How to switch your MUD character's faction guilt-free.

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 Sometimes, MUD players can't help but get bored with their in-game faction; we're playing a MUD for enjoyment, after all. Perhaps out-of-character involvements get to be too much with the peer group, and you need a change of pace. Maybe another player-driven faction is interesting to you, and you want to give it a try? It is all well and good to have these thoughts, but actually going through with it can be daunting to consider.


Leaving behind friends, stepping out of that comfort zone; many people would rather start an alt than deal with the drama involved in taking an established character in another direction. But we invest a great deal of time, effort and sometimes money into our MUD characters. They have histories and families, and sending all that dormant to start over can feel like a waste. Many of us will just stick with what we know, becoming less and less participatory till our characters fade away altogether.


If, however, you choose to make the change taking your established character out of the comfort and into new territory, first take some time to think it through. Work out and roleplay your characters motivations and change in mindset. Would a long time serving Priest of Good turn Evil thief overnight? Highly unlikely, and while that maybe the easiest way to go, having it progress more naturally in a conversion of sorts can lead to meaningful interactions for your character and those around him. While those you leave behind may resent the eventual faction change, making it a gradual process that others participate in can take some of the sting out of it and leave them feeling better about your character than an overnight class change and switch would otherwise allow for. This of course can be slow and often frustrating, but at the end, the respect you earn along the way can set you up well for the future.


In leaving a player-group you have invested into, one that your character has earned trust and responsibility in, there are going to be hurt feelings from the players of others. In character, this can make for interesting, long term roleplay, but some may struggle with the in-character/out-of-character barrier. It can be personal, uncomfortable, sometimes hurtful and insulting, but they will get over it eventually. Whether you let this affect the way you play your character and the enjoyment you get from the game is entirely up to you, the player. 


Author: Lianca of Achaea

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Did someone say alt?

The groupthink anti-troll bullies that lurk the forums they tend to keep to them self most the time or prey on molesting newbies gullible minds.

Never got bored, so no need to change.

shut up and don't tell anyone, that is the best idea.

very hard to switch factions in imperian... the lesson cost alone is staggering enough.


Any good rper should understand you as a player wanting a change in pace.

Depends on the two factions in consideration

Depends on the two factions in consideration

Get an alt instead. the lesson cost is too high and the new class will get boring too in time.

This assumes you're changing classes. There are plenty of groups/orgs and switching to a new organization wouldn't always necesitate a change of class.

An alt is always a good choice if you need a change of pace, but if you are so attached to your character and you can find real, solid RP elements that will help your transition then I see no problem with switching factions on the character you spend the most time playing. Just look at it as an RP challenge as opposed to a quick change of city/house/class. Be creative! If you can't be, I suggest an alt.

Yes, I agree with this, well said.

Well said!

well I think it would depend on what I was. If invictus was a runewarden, that could be an easier  transition then if I was paladin. RP-wise.


Although, both would still have to try and have that change over time. I guess it all comes down to their class, where that class stands on the alignment scale and how much work you actually want to put into the change. 

I just don't think I could turn invictus evil from being a paladin just from the way I have RP'd him.

I would make an alt.

I don't think I could really leave Mhaldor :P

I don't even have a faction. Makes finishing hypnosis way hard. Besides, amberbliss isn't appealing to many Houses. This way I don't have to care :D Except.. need to figure if GoM is actually going to be relevant..

Nom nom.

It's not just for noobs anymore


This is my alt replying to your post.

And make your alt totally opposite from your main. I think making an alt tha tis just like your main is pointless

Seeing a character suddenly be on the side of the people they were killing only a few in-game months ago is pretty weird and comical. Playing a monk-type character who tries to come to terms with why this happens, though, makes it even more fun. :3

If Nim switched sides, though, it'd be because she, as a character, wanted to. And she's the kind of character who, if she wanted to, would go about making it happen without all that much hesitation. >_>

Alting works, if you're the type who can manage 2+ characters.

piss em off and kill the people in same city and house

Credit comment.

of switching now

Considering this at the moment. It's a lot of work..

Left my city recently now. Didn't actually switch though. Wouldn't be so bad going to Krondor, but hard to imagine going to Sar-Sargoth.

I have considered this but I always chicken out!



Faction divers soon lose their credibility.



Is probably what I would go. I can't imagine Xer leaving Mhaldor. If he does ever leave, it shouldn't ever be on negative terms. Hopefully. He could accidently do something stupid I guess.... -_-

I left Shallam and the Crystalline due to fighting in Shallam, corruption of the city officals and overall jackass-ery of some of the citizens. I came to the choice a long long time before I actually did it and found myself in check due to friends and family in the House and city. But eventually it got to the point that I said screw it and went and haven't felt bad about it once since.

I am going to make my alt switch sides :-)

I'll be monitoring this thread to determine who plans to leave Mhaldor.


I used an alt to "leave" Mhaldor, and I only regretted it any time combat came up.


It's too bad about IC/OOC separation, this type of thing sounds like a good source of RP conflict.

my oh my can they get messy.


For another free bound credit! Truefashion here I come!

i'm pretty sure i'm tied to my faction just by my name alone.


Dealing with conflict either by staying or by leaving is laways interesting.


Hard to know, Alt but that is if your ready to leave your main,if not, it's  a hard decision to raid with the opposing factor or defend. I'd say find a reason IG instead of making an alt

Go for the Alt, if you feel out of your comfort zone you'll go running back to your main with new found love.

