A Lusternian Furrkin

Anthropomorphic MMORPG

An excellent image depicting the anthropomorphic Furrkin from the text MMORPG Lusternia.


nice picture, but not how I'd picture what a furrikin to be. She looks somewhat like a cross between a squirrel and a human in all honesty. The artwork is nice, but probably not practical for the game.

Squirrel Human. That's exactly what I was thinking... A Humirel, in fact...

It's almost awkward, like she's divided up into mostly human parts and mostly squirrel parts.

Those are the most common furrikin I see, to be honest. Not that many squirrels.



love the warm colors

Would she be that fierce still if whom she was fighting decided to just unsnap those breast holders?

I bet she would run then, or better yet...hop

Maybe they're so she can undo them easily and use her breasts as a distraction? :P


I remember people complaining about this image way back when all the Lusternia race artwork came out. Not as much as the more recent Siren caused.

The Siren art is prett terrible.

The Siren art is prett terrible.

is not how I picture them ingame at all. Great pic (although I imagine them all to be shaggy with bucked teeth, splodgy underskin and tendencies to scratch themselves in innappropriate places).


how I imagined them either but good picture nontheless

i think it was probably one of the first images I saw of Lusternia.


Beats not having them, doesn't it?


Very nice

bit weird though

It should be furrikin. Hm.

I'm a grammarian, and I missed it.




I want one

tsk tsk

Interesting, but probably not a race I'd roleplay.

Yeah, you heard me!

So adorable!


..but boob straps why!?

To provoke perhaps?

she actually have straps on her chest... with buttons.. Nil.

this is a cool one. I like the earrings

With the anthropomorphic races, its up in the air just how human or animalistic they are. One of the great things about playing a text game is you can make you character how you want. Sure, they have some guidelines to follow, no trill has hair, all true merians have gills etc.. but otherwise they are as you want them to be. In my mind furrikin are a little more animalistic in the face but I think its an excellent picture. Would like to see a hedgehog ninjakari furrikin would be depicted..

Now I'm tempted to make that character, darn you

Do it. Ninjakari Hedgehog!  Unless you already have and I missed it. 

Also, after taking another look at it, her boobs aren't an issue, I think its feasible for her size. The straps though may make it seem worse than it is.

The only reason why I could think she would need buttoned straps on leather armor is if she was nursing during that time. She doesn't have any baby belly or after baby fat and no little one is around her so I just don't get it.

That is a very well done piece. It is fantasy, after all, not real life I say draw it how you want and don't worry about "accuracy".

Not a fan.

i maintain my stance. the boobs are ok.





Good to eat!

I like the picture, had to look twice to see the tail and the branch.

Did something else catch your eye?

her feet scares me, though.

haha, it does look like a squirrel!

not a big fan

anyone else find the boob-straps weird?

We wuv ourselves some furries!