our characters if we wern't emotionally invested..but still.


I honestly hate when people can't distinguish between IC and OOC in situations like these. Your character leaving an organization is an IC move and shouldn't be interpreted any other way.

What is your take on people leaving for blatantly OOC reasons like "this org is not doing well, but that org is so I am going there now"? It can be explained IC like that, but what if the character does not acknowledge it? And what about people moving to play with (real life) friends and having absolutely no RP reason? Not an attack, just curious :)

Maybe so, but IRE characters are BIG investments, and if you oocly are not having fun, it might be time to switch. That's where this article comes into play.

Never ever... again... and again... and again...

Nice article.  Well done, Lianca.

Thanks !

Would be really really hard (read: basically impossible) for my main. It would probably take game years of prep and carry through. I doubt that I would have the RP prowess to manage that..

Honestly I don't think I could make another Char without him being a Warlock. They're the best.

Besides, I've put WAAAAAAAY too much time into Subu to make an alt or leave the House. 

Yes, yes you do!

Yeah, I understand it could be icky making the transition OOCly, but I think the RP could also be really awesome, to the point that the transition itself would be really interesting and cool to experience.

Almost got enough for my new language, I will fully integrate into my new faction soon :)

It would be super hard to switch cities and it would probably comes as the result of other things going wrong.  I would still almost certainly go to Krondor. Geno would almost literally have to go crazy to switch that greatly to Sar-Sargoth.  I have changed guilds, but that doesn't mean much, especially in MKO's Elvandar.  I have already considered switching Orders.  Even that would be a tough decision.  I think it depends upon how strong the faction ties are, within that particular game, and how involved your char is.  Obviously, going from a good faction to a bad or vice versa is a big deal, regardless.



Make an alt, I'd miss the skills my main had (and I mean the simple ones, like thirdeye).





or if you are not far into your faction just leave

After finding out we can leave our city after a certain house rank, but it's too tough a decision to make, I love my current city too much.

I don't think there are many factions who would take me currently XD But I am happy where I am.

Hi, my name is Stratas, and I'm an altoholic.


that said, I have only 2 "main" alts, and only one has org hopped. it was fun while it lasted, oho!

steps to faction change:

1)  test with alt

2) if you like .gradual cementing with main or repeat step 1 if dislike

3) commit to change


I left Hashan after many years.

Changing Cities was easy for me. I got sick of dealing with whiny babies.


I had contemplated for a while now how I would quit Mhaldor without them getting all excited and enemying me left right and centre, I spent months trying to think of how to put it lightly in any way possible... there just is no way to even suggest anything as propostorous as leaving the city of evil, so in the end I simply fled the city and am now enemied there and to all the orgs, realised it aint so bad! Mhaldor is so far west anyway... I am freeeeeeeee!


Alt first.

^^ It often seems greener on the otherside, always safer to check before you leap though.

It really does irritate me, especially the people who go from one extreme to the other and back again multiple times.

Nice thing about neutrality, you don't have to hate all the folks the other folks hate. Both "good" and "evil" have done their share of destroying Nature (boo! hiss!) over the years, so I'm not comfortable with either. I deal, for the most part, with people on an individual basis. That is a bit more difficult today than it was in years past given 1. The decree of some "evil" orgs mandating destruction of Nature and 2. Auto-enemying of those of Forestal Class living in Mhaldor.


The latter disturbs me a lot, but until and unless I have a reason to "battle" over it, I'm going to let it lie for a bit.


So, anyway, no shifting allliances or "sides" for me - would not make sense for me.


As for others who go from Evil to Good - if they RP it and have an IC justification, that is wonderful. If they shift along with the wind, that is silly, and we point fingers and laugh behind their collective backs.

There has always been 2 fairly big down-sides for me that put me off simply changing organisations:

1. The sheer cost of changing skills:  Assuming you are switching to a guild of the same or similar archetype as what your character is, you are still going to be losing 20% of the lessons you spent building up that character.  Assuming you have 2 trans skills, that is roughly 830 lessons you lose.  If you switch to a different archetype completely, you lose a total another 20% of what was left (1715 * .8 = 1372 * .8 = 1097)  So with those calculations you'd have to spend around 206 credits to bring yourself back up to dual-trans.  That's a fairly big loss and investment.

