A Lusternian Furrkin

Anthropomorphic MMORPG

An excellent image depicting the anthropomorphic Furrkin from the text MMORPG Lusternia.


I get the genre of this art type generally sees female chars with huge breasts and normally who really cares. But this particular furrkin is rather small in stature and her chest is rather large for her size. In light of this drawing you then have to look at his other female images and see the same. I think it detracts from his female images as a whole. Some should have large breasts because some women DO, but not all. I would be impressed to see a female, drawn with realistic breasts for her size/race and still be just as sexy.

you've responded to nearly every comment downplaying this art..fapfapfap to the furrikins much?

Yeah, I'm worried about the words "furrkins" and "sexy" in the same context, but I'm cool enough not to play censor about it...

Two words you never type into a search engine while at work



Ho ho ho

i think they're just about right. the entire pic's big, hence, the boobs will be big.

Can you go too big?


have their breasts, aka teets or nipples, on their bellies. Very few have them on the torso, including primates and elephants.

Very good information!

thanks for the info!

Listen to the Koala!

I play one of the better known furrikin in lusternia, and i'd rather like to see more artwork than this.

also, what the above poster said.

I'd love to see more art for the furrikin, as well as the other races!


Saying furrikin is my favorite race would be fairly accurate, I think. I like the versatility of their possible descriptions. They have fairly evened out stats as well, but on the lower side of constitution. Unfortunately, many races are a better choice than them if you're not thinking about an RP benefit of furrikin.

But sure, I like furrikin alright, I guess.

Huzzah! Best Race

Too bad there aren't Furrkin in other IR games...although in a similar vein to Chamar's comment, not every race should have breasts at all, and I usually get kind of irritated seeing Xoran or Horkval running around with bouncy jubblies.  If anything, Furrkin should have several pairs of much smaller breasts, if they're trying for anatomical accuracy.

to see that racial art. 4 chainmail bikinis in a row down the furrkin's (or rajamala's) torso. :P

You really wouldn't want to.

no man. boobs are just right.

Likewise not every race needs to be or should be clothed. Freaking bugs probably don't need to wear clothes.

She's out of proportion. It's like the artist said Uppps forgot the breast, lets add some real quick.


are on crack. Her proportions are realistic... your just a hater, probably jealous lol


EDIT: Lol wait its Dragos! But still... even if you are male, you are just wrong.

Those are totally realistic furrikin proportions. I mean, I'd know, cuz I've seen them in real life! :o

All the girls on TV are like this.

Her breasts need to be larger if she's going to be a realistic furrikin. Furrikin anatomy is different, guys

Wow, this is the most comments I've seen on a picture.. and they are all about breasts. Who knew that is what you needed to start a conversation!



Is just get someone not to like how breasts are drawn apparently and boom! Insta converstation. Now just add a pinch of salt and dash of pepper to complete your meal.

I love this image





I agree with the other posters about proportions

and btw the way breasts will ALWAYS start a convo.

Apparently you have never once taken an art class...

doesnt' look very practical



Most protected spot: the kneecaps.

No cracked kneecaps for her!


she is one of those classes that can only wear leather armor?

... would cover too much, I suppose ;)

I expected more paw-liek feet, less antilope-hoof-feet-with fur and talons

hehe, that actually makes sense.

I agree with Charmar of Achaea, the breasts are a distraction. It was exactly what came to mind when the pic popped up and I'm surprised the first comment mentioned it.
I'm all for sexy, skantily clad chicks with big boobs, but this just seems like a desperate attempt at vulgarity. Especially since the breasts are held in by...like...straps? Kinda ridiculous.


She is hunching down from just landing or about to jump, she actually seems tall... you all don't seem to know jack shit about art and proportions... it looks beyond normal and good and fine to me...

I've taken many an art class and won some state contests and her breasts do look rather funny :P.  With the way the leather seems to be -under- them on her armour, it looks kinda like they were just tacked on over it. And if it's just 'fitted' armour I'd hate to be the one trying to take it off at some point... you'd lose one or both of said breasts, lol. Besides that unfortunate bit of the pic, the rest is quite nice, including the very 'active' body position.

She actually looks way more human than most furrikin descriptions I read.



Looks like a human squirrel cross thingy to me.

Another piece of fine art from Chris Bourassa

Nice picture.