I don't think I could do that... maybe make alt though


I hated my character after the switch and it took me a long time to regain my credability upon returning to where I felt I should be, though my alt who switched factions is loving the change.

but, the problem with all of the Alts I feel is time vested and I know that I couldn't personally devote to that much time to multiple characters .

A cplayer playing too many characters never has time to devote to anything in-character longer than it takes to wake up, look around, clear out messages then go back to sleep. You're not being involved and therefore not going to be able to get as much enjoyment out of it anyway (This is true of some, and not others). For me, there's no point in playing acharacter that can'tconnect with those around them, and is largely the reason s I've considered switching in the past. As long as there's something to hold me there, I'll play it through loyally. But sometimes, things switch up far too quickly, or rapidly for my tastes, and it likely won't be long till something else draws my eye.


Why try to bash my way through childhood, again, when I can simply take my character somewhere else? I can play the character I love and leave behind the characters I loathe. It opens up a whole new bredth of roleplay for a characer where roleplay was otherwise dead. Besides, letting things go to seed by shelfing a previous character is just as wasteful and leaves you with just as much nothing when you come around again. Why bother trying to keep so many characters straight when yOu can invest in a new storyline for a beloved character?

And maintenance a lot of credibility for RP.

Alt is the easy way, to be sure, but as long as there's supporting RP I don't see a problem.

what he said.

Ah, sou desu.

Thanks for the good read

I like moving, changing, starting over in houses and meeting new people. I've never left a house on bad terms and my moves have always made sense for me. It is way to much work to start an alt and go through starting over. If you want to test something else out then you do your research, speak to people in the factions, and make your choice. 

While an alt is easiest, I personaly like the rp aspects of changing factions.  When I was kicked out of the Pathfinders for slaying a court Baron of Krondor in a "fair" fight, I got the best rp trying to join the Mockers.  Sometimes, the best rp comes from situations like that :)

alt is easier (albeit expensive), but the author's point of having meaningful rp along the way still stands.

I think I'm going to try and stay with Shallam/Sentaari for as long as I want, and instead of changing factions, I'mma just work at spreading out. I hope it works, I really don't want to get bored and just go poof.

Changing classes would be too expensive!



I'm glad the article encouraged taking your time and finding a way to actually roleplay the change instead of just dropping everything and moving over.


Alting is bad, and you should feel bad. Though hopping orgs isn't that much better either. I'd say you should really RP it well, and have a legitimate reason for switching. Else, you can try and make your stay at your own org more comfortable.

Credit comment.

Changing factions is always difficult, it's hard to do it when necessary.

IF well done could enrich both the character and factions immensely.

alts have pretty much negated my wish to switch

this will never be an issue for me. Hail Mhaldor!

Its very difficult to switch, its easier to alt

or, just make an alt..

I find it difficult to switch factions, but all the classes are so interesting I just have to be them all!

Everyone wants to be the Anakin Skywalker->Darth Vader->Anakin Skywalker fallen hero to redemption type angle, its a very tired storyline.  Make a new character, build a new legacy.

It's a pretty basic, archetypical arc. But it's compelling. And I think you can probably spice it up a lot with the details of your RP.

I have only made one big shift organization wise in Lusternia and it was very confusing.  Ultimately, I was able to come to terms with it based on the fact that where I was had changed so I needed to leave rather than me betraying them.

maybe after I'm HL, but not for a while yet.

but the writer makes some good points about conflict driving relationships in new directions.

Who needs a factions? Getting lost in the woods is much more fun.





what do you do when you are a one main char kinda player and your test alt leads you to decide to switch factions?!

guilt free credit!

Switch (getting into) orders when it gets obliterated by Bal'met >.>

Stop! Or I'll throw this bird at you!

I want to visit all House Halls and private temples, but dont want to change faction to do so... Tough.





I think there are two different routes here and they are being mixed and used interchangeably, when they are not the same thing.


1) If your intention is to have a whole new character with a different back story.  Then I would make an Alt.  An Alt, by definition of Achaea at least, should have no knowledge, at all of your other characters life and history.  If I want to be a Sentinel of Nature (as I am), then that is my character.  If I also seek to have some Priest that was born in the light of devout worship and what not, then I would make an Alt.  Pretty clear.


2) However, if your intention is changing your character, then you should go that route.  For example, if I was playing a character that was about peace and harmony, but was getting bored and wanted to switch Houses to someone more aggressive.  I should roleplay a story out, maybe a kidnapping by an collective enemy that led me down a path of realizing taking up a sword was the best thing to do.


It's two very seperate things that have very clear routes.  One shouldn't just abandon a house and path simply because they are bored, that is indeed bad RP.  Many factions/adventurers (even those of your enemies) would be willing to participate in a roleplay event to help shift your character to their new path in life.

then you can move anywhere.


Then be forgiven, however I did it again. I no longer play that character anymore.

and stop returning call like breaking up with ex

good article i was looking for info on this

Credit comment.

I prefer just making alts

I really like my class (infernal) so if I want to remain infernal, I can't change factions, also while people in Mhaldor are rude and don't help too much at leastthey are not as hypocritical as many of the established people in other cities. an Evil is fun


always tricky to do

its easy if your city ends up at the botto of an ocean :(