2. Some people can be plain vindictive when they want to be.  I've played a number of MUD's in my life and I've found that despite what some people may say, despite their best intentions, people never take someone leaving as well as they claim they are going to, some even go out of their way to make the leaving persons life a living hell while they are still trying to get settled and are still a relative nobody within their new guild, causing them to quit completely out of frustration, depriving the game of a perfectly good player.  I've had more than 1 friend leave games for this very reason.  Doing it within the correct context is perfectly acceptable and makes for good RP - these people took it WAY beyond that though and every time he so much as stepped out of the safety of his home town, they were on him like a ton of bricks.

Personally I have found creating alts to be MUCH more viable for me.  Granted it requires an added time investment but it doesn't require the extra credit investment to build myself back up again and there is no possibility of prima-donnas causing excessive drama.

the cost is whats really awful

I fully support the sentiment of making an alt

makes it easier for sure!

makes it easier for sure!

aw, I was hoping that this would be a funny article, not a serious, well thought out one

hahaha, you got duped.


go make an alt.

There's always a tinge of guilt when you decide to leave and give up on a particular House.  I don't know how some people can quit and join so many Houses without feeling as if their character is suffering because of their commitment issues.

changing Houses or classes or cities anytime soon. The roleplaying experience in Mhaldor overall  has been fairly excellent (though I'm still trying to improve on my own RP skills). I don't think I would be able to stand an overly OOC city or faction.


I don't think I could ever leave guilt free. Been in the same lovely guild and commune for ages. Too many friends there.


The role-play would be interesting but I still think there'd be a lot of guilt.


developing new and different characters are always the best option when you are just bored or want to switch to have more fun etc. Some chars have a good RP plotline with moving factions though and that is great, I wish more who fliped put the effort into the RP of that change

It's a game. Do what you enjoy.






change is good, to some extent.

thar bard is really starting to creep me out.

This article is pretty true, I've had difficulty keeping my own character interesting with what feels like a dying guild, so I've focused more on personal RP, even changing end-game race to force a personality change. I've played my character too long to drop him entirely for an alt, and at the moment other guilds don't seem to be all that exciting, so I've contented myself with just bashing and doing my own thing until an opportunity presents itself.

I've never changed factions and I don't really want to. I've created plenty of alts, but really I've always stuck with the first character I created that made it above level 20. I love my city and faction and don't see the character changing either way, RP-wise or for personal reasons.

If you're having OOC guilt over guild hopping you should stop taking so much to heart.


I think there is a good point to be made, even if the post is a bit blunt!

Remember that, ultimately, you can't expect a player to always remain in an IG organisation, especially if the organisation is no longer enjoyable for the player. Given the nature of guild/orders and even cities in IREs, however, it is easy to become attached to an organisation as a player.

My advice to players who are upset about other players flipping sides: Don't hate the player OOCly for it, they are just wanting to enjoy the game. Remember that your own character is still free to bring it up IC and might even discover interesting RP behind the decision.

Though that's probably true for 60% of the players.

I rather dislike how cities and guilds have all these restrictions against older players the ages seem chosen at random. For some whom don't get to play that often or are starting for the first time and are still newbies at oh lets say age 22-24 it just seems arbitrarily discriminatory. Further more it seems out of role for the enemy faction to report to them my rank and every action I ever did there. Often times one might move around because of proteges, family lineage, or the opening of a new shop, and many more reasons yet having to constantly present identification and eye witnesses at every turn to a city you are not even enemied to just to gain citizenship seems a bit much. Most cities and other organizations are not utilizing at all the ally option or special citizenship whatever it is called.

Cant say this has ever been the case.

Meh, I couldn't leave the QG, but, if I needed to I like the idea

lets all org hop *trollz*



Good article.

I like your picture.